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Petitioner   15 October 2021 at 19:34

Family disputr

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Could you please provide guidance if under the senior citizen welfare act,
1. can a parent ( owner of self acquired property)evict adult married child with his/ her family?
2. Does the parent ( owner of self acquired property) evict only the daughter in law( mentally harassing the in laws) .
3. If only one evicted ( meaning daughter in law), what should the husband ( who is the son of the parent) be taking the step? Is he required to also leave along with wife?
4. Is “ disowning “ required to be done if parent send eviction under welfare act??

Please help with providing some guidance.

Anonymous   11 October 2021 at 00:19

Alimony after divorce

The marriage between boy from Nagpur Maharashtra and girl from Chattisgarh is decreed divorced by Nagpur district court .
Does the boy still need to pay alimony ?

Anonymous   07 October 2021 at 12:19


Dear experts good morning plz guide me in the following issue

Shankar got married one pushpa of andhra pradesh, at his residence in odissa on 22.04.2016. Since then he and his mother, sister harassing pusha for silly things, Shankar used to suspect his wife on every occasion and bet her. She bored the torture for long time, they were blessed with a girl child in 2017, Shankar accelerated his harassment and in 2019 necked out pushpa and child from their house. Later he issued notice for restoration of conjugal life.
Having no support, financial family problems and innocence pushpa could not able reply the notice. Pushpa presently residing with her mother, father expired, she had two sisters.
Recently she gave a report to police but they advised to report in odisha only or else approach court. Now at this stage she was advised to file maintenance case along with a complaint.
What is the procedure and process to be followed by pushpa to move forward to get proper relief.
Can she give a notice of restitution of conjugal life ?
How can she get register a case against the accused even police denies to take report

Vandini   01 October 2021 at 18:28


Respected sir/madam,
Me and my wife had separated from last 5 years but not divorced..I have two kids a son of age 13 and a daughter of age 6..Iam paying maintenance to my wife from the last 5 years..I told her many times to live together considiring the future of my children but she refused..Till date she never allowed me to meet with my kids nor to talk with them and now she has filled the petition to increase the amount of Maintenance...I don't want to give her more money as iam having the responsibility of my parents my father is physically disabled...Did the court favor me for this...please help me...Iam ready to live with her at any cost but cannot pay the alimony....please help me out of this .

Nilofer shaikh   30 September 2021 at 19:49

Nri marriage dispute

Can wife impound husband passport through dv case? If yes what is the procedure.

My husband is NRI he had deserted me in India for past 4 years.Dv case,498a is filed against inlaws and husband. Chargesheet is also filed against all accused.Loc was also issued for which he got detained on mumbai airport.

All cases were filed in 2019.From last one year settlement communication is taking place.But opposite party is turning up from their words asking me to first withdraw all cases then they'll sign MOU. My stridhan is also with them,please note that before filing an FIR at my nearest police station.The senior officer took an initiative for settlement between both parties and he ordered my in-laws and husband for 8lcs as settlement.Which was signed in written by my father in law.In police station he agreed for it.later on he denied by saying I'll not give you (me) people. So can I produce that written settlement statement signed by my father in law in court?

Thanks !!

AMIT ANAND   25 September 2021 at 22:56

Maintenance of wife

I am contesting a case along with my wife in court. Under interim maintenance case she has claimed Rs.15,000 p.m. as rent paid for house taken on room for which she has filed agreement deed of landlord which actually is her maternal aunt. In actual she is living along with her father. Kindly guide how should I prove the same that rent agreement is fake and she is residing with her father.

Anonymous   25 September 2021 at 17:48

Marriage in goa but want divorce in maharashtra

I am hindu girl residing at Maharashtra. I got married to goan Hindu person in goa as per their Teram ( Govt registration process) on 30-08-2017. And then we got married again as per hindu vaidik tradition on 03-12-2017.

After marriage We both stayed in Pune for almost 10 months.. As he is working in Pune. Due to some issues I left his home and then started staying with my parents till now. We do not have any child.

My question : I already applied for domestic violence case thru my native place. In Lok adalat process , he is agreed for mutual divorce and alimony. So I withdrawed that case. But after than due to covid pandemic court is not fully functional. And now He is not ready to give me divorce besides than Goa. Also refused to give me alimony.It takes lot of time for mutual consent divorce in Goa.I again reopened that domestic case, but still due to pandemic, court is not fully functional.

So request you to all please give me some reference which has positive ans to my query.
Thanks in advance

Shruti Mehta   22 September 2021 at 19:11

Section 12(1)(c)

Does Application filed under section 12 (1)(c) of Hindu Marriage Act can be settled in Lok Adalat ? The matter is posted to file Written Statement.

Anonymous   22 September 2021 at 15:16

Divorce case

hi, i has been more than 1.5 since marriage and my wife did not let me touch her, i filled divorce under sec 13 first, and have call recording of me talking to her parent and explaining them the issue and with her where she is admitting that she had made a mistake.i should give her last chance although i had given many last chance l, now they had filled diff cases against me and my family like 498a, 323, 406, 34 and separate case of domestic violence under sec 12 and 23 after 6 month when she left our house. can u suggest me the best way to tackle this situation

Sundar   18 September 2021 at 11:54

Ancestral property

Dear All,

I have a small question w.r.t ancestral property ...

There is an ancestral property(immovable) in India. One person (coparcener) living in India and the other coparcener living in other country trying to acquire the other country citizenship.

My understanding is that... if a person relinquish Indian citizenship(per Constitution) or willing to relinquish Indian Citizenship, then other coparcener looses the right on ancestral property.

Seeking your inputs in case my my understanding is incorrect.

Best Regards,


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