22 October 2019 at 20:20

Apartment act - association matters

The executive body of the association has failed to get the accounts audited and has not been cooperating with the auditor for completing the audit of accounts. They have withheld receipt books and some vouchers without which the audit can not be done,. In spite of repeated reminders, they are not coming forwarded to provide the same.

What action can a genera members of an apartments association can initiate against the executive body.
Need an expert opinion about the remedies available and procedure to be followed.

22 October 2019 at 17:08

Procedure for getting deem conveyance

Dear Sir,

We are format non cooperative society with majority of flat owner since builder was ready to format society for more than 8 year. we want to get transfer land in the name of society.

How can apply/procedure for Deem conveyance and Occupancy Certificate .

Can we issue share certificate to Flat owner or we need to wait for Deem Conveyance

Can Property tax name be change Builder to society after formation of Non cooperative society


22 October 2019 at 16:12


can any one else reply on behalf of third party pertaining to RTI query

22 October 2019 at 00:03

One eyed persons rights

I lost my one eye vision accidentally in my childhood when I was 18 months baby.Hence I can see only with my second eye.So,I am an one eyed person. I am a financially backward person.I don’t have higher academic qualifications.I completed my studies by getting others’ helps.So, I need to do a job.I am not eligible to get police,army,navy,airforce and other defence jobs also uniform wearing jobs like security guard jobs due to my eye disability. Then I decided to get driving license to get marketing and sales jobs,delivery boy jobs apart from driver jobs like bus driver, car driver, auto rickshaw driver. Hence I applied for driving license but Road Transport Authority(R.T.A.) officers rejected my driving license application due to my eye disability so I am not eligible to get these jobs. Next I decided to get disability certificate from medical board to get disability pension from government but the medical board doctors rejected my disability certificate application because one eyed persons are not eligible to get disability certificate (one eyed persons are considered as below 40% disability) as per government of India guidelines.Due to my eye disability I am facing lot of humiliations every day,even though I am an one eyed person people called me as blind person instead of my name(Eg:hey blind person come here,hey blind person go there,hey blind person do this now ). But as per government guidelines I am not eligible to get disability certificate and other benefits.Now I have following doubts “ is there any law to protect me? Is there any law to get a job? Or to get driving license? Or atleast to get disability certificate for disability pension? reply me clearly.


i am living in Hyderabad,Telangana state.i changed my religion from muslim to hindu to marry a hindu girl.I am living rented house.I changed my religion in arya samaj.Hence my name also changed.I want to change my name officially in government gazette so i went to(government) commissioner of printing press telangana state,chanchalguda,hyderabad.Then they informed that i need to get clearance certificate from police department and revenue department.So,i applied for police clearance certificate for change of name then they asked that i need to submit my rental agreement (due to i am living in a rented house) along with other documents like address proof,ID proof,arya samaj certificate etc..But my house owner is living in andhra pradesh state.I don't know his correct address and his full name too.I only know his contact phone number.I pay my monthly house rent by bank payment method.Even if i ask him(my rented house owner) to sign on rental agreement then he would immediately ask me to vacate the house.Because he is an angry man.He gets angry on small small issues.He did not solve a water problem by fitting a pipeline when i ask him to solve the water problem then he asked me to vacate the house.At present i don't have money to search and find a new convenient rented house in my budget.So,please help me regarding this police clearance certificate in name changing process issue.how to solve this rental agreement problem.how can i get government gazette easily and rapidly?awaiting for your reply.

Parents could claim their money spent for higher education of their children by the borrowings of parents.Any Citation or Judgement please

18 October 2019 at 23:25

Where to get the filed counter.

In the high court order issued, there was a sentence pleader submission is placed. on record and counter to that effect be filed. The pleader has told that he has filed the counter. What i have been told is that counter is what the pleader recorded or terms agreed in the court before the justice.Where can i get that counter copy ?

my name is salman pasha from bangalore i got pressurise and blackmain from this number to pay them my credit card bill payment
I lost my corporate job and still searching but i never made a delay to pay my all bills but past from 2 months iam suffering a lott of finacial problem so got delay ..Iam using kotak bank credit card and i made a delay to pay the bill because of some financial issue but i use to get call from a lady with this number 7483409708 and she stating that she paid my bill amount and asking me to pay off that amount later she started bad language and also one of her manager mr praveen started abuse language from this number 8197016523 day night he use to call and stating that he paid my bill and abuse me to pay off but when i check my credit card statment there is no payment has been paid from them.. I took money from kotak bank credit card but why this people harrasing me i dont no so i request you to kindly take a action on this such bad people

17 October 2019 at 22:02

Regarding rejoining

Sir I had submitted 3 months prior notice in fci 06 March 2018(I was a permanent employee of the department)regarding resignation citing personal reasons due to that post was AG-3 post ( Grade 3) and that time salary was too less in fci so I frustrated and I submitted my resignation and resignation was accepted by department on 06 june 2018 . Now I have no job and want to rejoin fci even after 1 year and 4-5 months. Please suggest me

17 October 2019 at 16:52

Service of notice

Is it a valid notice sent by courier service with out showing a signature of the address e as it is possible to have a receipt from a private courier.
As per the general clauses act section 27 only postal service with correct address is valid.
Dear experts kindly give your advice on this


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