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Hardik Panchal   02 December 2021 at 20:07

Brother acquired land

The ancestral land was distributed in 2007 and it was legally registered. but in 2017 after resurvey which wasnt informed & we were not aware as we live in another city, the actual area of the land was changed and was included in elder brothers 7/12. After getting aware we tried to convice the elder brother but he is not in the mood of giving our rightful shares back and now he has acquired the part of our land. what we can do in this situation. There is an entry of distribution in the 7/12 which defines the distribution and 50-50 shares of the property can we use that as proof and can do any legal action on them ? please help!

Saikrishna kandhikatla   01 December 2021 at 13:18

Regarding an appeal not maintainable

My issue is a landlord and tenant issue. We are landlords. The tenant didnot pay the rent for months and now the rent stood at Rs. 3 lakhs. We recently got a decree to collect the rent from the tenant. But, tenant said that he will go for appeal. Now, we want a judgement which mentions that, untill and unless the rent is deposited with the court, the appeal should not be allowed. Can any expert help me in this issue ?

Anonymous   30 November 2021 at 13:24

Stamp duty

dear sir/madam

I have registered sale agreement around 2 years ago and i paid the stamp duty as per market value of the property. Now when i went to registered the sale deed register asking me to pay the stamp duty on current value of the property. suggest. when i have registered or unregistered sale agreement value of property as on sale agreement payable or value of the property at the time registeration of sale is payable. kindly advise me.


Anonymous   29 November 2021 at 15:22

Withdrawing money from account after death via cheque

My father died in India about a year and a half ago. I live overseas so was not able to visit until recently due to Covid travel restrictions. I went through the process of filing disease claims at banks. I found that one person that my father trusted withdrew a large sum of money from his account a few days after his death via a cheque. This person is not a family member, and I am the only legal heir. He was aware of my father's death and also attended the funeral. He claims the money was given to him by my father for a charitable cause. My first question is whether is it legal for someone to encash a cheque from a bank account of a deceased person in India? My second question is do I have a recourse to pursue this and recover the amount? Thank you.

Shreyas   29 November 2021 at 08:13

Can my brothers can calaim this 1 bugha now?

In the year 2000 ,we 5 brothers made partition deed of our Ancestral agriculture land and it was signed by all 5 brothers and also registered in sub registrar office.actually at that time i got 1 bigha of extra land compare to the other 4 brothers by mistake.and they all signed the partition deed and also registered in sub registrar in 2021, we 5 brothers are going to sell this land so the buyer tell me that he will give the money of my 1 bigha extra land to me only in my hand instead of giving it to the rest 4 brothers because that land is on my name currently.but my 4 brothers tell me that you have to make 5 parts of this money which you will recieve from buyer otherwise they will file case against me in i want to know now it is possible for them to claim this 1 bigha land if i am not giving the money of this 1 bigha extra land to them?

Anonymous   27 November 2021 at 12:29

Co-operative society flats

Flats in co-operative housing societies in Maharashtra were not immovable property for the purpose of stamp duty and registration before 1980 or so. Transfers were effected by the simple expedient of endorsement of the name of new owner in the share certificate. Can anyone let me know whether during those days transfer to heir of the flat on the death of the testator was subject to probate (in Mumbai) and stamp duty? This is a question of facts and history and not of legal opinion.

Nabeel Muhammed   24 November 2021 at 14:37

Legal heirship


Is Voter Election ID Card is mandatory for apply Legal Heir ship Certificate in Kerala. ?

Vasudevan   20 November 2021 at 17:59

Making will

Respected Learned Experts,
Whether the will has to be registered compulsorily? If a will is made in one's own hand writing with witness need registration? Whether such a unregistered will can be enforced as per law?


Anonymous   20 November 2021 at 09:01

Stamp and registration charges

My father is having house which he mentioned to be given in my name in the WILL. However the witness are not willing to appear in the court. Me being the only legal heir, if forget the will then what will be the registration and stamp duty charges for transferring that property in my name.

I understand if I go with WILL then there are no charges applicable.

Kindly advice

Karan   19 November 2021 at 19:54

How to write will for my home in fathers property.

Sir/Madam, We are 3 children to our Parents. 3 yrs back self along with my father applied Housing loan (am co-applicant) & finished the first floor (3 bhk) above my already existing father's ground floor (old 2 bhk) property -( total land area 1950Sq.ft). My elder sister and younger sisters are married and insisting for their share in my fathers property. Presently am paying the EMI for the first floor and the renowation/extention of the ground floor. Please suggest how to write the will / share the property to my sisters, if all of us has a share... Secondly if all of us has equal land share is there any legal issue will arise while selling my first floor in future?...any no objection required from my 2 sisters etc. Looking into the long term benefits/problems, kindly suggest how my father should handle the situation while writing the will/registration.
Thanking you.
with best regards,

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