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Kunal Thakur   26 September 2023 at 13:40

Door installed illegally

Hi ive property in hyderabad telangana my house is near the main road its about 50feet from the main road. The 60feet lane going to my house is in my sale deed and map document. It's my private property. My neighbors have commercial shops on the main road and have installed a door on both sides of my lane about 25 years back. My elders allowed it as neighborly courtesy. Now of recent they claim my 60 feet lane as common property belonging to every one. They want to keep their bikes and vehicles in the lane which we have not allowed as it blocks my vehicles from going out or in from my house. My question is how do I get those doors on both sides to be closed? How can they claim my property as common property belonging to everyone?. What is the legal options for me?

Tamilselvan R Gounder   26 September 2023 at 12:16

Tneb late payment charges

I did one day late payment in TNEB. They are given two bills.
1. Current Consumption(CC Charge) and Belated Payment Surcharge (BPSC)
2. Reliability Charges (RC) with GST as penalty.
I'm doubted on second bill, Is it applicable for late payments? As my understanding RC is for HT (High Tension) consumers only. How they consider/classify the late payment consumers are coming under HT Consumer. Is it having prima facie to file in consumer body. please clarify.

Anonymous   26 September 2023 at 10:20

Legal heirs

Hi All, I'm based out of Mumbai. I bought a property a couple of years ago where my parents funded 50% of the money from selling their old flat. I had taken a Home loan with an additional amount to renovate the house. While purchasing my sisters forcefully asked me to add my mother (76) as a co-owner of this flat. Post 6-7 months my mother passed away.
I planned to transfer my existing loan to a new bank due to the high ROI % post increase in repo rate.

During this process, the bank asked for an NOC from my sisters as my mother was a co-owner of this flat. One of my sisters is refusing to give out that NOC as she wants to keep her stake as an heir of my mother. However, she has no objection to me transferring the loan to another bank. The bank's legal team is not accepting this fact and needs a clearance on NOC for security purposes.

What can be done here.

Anonymous   25 September 2023 at 20:20

Associate member intending to become member of committee

Posting you just to have opinion.
1. Share certificate no. In application is not mentioned.
2. We have never met/ seen the owner.
3. Owner hasn't attended most of the AGMs including last 5 years.
4. Address /Contact number not mentioned in application.
Is the application valid?
What queries will have to be made with applicant/ owner?

Anonymous   25 September 2023 at 19:48

Jewel loan

I have a jewel loan pass book where in I have pledged jewel loan and redeemed it.
( only cash transaction paid fully with interst I have) and closed
But I don't know whether i have received jewel .
How do i know whether i received it.

aslamskhan   25 September 2023 at 18:03

Development rights

Can a land lord make development rights agreement with any builder without consent of tenants...

Anonymous   25 September 2023 at 15:28


Regarding EWS, I stay seperate from my in-laws with my husband in the same city in a rented place. So will my in-laws' held property be considered

Shikhar soni   25 September 2023 at 02:17

Warrant for non repayment

Hello Sir,
I have taken loan from an NBFC bank i was on time but due to some financial loss i wasn't able to make the payment for 3-4 month then they send me one summon but i was not able to present on the given date now as i can check on the ecourt website So Case stage shows as E/R of Warrant. What does this mean is it bailable or not?
What to do next?
I live in delhi but case file in kolkata
I am really in a panic situation not able to find any other why, Please Please Please help me out.

Geetha E   24 September 2023 at 12:51


Is it possible to give anglo-indian property to his servant by settlement will.

Anonymous   24 September 2023 at 02:03



I just wanted to know if the court case of me and my wife is going on and I have been separated for almost 7 years and I pay maintenance every month by the court order then can I show those documents and remove her name from nomination?