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kiran   28 January 2022 at 21:20

Property sold by legal heirs

I am buying a property from the legal heirs (Wife, Son, Daughter) as the property owner deceased.
As per the family member certificate issued by MRO, Government of Andhra Pradesh the family members deceased person mentioned were (Wife, Son, Daughter). Can you please help in know below queries

1. Are they authorised to sell the property
2. I have one, how can I make sure whether deceased person doesn't have 2nd wife or children with them.

Nikhil V Sheth   28 January 2022 at 16:32

Capital tax


I registered my new under construction property on 2nd March 2021. I am yet to sell my existing property.

Basically I have 2 queries

1) What date is considered for exemption of capital gain tax? Registration date or date when I will get possession?

2) Once i sell my old property , lets say within one year of new property purchase, Do i need to immediately transfer money to builder or i can invest it somewhere as I have taken builder subvention scheme where 75% amount is to be paid on possession.

Anonymous   28 January 2022 at 14:32

Rights of first wife and her children on land sold by muslim

I purchased an agricultural land from a Hindu (Mr.X) who had bought it from a Muslim man. It was an ancestral property of the Muslim man. The Muslim man's wife (2nd wife) and her son had provided their consent in the sale agreement when it was sold Mr.X. Now, when I have bought the same land from Mr.X, few folks have approached saying the Muslim man had 2 wives, and his 1st wife and her children had not consented for the sale, and hence they have rights over this land. I want to know their legal standing on this and my rights?

Hari Konanur   27 January 2022 at 19:06

Property payments

Namaste Sirs,

Im in a pipeline in purchasing of one house in Bangalore but seller is NRI and resides in Califonia.

Now should i pay money to his Indian account or his Foreign account

Please advice

Venkatesh   25 January 2022 at 14:36

Gst of 5% in sale deed value for finished house

My builder is selling a finished house for 32 lacs to me. But asking GST of 5%etc. But he no where mentioned in sale deed that GST value. I believe for finished house no gst applicable. But what he is saying, until occupancy certificate received and property tax paid, it won't considered finished property. So tax should be paid. Please suggest. Is it correct statement?

harikrishnan   24 January 2022 at 22:00

Appeal suggestion please

Plaintiff filed partition suit against me, and i facing already pending suit at lower court for the same survey No. Two person sent legal notice to me through advocate i replied them by on own to their address not by advocate and reply in normal post. because i have patta chitta adangal in my name and also all the revenue record in my name and sale deed in my father name. in that one person as plaintiff and another person as respondent and one among them is not filled against me but as expartee give statement as affidavit he was given statement plaintiff is true for partition, that same guy have a portion at gramanatham and converted as patta land of my portion survey No. but they are know who i will approach as a advocate and initially my advocate done good job after that he never disclose any evidence filled by my opponent and also not given any copy of cross examination and document submitted as evidence. Meanwhile 10 years back some mutation done on my property as their without my consent because urban land tax reduction my father give some letter to reduce as agricultural land hence in Map shown as partition and in UDR patta not make me suspicious about my property. they have some network in court also. My document refused by court from beginning after that i threaten by them nuisance created lot of confus in my border area by them and i approached Local police station they have network there is also and finaly i approached DCP with original document and complaint against them as land grabbing activity while pending in lower court and also online complaint filed against them. they are claiming my patta land as gramanatham site and ancestral property. They are won the case by hook and crook in lower court , my advocte only file online patta chitta adangal but i have affidavit with all the document mentioning but the judge refused my affidavit mentioning all document. I filed appeal suit at first appellant court i given all the details about my document in first appeal. case was disposed IA-1 stay &IA-2 Disposed in IA-3 is pending i submitted around 90 Documents and sale deed and mortgage deed. In this case i need partition suit expert to give suggestion 1. my appeal and any amendment required or not. if it so should give written amendment. 2. in appeal permanent injunction for suit items 3. Any amendment required in affidavit or not. 4. my all the 90 Document accepted not marked yet and i asked for admission s proves after final argument only it will be decided as replied by magistrate Give suggestion how to prove submitted document in appellant court. 5. MSNE profit claim in appeal 6.Compensation i asked in monetary form 7. i need to remove occupier from my portion with fit reply 8. counter filled by them my all the primary evidence and certified copy and earlier court copy not relevant to this case. 9. Counter Reply document to be filed Now and argument 10. Counter Claim to be filed by me 11. my case is genuine i need not loss my case due to technical fault whatever claim in that suit i have to achieve with meagre deviation i Need expert should give documentation support and argument support i will meet you in person and pay fees reply in please i need only expert and experienced only and clarify me how to win the case. advocate may be within chennai and thiruvalluvar zone

Read more at:

Music In The Viens   24 January 2022 at 18:33

Transfer of plot from huda

Dear Sir,
I have purchased a plot in Faridabad & made an agreement with seller. After the agreement the seller goes to Germany before COVID Period in Mar.2019. But due to lock downs & impact of COVID, he is not able to come in India.
Now, Please suggest how do i get Conveyance Deed from court and also get HUDA Transfer in my Name.
Rajeev Sharma

mabusubhani   24 January 2022 at 14:09

Rectification deed

Respected sir
In original register deed property mentain as my ancestors Property and also VRO give declaration as property belongs to my ancestors.
Now I can change my ancestors Property as my husband's ancestors Property in rectification deed

sanjay singh   23 January 2022 at 13:58

Property right after my mother death

I come to about Hindu Succession Act. All legal heirs has the right in my morher property but so many times I have seen High Court has power to decide on moral based. In short My brother was abscond more than 22 years.My mother has given statement in her dv filed by mother against my wife.My brother is staying separately since after his love marriage.After that no relation was maintained.My mother get admitted in hospital by me (younger son Sanjay Singh).I having a financial crisis from feb 2020 but previously I had a medical policy previously for my mother treatment and once I admitted her in private hospital but this feb 2021 I supposed to goto private hospital but due to lack of financial support I brought her govt cooper hospital vile parle mumbai.I reached on time in a hospital but due to negligence of casualty dept of a hospital she got brain stroke and they were treating her as Corona Patient.After 24 hrs I got to know she is negative but it was too late she did'nt get proper treatment.There are two parts in a brain both was damaged.After that she never responded or brain dead. I mean to say When doctor said about my mother she must be corona symptom.I said to my elder brother please you and your wife both are earning they were estate agent and car dealer.They never supported to my mother in any form of financial as well as any moral support.I was crying and shaking please save my mother life because doctors of govt hospital will killed my mother and admitted in Corona Dept.My brother said to me, no you can't take her back she would die if we leave this hospital.

My question to all " Is this kind of son?" who never supported in a last breathe also and now he has come for the property. Judges are blind only see what is written in law of property rights.They don't see the betrayal son of mother. As a son our obligation towards our parents are bound soon after birth but my brother he was elder than me he himself decide for his love marriage and left my mother alone.Any how I started earning and start supporting her.One more about my mother was also abandoned by my father.She was a father and mother for me. How much she has struggle for her livlihood as a son I feel her pain about my mother.In that situation my mother and I were stand again.

I am requesting to all experts please help me to get justice against my mother.Every one is saying not a single ruppees of my mother should go to my brother as well as to his wife. Regards,
Sanjay Singh

sanjay singh   21 January 2022 at 18:05

Property right after my mother death

I was staying with my mother since long but my elder brother who were not in touch after his love marriage.since 22 years.My brother were like abscond,there were no relation with me as well as with my mother.Now he wants property right after my mother death from my mother house which was owned by my mother own income.At present I am younger son staying in my mother house.I am the nominee of the said house.Not only that I am maintaining the the said flat since 15 years that is my bank detail is showing.Before I used to pay in cash for maintenance.More I was maintaining my mother too for my medical Bill's to food every thing.Now my mother is expired and my brother is demanding his rights in my mother bank account and property.


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