14 July 2020 at 20:53

Non payment of maintenance charges


I would like to know if in an Apartments few residents do not pay monthly maintenance and continue to be in default even after notices. I understand that RWA can not disconnect electricity / water etc.

Can RWA discontinue their services which originate out of maintenance like
opening In gate / Out gate by the security guards (let he himself come out of car and open)
Guards calling such residents when guests arrive.
Not providing power back up etc
Services of electrician and plumber employed by the society
or any other services.


12 July 2020 at 12:55

Sim card related

Hello. My question is, if a person loses his sim card before using it or memorising the number, what legal remedy does he have? Can he ask the mobile company for a search based on name to retrieve the number?

11 July 2020 at 18:40

Regarding use of signature

Dear members,
Can one do different signature say three at his work place/office on documents? Currently I m using a single signature but in past I did different signature on official papers.was that valid?
Pls guide to me regarding this.


Sir I am resident of backward area of samba district in jammu and kashmir . I applied for RBA(Resident of Backward area) certificate.
For this I need Annual income cerrtificate
My family annual income exceeds the minimum income limit up to 8lac p.a
But My family income includes my father and my brothers income .
i m unempoyed and dependent on parents
But according to SRO 294 of 2005
Determination of Anuual Income. -
'The annual income of a person
claiming benefit under these rules shall be determined inthe following manner
1 Where person is living with his/her parents/guardian and is dependent upon
them/him , the annual income of parents/guardians from All sources
shall be taken into account.
plz clarify me in my annual income includes my brothers income or not
bcs i m dependant on parents
plz sir explain me
can i challenge to this in court against thesildar

annual income me mere bai ki income bi include hogi
then our family income cross tha limits

06 July 2020 at 21:34

Change of caste

Sir, I live in Hyderabad, I want to change my caste in my 10th class certificate. I am from SC caste want to change to General, in my BTech my caste was under General category so I want to continue as such, by changing in 10th.


Respected Experts,
I am writing in a website run by Bangladeshi citizen.recently I found a few authors of Bangladesh is writing against Indian internal matters though I objected and got those writing banned but for that now I am not in good book of that website Admin,How to stop the website's visibility in India? Pl advice.Regards.

04 July 2020 at 09:36

Non occupancy charges

How much Housing society Inder SRA bandra can charge non occupancy to sub tenant?

01 July 2020 at 20:38

N i act

Dear Experts plz clarify the following
1. What is the result if the drawer not receives the notice under NI Act
2. Banker endorsed insufficient funds, and the payee got issued notice to the proper address, which is mentioned in their agreement, but the drawer is presently away from that address and the notice is returned unserved with an endorsement that "Address left" in such case can the payee proceed to file a complaint

Dear Sirs/Madams,
I am a Lessor of a flat in 11th Rd Khar in Mumbai and seek your urgent advice on the following subject.
On 20th March 2020, I had Signed and Registered a L&L Agreement with one of the big Banks in Mumbai as Lessee. Police Clearance was immediately done and sent by mail to the CHS as per their request. Prior to that on 3rd March I took precautions to obtain the CHS's NOC and forwarded the same to the Bank.
The Bank's Executive who has to move to Mumbai from Gurgaon had sent his goods container to Mumbai since 20th March approx. Due to the Nationwide Lockdown his goods were stalled and have reached Mumbai end May after Phase 1.
He naturally desired to move his goods into the premises and so I approached the CHS to inform them. They categorically refused and even though I have sent the Secretary and the CHS several WA messages, telecons and reminders they refuse to reply. I had asked the Secretary/Treasurer to clearly put down in writing their objections and despite my tireless effort, they refuse to reply.
On one of my first intimation to the Secretary he sent me a long list of hygiene requirements to be followed in order for the packers n movers to bring in the goods. The Bank had accepted all their requests and even to sanitize the building and common areas and avoid all interaction with the residents and staff all through the move-in operations. Despite all of that, they are still adamant and won’t let the tenant move in.
As on date the Government of the state has permitted maids, plumbers, carpenters and all other service providers to access any CHS, within the guidelines in the SOPs laid out. Why is a tenant moving in being treated differently?
Me as Lessor as well as the tenant and his fly have suffered heavy financial losses and are highly stressed out with this long delay. I URGENTLY seek your advice as even though I understand their fears I need to find an urgent and amiable solution for me and the Bank who is now losing its patience and can wait no longer.
Your immediate response will be highly appreciated.
Also kindly be informed that the CHS is comprised of 7 members including me, one flat per floor.
The Bank has clearly informed me that due to the Society's verbal objections they now need a clear written consent for the free movement of their goods and persons.
Kind regards.


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