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Anonymous   28 January 2023 at 00:59

Prove accident case

My accident trial for IPC 338 is about to begin in next date. The chargesheet is missing these documents.
1. No vehicle seizure report
2. No Motor vehicle inspection report
3. No spot photographs.

Police took all documents like RC, DL and insurance copies.

police submitted written eye witness statements and other witness statements and rough sketch map and my arrest memo.

I tried to settle (even paid for initial first aid) and pay for medical expenses but they are demanding huge money.

What are the chances of conviction in my case ?
Will I go to jail ?
please help me as i am only bread earner and my employer doesn't know about this accident case.
My lawyer is not giving me confidence and i am really worried right now.

Answer Seeker   27 January 2023 at 11:09

Forcible dispossession of non-owner from commercial premise

Just want to know if someone does not have ownership of a commercial place and has taken over it forcefully from the owner, rented it out and earning out of it and then files plea in civil court to not be forcibly dispossessed from that place

Is this allowed ? Place is being used commercial not for self stay by the person and thus wondering if the person can get away even when not owner and no paper - that just because the person is running business peacefully that he should not be forcibly dispossessed from the place ?

Place - Mumbai

Anonymous   26 January 2023 at 18:17

498a ipc against me

I got anticipatory bail from session court for offense 498A, at the time of filing of chargesheet by police they added new sections of IPC, I want to know that should I take bail again for the new offense added.

shyam lal Online   26 January 2023 at 12:57

Limitations act

What the time frame in which the following has to be complied .
1/- A registered WILL of the deceased persom pertaining to immovable property.. in the state of U. P.

2/-A MoU of family settlement unregistered pertaining to immovable property in the state of Uttrakhand. Where in one of signatary has expired.

Vasudevan   13 January 2023 at 19:42

Ccs pension rule, 1971 - reg.

Respected Learned Expert(s), I am a retired Central Government Group B employee governed by CCS (Pension) rules, 1972. I had been convicted by the CBI court and therefore my pension was reduced to the extent of 40% under Rule 9 of CCS Pension Rules by the President. The President order has not spoken anything on the payment of gratuity. Therefore, I had claimed the eligible gratuity. Now my appointing authority (not the President) has ordered that no gratuity shall be payable as the official has shown moral turpitude and grave misconduct. Whether, any supplementary (second) order may be issued for forfeiture of gratuity by the authority other than the President. Kindly clarify the rule provision and oblige. Case citation, if any may also be informed please. Thanks in anticipation.

Anonymous   12 January 2023 at 20:03

Broker not honouring succession certificate

After demise of my father, we discovered that he did not have a nomination on his DEMAT account. We approached civil court and got a succession certificate issued for transmission of this shares to my mother's name. Now the broker is not honouring the succession certificate saying it has 'face value' mentioned as opposed to 'market value'. They are also asking my family members submit NOC claiming that the succession certificate has 'we brothers Vs our mother' in it the pages mentioning (the court fee part , first few pages). My lawyer tells me we are on the right path and it is the broker who is at fault. I even sent scanned copies of certified documents obtained from court to broker, which has brokers own statement , market value of each share and calculation of face value. Broker is asking us to correct the succession certificate. Broker is asking for 'registered' and 'notarized' copies of all documents submitted to court. My lawyer says broker is in contempt of court and we should only offer him na indemnity bond .I had complained to SEBI, but it doesnt look like they undertand the issue. They just forwarded brokers reply to us. We have no idea where to go and what to do . My mom is senior citizen. All we are trying to do is get my fathers share transferred to her name. Broker is acting like court of law. My family would really appreciate any advice or comments from experts here.

Guru   09 January 2023 at 04:19

Defamation and court fee.

dear sir , I think to appeal in the court for defamation case so may I know do I need to pay higher court fee for defamation case ? means in percentage of what we request for compensation ? Thank you.

minsal   08 January 2023 at 01:28

138 of n. i. act

Respected Experts,
I am representing the accused in one matter filed u/s. 138 of N. I. Act wherein I have filed discharge application to which the CA of Complainant has filed his say. the CA is a son of complainant mother. the mother has filed the complaint but reply to the discharge application is filed by her son as her CA without any POA or LOA. i am in need of a judgment that the son has no locus standee to represent the complainant as he doesn't have any authority and the reply filed by the son is inadmissible.
Please provide me some citation on this.
Thank you.

AKSHAT TIWARI   03 January 2023 at 23:17

Clubbing of petitions

(Hypothetical moot proposition, so an academic question)
When there are two writs and a criminal matter, one by 'A' against 'B', under Art 32; another filed by 'B' against Government of India under Art 226, and a defamation suit by 'B' against 'C', are clubbed by SC under 139 A, then who will be the petitioner, from point of view of the Appellant Memorial?

Anonymous   03 January 2023 at 21:40

Commercial suit

Plaintiff has filed a commercial suit on the basis of foot of account for goods sold and delivered. The defendant never appears before the court. the Plaintiff has produced a copy of ledger account and copy of demand notice as evidence. The Plaintiff doesn't have purchase order, copy of acknowledged invoices or lorry receipts. When the matter was kept for ex-parte orders, the court has dismissed the suit with cost. under the circumstances what remedy is available for plaintiffs.
please guide me as I am a jr. advocate and need the help to contest the matter for plaintiff.

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