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Criminal Law Drafting 4-Day Workshop: Online - Offline

Learn the Real Deal that You Need to Survive the Courtrooms

Instructor - Dr. Shikhar Goel (Advocate)

About the Course:

After a supremely successful course by Dr. Goel on the practical aspects of Criminal Law, we are not taking ourselves to an advanced level of the same course: Drafting the 5 Most Used Instruments in Criminal Law Practice!

This will be the first time that all the participants will get to meet our trainer - Dr. Shikhar Goel in person and learn from him the art of drafting to learning which he has given almost a decade now. The participants will get a chance to learn the Dos and Don'ts of Instruments like Bail Applications, Appeals, Revision, etc, and the best practices that are currently prevailing. They will also get to ask their doubts right then and there and also to draft in the guidance of Dr. Goel and get the same thoroughly checked and reviewed for better understanding and finesse.

On top of that, the participants will get to get in touch with many other bright minds in the industry and make connections that will last for their lives!

All the offline participants shall be provided hard copies of the notes and important drafts from Dr. Goel's office, while the online participants shall get the same online in PDF format. In addition to that, all the participants shall also get video recordings of the course along with a compilation of the latest judgments on the concerned documents being taught!

The course does not end here! We will meet again online and all the participants shall be given an account of the string and weak points/parts of their drafts so that we all can work on our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths.

Excited much? Enroll now!!

Who Should Take This Course?

The course has A LOT for absolutely EVERYONE:

  1. Practicing lawyers will get exposure to Dr. Goel's amazing knowledge and experience in taking care of complex Criminal Law matters that come to his table regularly, ranging from NDPS and POCSO to Theft and Robbery. Healthy discussions with Mr. Goel on sketchy situations in a criminal case are going to be the highlight of this highly engaging and proactive course.
  2. Law students will get a chance to give a boost to their journey into the real and actual understanding of Criminal Litigation. It is going to be a whole new experience that is going to overshadow a hundred classroom lectures. Once your basics are clear in the nascent stages of your career, you will be confident enough to draft any document whatsoever, on any related point and get your name known in the early days of your practice.
  3. Aspiring judges will benefit immensely from this course in the sense that not only will they understand the best practices in Drafting but also the best usage of the same and eventually how they can scrutinize the lawyers that come and represent their case before them to deliver effective and efficient justice. This will give them a different level of clarity as against anybody else who has only gone through the raw bare act. This is tried and tested and we make sure that your understanding of the law will immensely change after this course.
  4. The litigating parties involved in such cases will get their hands on valuable insights by Dr. Goel who comes to the table with a long and vast experience in the field with clients from diverse walks of life facing different and complicated situations. They will be able to get a superb second opinion to make sure that their cases are being handled in the right manner and that they can also actively contribute to the litigation that revolves around them/their family members.
  5. If you are a teacher, you will take loads and loads of knowledge from this course to make sure that any student you teach thereafter champs the art of not only reading the law but also of applying it in the Courts and in drafting the required documents, and what is better than that?

Draft Documents to be Taught in the Workshop

The participants shall receive from LCI the following -

  1. Important Judgments on the Concerned Instruments
  2. Self-paced recorded versions of the lectures.
  3. FREE QnA sessions after each lecture.
  4. Doubt-solving and draft review class post the course (According to the number of doubts)

Student Reviews on the first class:

Offer Price  2499.00
6 Hours
6 Months with Unlimited views
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