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Riten Dalwadi   08 December 2023 at 11:20

2 directors can buy property in their name, paid by company

I and my Wife are director of company, can both directors buy property in its name and payment to be made by company

Anna karp   07 December 2023 at 10:43

Ts number for recently converted rural lands

Kurichi village in Coimbatore is recently converted from rural to urban. How to gatvTS number for rural survey number

Girish HP   06 December 2023 at 11:44

Unregistered family settlement document (partition)

My Grand Father has 3 brothers, He and his Brothers (total 4) in 1989 executed a Family Partition Settlement on a One Rupee Stamp Paper, with the signatures of all Family Members.
The Document is not registered.
Since then, till now, all 4 families are in ownership of the properties as partitioned in that Family Settlement.
Now my Grandfather and 1 of his Brother has expired.
I Dont have the original copy of the Family Settlement Agreement and i only have a Xerox Copy.
I had thought the registration of the document is compulsary and will happen in future without fail, but recently 1 of my Grandfather's Brother sold a property of his share, he said there is no need of registration of a family settlement if all the family members have agreed to it. So he is not agreeing to register the Document.

In this Situation, where my family is not agreeing for the registration of the Family Settlement, and i only have a Xerox Copy of the Family Settlement:-
1. How to get my xerox copy of the Family Settlement validated (like Notary, or is there any provision where any other authority would certify it?)
2. Is registration not necassary in the above case

Dinesh Kandpal   04 December 2023 at 15:11

Member have possession letter but no agreement

Dear Sir,
We have a peculiar case in our society and need your guidance.

The member entered into an agreement with the builder for "X" flat and did stamp duty / registration as well.

Later, it was identified that said flat was mortgaged with the bank and bank was not giving NOC to the builder.

In order to resolve the issue, builder gave possession letter of another flat "Y" in lieu of "X" to the member, but didn't enter into agreement of the new flat and stamp duty / registration didn't happen.

Also, builder sold the original flat "X" to another buyer and also did agreement, stamp duty / registration.

Society issued share certificate to the flat owner who showed documents for flat "X" and the original owner in the absence of documents for his flat "Y", society is not able to help him.

Please advise what remedy is possible so that the genuine flat owner woes are resolved.

Thanking you

Anonymous   03 December 2023 at 20:08

Sdm said that land is of government

I owned a land 18 years back and have all the documents including registery and many more bt 2 year back sdm before his transfer change that land to gov and got transferred and from that day case is going on in high court my father own that land bt few days back he passed away I am the son I don't know what to do and how much time does it take to solve

Ulhas Jog   03 December 2023 at 18:17

Name on 7.12 e.

Sir_thanks for reply. 2.the concerned hindu ancestral property owner was my grandfather,who died 50 years back.then 5 names of his cl.1 heirs stand on 7.12,out of which my father and 1aunt passed away,recently. Can't I insert 2 names independently,lawfully (Excluding 3rd brother) ? May not I bother,since I am not direct legal heir(at least today)? we are not interested for partitioning,but can sell property(in such circumstances).Pl.advice duly.

Anonymous   02 December 2023 at 16:31

Inserting name in 7.12

My adult brother ran away when living with father before 25 father can not traced him,nor he complained to anywhere. My parents died after it; Now I want to insert my and another 1 brothers names on 7.12 extract as legal heirs of my father. That 3rd brother did not return yet. What is remedy or lawful suggestion for this?

Anonymous   02 December 2023 at 16:29

Minor sale deed issue

I have paid 10 lak to vendors on various dates and now as I verified sale deed 1000 difference is coming.

instead of 7,99,900 in one place in the sale deed, it is mentioned as 7,99,000. Do I need to go for a correction deed?

Prakash   01 December 2023 at 15:29

Devaswom property

Private party encroaches temple property and cuts teak wood in it and the revenue department tries to auction the cut tree. What’s the remedy left with the temple authorities ?

MONIKA YADAV   01 December 2023 at 12:34

Transfer of agriculture land as gift by a sc husband

My husband belongs to schedule caste in Uttar Pradesh. I belong to OBC. We had intercaste arranged marriage in 2007 with willing of both side family members proper hindu vivah in presence of around 100 relatives.
Can my husband transfer the agriculture land that was purchased by him to me as a gift? Is it be permitted?