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CrPC Certification Course by Sr. Advocate Guru Gyan Shankar Shukla

Price : 5000.00

(Inclusive of GST @18%)

Speak to the Counselor:


?oThis course is something that I would recommend even the senior-most lawyers to take. Gyan Sir, from his 40 + years of experience and almost supernatural grip over the CrPC and even other connected subjects teaches like a maverick. He does not even use a book and his examples are just invaluable!! To everyone - Just buy this course at once!!! ?

Adv Kamal Sirohi

?oI did not expect this from the course. This is just awesome. Gyan Sir teaches each and every section in the loveliest way possible. He links the sections to different parts of different statutes and I think I have never seen anyone do that better. I think the only improvement required would be the numbering of sections in English. ?

Nikita Singh
3rd Year Law Student - Chattisgarh

?oI think, by the virtue of Gyan Sir's lectures and the discussion in this group (WA group for the participants) we all are going to set a mark in criminal law!! Gyan Sir is a Maverick!?

Law Student

?oGyan Shukla Sir, We can Call him Adorable, Magician, Expert, Extraordinary, Affable, Amiable, charming.......and above all...... Encyclopedia of Law.❤️?

Kabir Shah

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