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KVA Kutty   29 November 2021 at 10:36

Exclusion in limitation act

One of the condition for adverse possession is continuous possession for long duration. This duration is specified in specific relief act / limitation act. It is heard that there is exclusion in the law and they are land belongs to minor, mentally challenged personnel and members of armed force . Could you please confirm that the land belongs to minors, mentally challenged personnel and members of armed force cannot be encroached and claimed for possession on the basis of adverse possession law ?

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shyam lal   27 November 2021 at 22:37

Registration of family settlement

Experts kindly simplify in simple language if one has to explain to a lay person the following...........
"It is well­ settled that registration would be necessary only if the terms of the family arrangement/settlement are reduced into writing."

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Anonymous   11 November 2021 at 18:55

Transfer of property after death of joint owner

My sister and her husband have a flat in a cooperative housing society in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai. Her husband has passed away. What is the procedure for transferring property to her? Do we need to approach CIDCO or the Managing Committee of housing society? Can she ask for her daughter's name to be included in the share certificate of the Society? She and her daughter are the sole surviving heirs of her husband.

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Anonymous   30 October 2021 at 07:48

Purchase 6 gunte (residential zone declaredmmrda) tukde band

Dear All experts, If your time permits please help me and guide🙏 for below query. Many thanks in advance.

*Survey number- 5A/5* Total area - 36 gunte.

Area under my name -24 gunte
Area under cousin1 - 6 gunte(sold to gaikwad)
Area under cousin2 - 6 gunte remaining.

cousin 1 had sold 6 gunte land to .Mr gaikwad.
For which talathi had stop mutation entry (prallahbit ferfar #1418) against tukde bandi act. Also I filed case in thesildar office against Mr gaikwad.

Now Mr gaikwad want to sale 6 gunte land back to me. (Tukde JODH. )

My advocate said if I purchase 6 gunte land from gaikwad I have to face below problems.

1. Mr. Gaikwad is ready to pay 25 % penalty to legalize land

But I will also get penalty of 25% and need to pay? Because there is remaining land of cousin 2 6 gunte will still fall under tukde bandi act .

2. Mr gaikwade had purchase land from my cousin 1 managing registrar officer by showing low valuation of land with out joining zone certificate from MMRDA.

But If I purchase now showing real valuation of land I have to pay income tax penalty of 30% on valuation difference.

Please guide me easy way forward how I can borrow 6 gunte land from gaikwad

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Pravin Kumar   29 October 2021 at 06:21

Grandmother property

Grandmother purchased a property of 2acres in 1956 in Tamilnadu
She sold one acre in 1963.
She was a widow .Due to explainable threatens from the co-share holders she didn't use the remaining land.
After resurvey in 1970,the Joint Patta still holds the name of my grandmother.
I made patta mutation from my grandmother name to my mother name.
The Title document is in my Grandmother name.
The nearby share holders(2 families) destroyed the boundaries and enjoying the land .
They dont have any tax paid certificates or proof of title for my grandmother property.

I planning for sub division of the property.

My query is:
1. whether the remaining land owners in the same survey land can claim adverse possession?
2.Can i file for partition suit?

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aananth   25 October 2021 at 16:25


Dear Experts,
I have purchased two residential plots in Tenkasi, Tamilnadu in a residential layout in 2008. Two plots are registered with registration office. One plot the promoter got me a Patta from Tashildar office. the other plot is about 51/2 cents or 2,396 sq,ft. In one unit there are three plots and three different ownership. I have purchased the middle plot. The person who bought the third one reported to be sold including entire unit. online Registrar's office EC check shows my my title is valid on this day.
The promoter is still there. What I can do? I want to sell that plot.

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SURAJ VISHWAKARMA   21 October 2021 at 17:36

Buyer did not pay balance amount after registration

Sir, I sold my flat & registration was done in favour of Buyer on 02.09.2021 with condition in agreement that buyer will make payment of balance amount through home loan from bank with in 20 days from the date of registration. Now it's more than 40 days, buyer has not made my balance payment. Kindly guide if i should do anything or should worry about?

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Amaan   19 October 2021 at 01:14

Buying a pagdi house

I am planning to buy a Pagdi House in Mumbai Central.
Can you pls guide me on the process and what documents are needed?

1. The current owners (or tenants in legal terms) are 2 sisters on whose name the mother had transferred the house. There is also a brother but he is not mentioned in the old woman's will. May be because he was/is alcoholic
2. The sisters have signed the tenacy surrender affidavit with the landlord with approx 40L value.
3. The landlord has given cheques as security only around a month back but will take the cheques back from the sisters now since i am buying the house.
4. Also the landlord wants me to distribute the money as follows :
a. Transfer 20L directly to one of the sisters. another
b. 20 as cash to the sisters but no bank transfer
c. 10L to the landlord for transfer of Tenacy on my name.

Is this enough or any other documents needed? I don't want to get into any legal hassles in future.
Pls guide me.

Best Regards

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suneetha Jain   16 October 2021 at 15:04

Land documents

Sir, I have purchased 2 acres of an agricultural land in Andhra Pradesh along with my relative with 50:50 partnership (1 acre in my name and 1 acre in my relative's name). The registered documents of mine are also kept with my relative because of our plan to convert the agricultural land into residential land and sell them. Recently, I and my relative had disputes on other issues and I asked him to give my land documents for which he refused to give. My Queries are:

1. What should I do now??
2. Can my relative sell away my land without my notice??
3. How can I get back my land documents??

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Anonymous   04 October 2021 at 18:48

Member of co-operative housing society for unbuilt flat

Can there be a Member of co-operative housing society for unbuilt flat

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