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Smrity K   29 September 2023 at 19:34

Repair funds utilization

How much funds can be utilized out of repair funds of a housing society.

We have estimated cost of 14 lac max, even though the society has 6 lac repair funds they say that only 4 lac can be used , and asking the members to contribute 10 lac

Can someone advice

Smrity K   29 September 2023 at 14:01

Maintenance charges of shop owners of housing society

Our society consists of two 2 bhk AND 1 bhk flats and some shops . Our maintenance charges covers equal amount for the common services and Sinking fund and Repairs are charged as per the Area. Shop owners are not charged according to the commercial rates. while they are charged as mentioned above, however electricity charges are levied only Rs.100 and no water charges are charged. We therefore end up paying more maintenance even though living in 1bhk. They say it is not written in the bye laws to charge more.

My query is that they had purchased at commercial rate, will sell at commercial rate. They earn from the maintenance of the structure. Therefore is it not correct to charge at commercial rates.

Please advice. Also what is the correct way to charge these shops. T

Anonymous   26 September 2023 at 10:20

Legal heirs

Hi All, I'm based out of Mumbai. I bought a property a couple of years ago where my parents funded 50% of the money from selling their old flat. I had taken a Home loan with an additional amount to renovate the house. While purchasing my sisters forcefully asked me to add my mother (76) as a co-owner of this flat. Post 6-7 months my mother passed away.
I planned to transfer my existing loan to a new bank due to the high ROI % post increase in repo rate.

During this process, the bank asked for an NOC from my sisters as my mother was a co-owner of this flat. One of my sisters is refusing to give out that NOC as she wants to keep her stake as an heir of my mother. However, she has no objection to me transferring the loan to another bank. The bank's legal team is not accepting this fact and needs a clearance on NOC for security purposes.

What can be done here.

Anonymous   25 September 2023 at 20:20

Associate member intending to become member of committee

Posting you just to have opinion.
1. Share certificate no. In application is not mentioned.
2. We have never met/ seen the owner.
3. Owner hasn't attended most of the AGMs including last 5 years.
4. Address /Contact number not mentioned in application.
Is the application valid?
What queries will have to be made with applicant/ owner?

Anonymous   25 September 2023 at 15:28


Regarding EWS, I stay seperate from my in-laws with my husband in the same city in a rented place. So will my in-laws' held property be considered

VASANT SAWANT   23 September 2023 at 22:47

Approach road

Adjunct to our house Government forest land encroached by third party with boundary wall leaving no approach road either side to the main road. Requested to concerned district authorities for a 12 feet approach road from my house.But to date no approach road provided.Please advise what is legal way for permanent inhabitants dweller for approach road

Anonymous   23 September 2023 at 19:44

फिजिकल हैंडिकैप्ड सर्विस में कैसे एड होगी

सर्विस के दौरान अगर कोइ गवर्मेंट एंप्लॉयी हैंडिकैप्ड सर्टिफिकेट बनवाता है जबकि उसकी निउक्ति जनरल कैटेगरी में हुए है तो क्या pH category का बेनिफिट्स मिलेगा .
इसके लिए कौन सा नियम है कृपया बताए।

Anonymous   23 September 2023 at 12:07

Basic facility like 12 feet approach road to my house


I am an Ex-serviceman and have my own house and land property. In front of our house was a vacant barren small area of Govt forest land. As our crops on land on the bank of Kali River were flooding all crops were taken away. For livelihood, vacant Govt forest land was cultivated by parents since 1977. The third party came and threatened my mother who was living alone in our house after my father's death in 1997 and encroached on that land with a boundary wall and built a small house with electricity from Govt during August 2011 leaving no approach road to us. The matter was reported to the local area circle duty forester, Village Panchayat, and all concerned district authorities and complained to the Police by old age mother with great difficulties. I have also sent a request to protect my mother from the Army side on duty to DC and SP. Presently we are using the neighbor's way for the day-to-day habitant and finding it very difficult to pass from the small way. And also they may stop at any time of that way for us. Keeping in view of safety, security, and welfare of a soldier, I have requested a 12-foot approach road from my house to the main road from the existing old road from the forest land to the village panchayat, Taluka Panchayat, Zilla Panchayat, Tehsildar, and the DC and DFO. But to date, I have not got approach road as a soldier welfare. I have no way to approach the main road due to encroachment on government forest land and the boundary wall by a third party. As an ESM what can I do with this situation? Please suggest and help me out with a permanent solution.

Anonymous   18 September 2023 at 20:43

Shop advance problem

Hello sir I have taken a shop for rent & I have him 3lac advance for shop I have Rund the shop for 2 to 4 month & I have not received profit from my shop so I have decide to left the shop
And I have left the shop the shop own told me to Return the it take 2 months time but I have hem 3 months time now he is not giving my money back sir

Anantharaman Iyer   15 September 2023 at 11:53

Sale of old house property

I am having a Tenament in a co-op housing society. I am intending to sell the property. The purchaser has availed a housing loan from a financial institution. I have provided all the documents to the intending purchaser except Allotment letter of society. He says bank is insisting for Allotment letter and certificate showing my bona fide from the Society for disbursement of the loan. I have submitted possession letter of 1988 and share certificate to the bank. Kindly inform me the legal solution.