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brsasireddy Online   28 November 2022 at 10:49

Help me here

Can someone decode this message please,

Sufficient opportunity given. Additional Written statement not filed. Hence additional Written statement closed. Batta of D15, D16 not paid. No representation. Sufficient opportunity given. Issue fresh summon to D15, D16 a payment of batta through Court and Post. Private notice permitted (LC) and appearance of plaintiff call on 19.12.2022.


Anonymous   27 November 2022 at 22:31

Domestic violence act

salute you all,

A man now aged 29 years married his elder brother's wife after sudden demise of his elder brother years before to give protection to her and her two children. In the course of married life few differences started mainly the wife not allowing any sexual life and she developed hate towards the man. She started quarreling with him always and even physically injured him. The bore all sufferings in the interest of the family. one fine day she called her parents and brothers and they came from a nearby village along with other 2 of their friends in
intoxicated state to to boys house at a night 12 days ago. , They started abusing all unparliamentary words Then started hitting the man all together with all available weapons making an attempt to kill me. The beauty is the wife also joined them to beat him. In the process the man got injured especially on face and eyes injured with heavy swelling. Hearing his cries his aged father came for rescue and he as well was attacked. They left telling that they would come back anytime to finish him off.
The boy was advised by local doctor to visit eye specialty hospital in the city of Madurai. He was given all necessary treatments and he was asked to take rest and medication for 15 days and his father was treated by local doctor
he didn't prefer a police complaint to save the family's name .
But the wife went AWPS and lodged a complaint probably under DV Act.. The police has called the boy and his parents tomorrow to station and the woman would also come there.
please advise if a complaint can be lodged with local police since the woman went to AWPS police by which his intention of safeguarding family's name is already spoiled.
Thank you learned lawyers

Rahul Goyal   27 November 2022 at 14:17

Plead own case in high court

Can a court direct Petitioner not to appear in person? Isn't it violates Order III Rule 1 of CPC?
In a case, wherein party in person has appeared in person for 8 years, in trials courts, High Courts, Supreme Court ore than 200 times; a direction for not appearing in person is illegal, and made with intent of preventing facts to come on record. What is the remedy? How can we challenge such order?
Apologizing only reflects accepting faults. When the party is not at fault, it is a clear case of discrimination, suggest the remedy.

Mukesh Baheti   25 November 2022 at 23:03

Non baliable warrant against home loan

Hello experts
My Brother has taken home loan from Reliance and was paying regularly but from last 5 to 6 year he has not paid home loan due to huge financial crisis.
Today he get a phone call from police station and when he visited police station police told that reliance has issued NBA against him in Ahmedabad City (He is from Surat and property is in surat). Police also informed that NBA is against all the members who has been guarantor in this loan.

He never recieved any summon before or any call for attendance in court.

What should he do now.

The police told that they would held all kember for 24 hour in surat then take them to aedabad court.

Anonymous   23 November 2022 at 13:04

Evidence in dowry and domestic violence case

My very near relative was married 8 years ago when her husband and her mother in law demanded dowry, money and jewelry in the name of customs/Conventions and gifts. Due to unlawful demands of Dowry, jewelry and money not being fulfilled/met, ,her husband and her mother in Law subjected her to huge mental torture, humiliation, insults, and emotional abuse and tried to prove her mentally sick. and thus were successful in shunting her out of her matrimonial home only after 7 months of marriage and In spite of her umpteen requests, was not been allowed to enter her matrimonial house. She has been a burden on her parents for the last about 7 years. She did FIR against her husband and mother in law and the FIR CASE is pending in metropolitan magistrate’s court,

The metropolitan magistrate’s court, some time back in its order has mentioned that

…there exists prima facie case against the accused persons for the commission of offence
punishable under section 498A/34 IPC for causing cruelty to the complainant as well as
for misappropriation of dowry articles,stridhan and jewellery of the complainant under
section 406/34 IPC..

Now, her evidence is to be done in 3 days but public prosecutor is too busy to guide her about the Evidence and they are too poor to engage a lawyer for the purpose.
She has several recorded Mobiles Calls/E-mail messages/speed posts, as an EVIDENCE to prove her points mentioned in her Complaint to CAW CELL but does not have mobile and Computer in which such calls were recorded and e-mails were received.

Please advise”

1 whether she can submit her evidence IN WRITING on the date of evidence?

2. How she can submit copies of e-mails in her evidence to prove her case of domestic violence .

3, How she can submit details of dowry items in her evidence to prove her case.

4, What else she should do for evidence so that she can prove her case.

Samaritan1987   20 November 2022 at 14:23

Conversation recordings b/w my wife and her family members

I have recorded a conversation between my wife and her father and other family members, while they are arguing about forceful marriage done by them, during their conversation, i am also present in the room, but my voice is not present, so, is it allowed to submit in the court as a proof ?, does it constitutes any privacy violation ? , because I am in the room but i was silent and recording their conversation, so is it good idea to use as a evidence in the court, that my wife was forced to marry.

Anonymous   20 November 2022 at 14:09

Regarding mental harassment of my 3rd class kid

Hi, I am a mother of 3rd class kid, he is studying in Sunflower Public School in Aligarh. The principal in that school is very mean, she continuously harras him. She is humiliating many children and their parents, many parents complain about her bad behavior. Kindly sue her from her position. My kid cry every day. He is harassed this much that he became introvert continuously. Such kind of principals or any authority in the school should be suspended from their post. Kindly help me. I am very afraid off her. Please I need help. I am very sad and upset.

Anonymous   18 November 2022 at 22:28

additional owner in a landed property

One land is in the name of three brothers. The three brothers decide to admit one more person WITHOUT ANY CONSIDERATION as additional owner of the land so the share becomes 25% of each person. since there was no money transaction involved the agreement can be made on Rs. 500/- stamp paper and registered with the appropriate authorities. Any comments from learned persons.

Christine Leo   18 November 2022 at 02:09

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tej   15 November 2022 at 22:10

Police avoiding to comply directions under section 91

complying.police has filed final report for c sumary by supressing vital evidences against the accused and opinion adverse to opinion of Legal cell
On application of informant
Hon'ble Court has passed order directing investigation officers, to produce supressed documents and report of legal cell,PP to C.P.but they are not producing the same.what steps are available to informant

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