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Amaan   19 October 2021 at 01:14

Buying a pagdi house

I am planning to buy a Pagdi House in Mumbai Central.
Can you pls guide me on the process and what documents are needed?

1. The current owners (or tenants in legal terms) are 2 sisters on whose name the mother had transferred the house. There is also a brother but he is not mentioned in the old woman's will. May be because he was/is alcoholic
2. The sisters have signed the tenacy surrender affidavit with the landlord with approx 40L value.
3. The landlord has given cheques as security only around a month back but will take the cheques back from the sisters now since i am buying the house.
4. Also the landlord wants me to distribute the money as follows :
a. Transfer 20L directly to one of the sisters. another
b. 20 as cash to the sisters but no bank transfer
c. 10L to the landlord for transfer of Tenacy on my name.

Is this enough or any other documents needed? I don't want to get into any legal hassles in future.
Pls guide me.

Best Regards

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Anonymous   18 October 2021 at 23:08

Selling of immovable property through power of attroney

Dear Sir/Madam , I am having below situation and wanted to know the objections I will face if I am going to purchase this property.

1) Property( which is a house) is registered in the name of Sita. Sita's husband is no more.
2) Sita has 2 sons( Elder married 2 twice, Younger unmarried) & 4 daughters( All married) out of which elder son and 1 daughter are no more. So Sita is having at present 1 son and 3 daughters.
3) Sita has given Power of Attorney(notary) of the property to one of her grand son .
4) Sita's daughter in law has left her after her son died ( more than 4 years passed) and not living with her or in the house/city any more. But daughter in law's nature is very rude and greedy.
5) My father is one of the brothers of Sita's husband. And I am going to buy this property .

Given above situation what are the objections and challenges I am going to face .

Note: Sita's family is ready to sell and agreed to the price as well.

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suneetha Jain   16 October 2021 at 15:04

Land documents

Sir, I have purchased 2 acres of an agricultural land in Andhra Pradesh along with my relative with 50:50 partnership (1 acre in my name and 1 acre in my relative's name). The registered documents of mine are also kept with my relative because of our plan to convert the agricultural land into residential land and sell them. Recently, I and my relative had disputes on other issues and I asked him to give my land documents for which he refused to give. My Queries are:

1. What should I do now??
2. Can my relative sell away my land without my notice??
3. How can I get back my land documents??

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DEEPAK DHAMEJA   15 October 2021 at 14:06

Non-hawking zone


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jobstervijay   08 October 2021 at 20:37

Mpsc and upsc need help

mpsc = maharashtra public service commision
upsc- union public service commsion
I am age 38 open category

mpsc have age limit of 38 ,last time they announces exam at 2019 and nothing later 2 years
now they announced exams but I am age bar that also by 3 days

please guide me there way to put STRONG ,ephasise on strong PIL toincrease age limit for candidate who are serious and age bar due to corona

I need steps
I cant file petitions and sign as I stay in different state right now and not touch with other mpsc students

2) divyang shreni

I have dvt ,venus thrambiosis
in usa its considered divyang but in India not

I need to put case for put it in divyang shreni

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gurmit sakla   04 October 2021 at 11:27

420 406 mofa 3 4 13 mpidact 3 4

Please suggest he has been on 8 July n uptill now no bail granted so how I will get a bail in this case

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Anonymous   03 October 2021 at 22:16

Ews reservation


My father owns a flat of size 1300 sq ft and a residential plot of size 2000 sq feet. We are planning to sell both of them to our relatives as a gift deed. The income from the sale of both will be zero.

Can I be qualified under the EWS reservation? My family income is less than 8 lakh. and once we sell both the properties may family has no assets at all.

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Brijesh   01 October 2021 at 14:39

Bhogwatadar -1 land records

Dear sir, I have an agricultural land and we paid 50% of ready reckoner to convert the navin Sharat to bhogwatadar 1. The order from tha tasildar says bogwatadar 1 but on the saat bara it is mentioned navin sharat is converted to junni sharat and the word bhogwatadar 1 is not mentioned on the 712. Now I want to sell it and the purchasers lawyer is insisting on getting the 712 updated by adding the word bhigwatadar 1 on the 712.
This involves getting a new order from the paranth office which again is a huge cost.
Sir, I just wanted to know whether this excercise is necessary. Or will junni sharad do. The vendors lawyer claims that the pmrda will create impediments at the time of building a farm house and will demand again 50% of ready reckoner for building permission.
Can you please clarify this.
Thank you so much

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sunil   30 September 2021 at 19:56

Recording statement u/s161crpc & notice u/s 41a crpc

Respected Panelist,
Can defacto complainant take plea of shoddy investigation and asking for further investigation / private complaint in a situation as under:
Fact of Case in hand:
(a) IO has recorded statement of named accused after 400 days of registration of FIR before final report was forwarded to Magistrate after 600 days?
(b) IO issued notice u/s 41-A CrPC to some of the named accused after 400 days of registration of FIR when Apex court has mandated that notice u/s 41A CrPC should be issued within 15 days which can be extended on the orders of SP upon commencing of Investigation.

(1) Is there any guideline on time-table (within days/weeks) to record statement of named accused u/s 161 CrPC upon commencing of investigation?
(2) What would be termed as un-reasonable delay in recording statement u/s 161 CrPC?
(3) Is this a fit case for further investigation / private complaint when notice u/s 41A CrPC was issued after 400 days of FIR registration?

Looking forward for your valuable guidance.


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shyam lal   30 September 2021 at 08:49

Sale of share in property

Kindly advice. .
There is a registered WILL pertaining to the residential immovable property .

Where in it mentions the property has to be equally shared 1/3 each
among the three siblings.

There is no mention of metes and bounds in respect to division /equal sharing.

Hence by self demarcating his 1/3 equal share one of the share holder
sells his share to a third party.

Query this sale Legally valid?

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