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Anonymous   13 August 2022 at 17:20

Property in the name of son

I bought a property in my name and built a house. and in ration card my father's name is there any chance for him to claim in my property. He has a civil cheque case. But property is bought in name of me by loan. There is no where in deeds father's name but only in ration card and his ID proofs.Did he can claim any rights in my property. Kindly guide me

Anonymous   13 August 2022 at 14:39

Notice on vacating a flat

My rent agreement is made for 11 moths but because of a Job change, I have to shift to another city before 11 months. There is no lock in period mentioned in the agreement. Only a notice period is mentioned for 2 months. Can the house owner take any legal actions if I leave the flat before 11 months?

Bala sundaram   11 August 2022 at 16:39

Fingerprint is mandatory for registration authority

Which year onward is mandatory for sales consideration as required seller signature and fingerprint?
In National level ( India) or especially at Tamil Nadu State, Chennai.

Anonymous   10 August 2022 at 12:56

Nhai land aquisition demand notice and claim status - reg.

Dear Sir,

In my mother in law died recently, she told some of the property acquired by NHAI for outer ring road in year of 1990 to 95.
and she told that compensate money also was not obtained from such department authority and that area abounded near Korattur Village for outer ring road project at Padi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Where would be approach if money is allotted or not? and Kindly guide us get the details.

Second thing that time balance rescued land tax payment also paid to concern revenue department too and we want get tax receipt from such authority for evidence.


Anonymous   09 August 2022 at 19:10

Query regarding planned cheating of wedding

Is there no law which can protect a daughter in law if the in laws have cheated her spoiling her life?

Anonymous   09 August 2022 at 15:59

Thumb impression of sales deed is valid or not valid ?

Hello sir, Good evening.

We have requested the following query and will expect clarification from your platform
We need the answer to the following questions?

1) Without thumb impression in sale deed in 1979 is valid or not valid document?
2) Sale deed document partially shown seller signature and missing in some paper. 
3) Without purchaser sign & thumb impression is a valid sale document?
4) How to check if the thumb impression was available in the sub-register office in their registered records.

kavkaz   09 August 2022 at 05:31

Bank home loan & society noc

Respected Sir / Madam,

I (Buyer) have recently purchased a resale flat in Mumbai Suburban area and I have availed a Bank Home Loan for the same.

We are at the final step to complete the property deal but the Seller's Co-op. Housing Society Secretary is NOT issuing NOC in the prescribed bank format as required by the buyer's bank. The Secretary wants to add an additional point in the said NOC related to a future planned self redevelopment of the society so that the buyer's bank is well informed about the same. Though there is NO concrete plan of action related to this redevelopment but just the redevelopment proposal was discussed in last year's Society AGM with majority of the residents providing their consent. The redevelopment dates are yet NOT finalized and also NO goverment approvals for the redevelopment are ready at present. No builder is ready for this redevelopment and so the society has decided to go for self redevelopment.

The buyer's bank will NOT disburse the Loan amount if the Society NOC has an additional redevelopment point outside of the prescribed bank format.

In the aforesaid situation, below are my burning questions:

1. Is there any option like Indemnity Bond / Collateral so that the bank becomes ready to accept the said NOC with the additional redevelopment point?

2. Is there any Society Bye Law so that the Society can be legally forced to issue the NOC in prescribed bank format?

Thanks in Advance.

Rajesh Raj   08 August 2022 at 12:14

Property protection incase of creditor or divorce


If my mother creates a irrevocable asset trust and makes me as a beneficiary , will I be protected and my assets be protected during divorce or by creditor.

Please advise

Anonymous   07 August 2022 at 01:09

Need assistance on pagdi systems

Hi we are staying in a chawl since 1980 and rent was 30 rs and 40 rs for 2 rooms . The imla malik didnt allow us to repair house since. In 2019 since my house was on bad condition I repaired my house which she objected however we did repair. Now the imla malik keeps increasing rent after every 3 month's please advise us the right as a tenant as we have a legal document that states the amount paid to her under pagdi system when the house was purchased and rent that will be paid that is 30 and 40 rs. Since Imla malik is increasing the rent I told her to give me legal document that she is increasing the rent. Please advise what I need to do as I have not paid her rent since last year. Should I pay her rent without the legal agreements.

Rahul fulfafagar   05 August 2022 at 21:00

Division of inherited property


There are total 4 siblings, 2 brothers, 2 sisters. Our father had self acquired a property when he was alive and after his death he did not leave any will. Our mother is still alive. Now after sometime there were some unlawful pressure was given by one of the brothers to other siblings and because of that all the 3 siblings signed and gave the whole property to that brother. Now it has been registered under his name. If we want to make a claim on that property now can we do that, will it be possible to get a share in the same. Also what can be the ways in which we can claim share.
Thank you for the help in advance.
Any response would be high appreciated


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