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Find LCI's Webinars on various topics with the most illustrious of trainers around the world. LCI aims to 'Raise the BAR' for the legal fraternity by contributing to the flow of thought in the
legal education industry and help each one in the community to learn more and more from each other.

Call 011-411-70714 to check out specially tailored theoretical and practical Law Courses by our trainers!


Muslim Law - Nikah - Part 2 - Uday Sir - Karat Lawz Academy - LAWyersClubIndia

CrPC Landmark Judgments #2 | Practically Applicable Judgment Analysis - Bahori vs State of UP 2017

Reservation System in India | Sr. Adv. S.S Naganand | Webinar | Landmark Cases

Nikah - Muslim Laws - History and Developments Through Time

Justice D'Cunha- The Concept of Reverse Burden | Burden of Proof | Creator's Legal | Trivikram | LCI


CrPC Most Important Judgments #1 - Practically Applicable Judgment Analysis - Laxmi Brahman Vs U.P

Drafting of Plaint and Petition - Civil Law - Checks and Balances - Senior Advocate - Udaya Holla

Use of Forensics in Evidence and Criminal Procedure | Law and Science | Team FACTS and LAWyersClub

How to be a Better Communicator? | How to be a Better Negotiator? | Its Application in Courtrooms

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and Career Opportunities - Complete Course on IBC

Section 82 - 83 CrPC Explained - Reference to 'Rule of Law' - CrPC Certification Course

The Practice and Theory of RERA | All You Should Know About | Adv. Harshit Batra | Esheta Lunkad

Section 6 Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act | 'Absence' of Father | Adoption Laws | Hindu Laws

Evidence Act - Section 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 | Admissions | LAWyersClubIndia | Explained!!

Fast Track Courts in India | The Progress and Setbacks | LAWyersClubIndia | NoRapeIndia | We.Log

Prenuptial Agreements in India | POCSO at Present and in Future | Surrogacy Laws and Their Status

Discussion on Marital Rape and Marital Laws in India | Kya Patni Ko NA Kehne Ka Haq hai? LCI - Welog

Cross Examination in Few High Profile Cases - Sushant Singh Rajput - Jessical Lal, Nirbhaya, Etc

Maintenance Application | How, Where, and When | Gyan Shukla Sir | LawyersClubIndia - E-Learning!

Punishments - Indian Penal Code (IPC) | Lecture by Ex-Judge - Mr. V.K Maheshwari | EXPLAINED | Hindi

Maintenance Under CrPC EXPLAINED in HINDI | Gyan Shankar Shukla | Best Lecture

Journey of a Case in Criminal Court | Investigation to Trial With CrPC Sections | Course Link Below

Tackling A Legal Mischief | Legal Tips and Tricks | CourtRoom Art | Sr. Adv. Gyan Shankar Shukla JI!

Learn the Art of Ice Breaking and Rapport Building | Anish Quenim | #LCI Talk | LAWyersClubIndia

WHY DO MEN RAPE? | The Psychology | The Law | The System | Open Talk by LCI and NRIn

Webinar on Cyber Laws: Practice, Protection and Awareness by Dr. Pavan Duggal | LCI Talk

OpenTalk by LAWyersClubIndia and NoRapeIndia on: POCSO: In Theory and Practice | Kaveree Bamzai

OpenTalk on 'Why Do So Many Rapists Go Unpunished in India?' | LCI and NoRapeIndia | Faye D'souza

Evaluation of the Concept of Plea Bargaining in India | Justice Chandrajit Singh | #LCI_Talk

Laying a Successful Challenge to an Arbitral Award | Sr. Adv. Ravi Sikri | LCI_Talk

Arbitration as a Career | Mr. Ratan Singh, FCIArb | Gaurav Goyal, MCIArb

Career in Commercial Mediation | INFP Careers | LCI Talk by Jean-Christophe BARTH | LCI

Environmental Laws, Issues and Role of NGT - Neelam Rathore

Domestic Violence & Allied Laws - Geeta Luthra

Dealing with Hostile Persons on Negotiable Table - Pascal

Judicial Review & Constitutional Choices - Pallav

Victimology - Pawan Kumar

Sensitization of Children & Parents - #NoRape

Importance of FIR in investigation - Rajat

The Art of File Reading - Vaibhav

Affidavit in Evidence - Virmani

The Art of Successful Cross-Examination - Ramesh Gupta

Posh, Practice & Compliance - POSH