BACKGROUNDThe internet world was left astounded when this case came before the spotlight. A woman in Punjab moved to the High Court in Chandigarh for legal actions against Prince Harry Middleton for not fulfilling his promise to marry her and she eve

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KEY TAKEAWAYS Berubari Union Advisory Opinion Case (1960): Preamble of the Indian Constitution too cannot be treated as a part of the Constitution. Kesavananda Bharati vs State of Kerala Case (1973): the Supreme Court reversed the opinion and pronoun

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Key Takeaways Death had been caused by a woman running over an elderly couple. The woman who committed the offence was later found to be the sister of the woman who claimed to have committed the crime. They were charged with causing death by negligen

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Copyrights and trademarks defend discrete concepts. Usually, copyrights guard original or rational works of the people whereas trademarks usually apply to commercial identities, phrases, and symbols. Copyrights mainly defend the rights of people who

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KEY TAKEAWAYS A PIL has been filed by one H Naghabhushan Rao on grounds of his concern over the reaction of the media in the Ramesh Jarkiholi CD controversy. The controversy, which had sexual contents, were repeated by the reporting journalists loudl

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Woman stabbed 25 times by a man in the market place. Who is at fault here? How are we failing as a society? The duties of bystanders to an offence?

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KEY TAKEAWAYS A live-in relationship is a relationship between unmarried couples who live together in a long-term arrangement that resemble a marriage. While this is an accepted norm in other countries, it is still a new phenomenon in India. There wa

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court quashed an FIR lodged against peaceful protesters. The grounds for such rejection were the fact that the protest was peaceful and nothing untoward had occurred during the protests. Several coun

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IntroductionThe Outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has brought n number of changes in everyone's life. The daily busy life rustling on the roads and the continued pitter-patter has suddenly become quiet. For a moment it felt like the world stopped beca

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IntroductionIn the era of Globalization, India is becoming one of the notable countries in the market making it paramount and befitting to appraise law relating to foreign judgment in India. India frequently relies on foreign judgments to interpret t

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The Doctrine Of Eminent Domain

  Preksha Goyal    13 April 2021 at 12:47

The prime proprietor of land is the King or in the current times the elected Government which is in power. As such, the right of ownership will always linger with the king or with the elected government, although the land is assigned to the individua

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Key Takeaways The long standing case of over 10 decades between two technology giants has been finally decided. The Supreme Court has given the decision in favour of Google LLC and curtailed any doubts on fair use of the APIs. The partial use of the

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Key takeaways Introduction What is an emergency under Indian Constitution Twenty-one-month long emergency Causes of emergency Effects of emergency on common people ConclusionIntroductionWhen the constitution of India was being drafted, India was goin

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All About Abortion In India And Beyond

  JINALI SHAH    12 April 2021 at 17:42

INTRODUCTIONThe Indian Penal Code which was enacted based on British laws more than a century ago which contained provisions regarding termination of pregnancy. Back then, abortion was a crime for which the mother as well as the doctor could be penal

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The Apex Court orders against the use of banned chemicals by firework manufacturers. The Court also holds the mislabelling of product description of fireworks in contempt of its orders. The matter is listed to be heard again on the 19th

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Public Health And Patents

  SUSHREE SAHU    12 April 2021 at 17:42

Key Takeaways Patenting is the need of the hour as a constant source of security of motivation for the innovator. Public health and patenting rights need to be balanced keeping in mind the benefit of the public. Covid-19 has been a setback to majorit

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Key Takeaways The Act proposes omission of the Eighth Schedule, amendment to Section 36 of the Act and substitution of a new Section in place of Section 43J of the principle Act. The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) ordinance, 2020 is repeale

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The reference case is Devi Prasad Tripathy v. The Principal Commissioner CGST and Central Excise, Bhubaneswar & Others. [W.P(C) No. 27727 of 2020] A 2 judge bench of Orrisa High Court consisting of Chief judge of Orrisa High Court J

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WHAT IS A CORPORATE VEIL?The term “corporate veil” is a concept which separates corporation from its shareholders, implying that both of them are separate legal entities. That means, when a liability arises out of a company’s action

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KEY TAKEAWAYS An appeal filed by the accused in the Supreme Court of India challenging the verdict passed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The case in reference is Gurdev Singh v. State of Punjab [Criminal Appeal No. 375 of 2021] In this case th

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