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Anonymous   23 May 2023 at 01:33

Complaint of bank to rbi

Sir the applicant complaint first to Nodal officer than to Principal Nodal officer and ultimately to rbi when no action has been taken.
The applicant sought compensation for his mental harassment and loss due to bank.
But he got message fr9m rbi-
Complaint is rejected under Clause 16(2)(b) of the Reserve Bank - Integrated Ombudsman Scheme, 2021 : 'the compensation sought is beyond the power of the Ombudsman to award the compensation as indicated in clause 8(2)'”.

4. कृपया यह नोट करें कि उक्‍त खंड के तहत बंद की गई शिकयात गैर-अपीलीय है। अगर आप लोकपाल के निर्णय से संतुष्‍ट नहीं है तो आपको यह विकल्‍प प्राप्‍त है कि आपकी शिकायत के निवारण हेतु विधि द्वारा स्‍थापित कोई अन्‍य मंच/ न्‍यायालय/ विधि प्राधिकरण से संपर्क करें।

4. Please note that the complaints closed under the above clause are non-appealable. In case you are not satisfied with the decision of the Ombudsman, have an option to approach any other Forum/Court/Legal authority in accordance with the law for redressal of your grievance.

5. यह लोकपाल के अनुमोदन से जारी किया जा रहा है।

5. This is issued with the approval of Ombudsman.
My question is it can't be appealed other than consumer forum.
Please guide.

Mystical   21 May 2023 at 14:42

Can anyone help in filing pil

Hi I am a advocate I just want guidance regarding filing of PIL in supreme court of india airlines are troubling common citizens to buy return ticket while going abroad who are airlines to Stop a person from going abroad when immigration officer of other countries are easy and don't care if at all they are denied entry to their country the sole responsibility should lie on passenger to buy return ticket but airlines should not stop passenger onward ticket rule is harrasment to traveller's who travel on budget I am looking for lawyer who can seriously file before supreme court of India and create a impact on society recently a passenger from Bangalore denied entry for purchasing return flight ticket from another airlines airlines dint allow her inside and asked to buy ticket worth 75000 she is holding ticket from another airlines this is torture from airlines and should be challenged can anyone take it as their personal case and file before supreme court of india and get revolutionary change?

Anonymous   17 May 2023 at 21:40

Non payment of cala award

Under the right to fair compensation act 2013 and the National Highway Act 1956, if CALA announces the award but does not pay, can the land owner file an execution in the Court of the Additional District Judge?

Is the CALA (LAC) award a decree?

Does CALA award become a decree once the land owners goes into arbitration? In our case an Award was announced, We went into arbitration. The arbitrator enhanced the CALA award. NHAI filed objections and we filed execution, The objections got accepted and the Arbitrator award was set aside, in the execution can we atleast execute the CALA award?

Note: Till date no payment has been made.

BDO PO   17 May 2023 at 14:24

For pay protection of rajasthan gov employee

if a rajsthan govt employee appoint for higher pay to low pay scale how he get pay protection

Anonymous   17 May 2023 at 09:22

Family definition as per society bye law in maharasthra

Blood relation or family definition as per the Bye Laws in Maharasthra

Anonymous   16 May 2023 at 23:46

Government job suspension

I have been charged for an offence in 2020. I got suspension order from my govt job. After 3 years in 2023. Iam proved to be not guilty and acquitted by court. Can i rejoin my govt job.

Kani   15 May 2023 at 23:06

It attachment vs. govt. lien in bank accounts

Dear experts, bank has received an attachment notice from IT Office against a person'saccount, however, those deposit accounts mentioned in the IT attachment are also marked lien to various government departments.

Should I attach the bank accounts or release the same as they are marked lien?

Please advise

Anonymous   15 May 2023 at 08:00

Update email id and mobile no.

What are the procedure for update EMAIL ID and Mobile No at RESERVE BANK OF INDIA

please guide me sir

Anonymous   14 May 2023 at 18:39

Resignation in central government job

Hello sir/mam,
I have joined postal department as postal assistant on 8 April 2023. I am from allahabad and currently working in Saharanpur. I want to resign as soon as possible because of some family issues. My service book is not made yet.
Can I give resignation when my service book is not made. Does department has any power to abolish my resignation letter?
Please reply. Thank you

Yavan Pratap   14 May 2023 at 12:01

Land reclamation

I Belong to a small town from UP.
Recently my father retired from the Post Of Superintendent Engineer at ONGC and with his retirement fund he purchased some agricultural land. The problem with the ground is that it is not at all plain somewhere there is a stack of soil somewhere not i.e. it is not evenly scattered. The land is higher than the back and low from the front due to which the water doesn't stay in the ground and it erodes the soil with it due to the gradient/slope. So my father decides to make that land plain i.e. to make the soil evenly scattered with the help of one contractor. They started digging the higher portion with JCB and keep on shifting that soil with the help of a dumper to my uncle's farm which is in front of our land and is very much lower than the road in order to have mutual benefit and make the ground more appropriate and good for cultivation for both of us.
After 2-3 days 2 police officers came and started asking why you are doing this with the contractor, the contractor is already known to the police officer and gave some money to them which they say was "kharcha pani".
After four days DM of the District changed and all the land mining workers stopped their work some police officers came and ask to stop the work.
Recently North India faced unfavorable weather due to western disturbances. So my father and uncle went to have a look at the land as our land was still irregular and was still on a high slope gradient so the water cut the soil and erodes it to the road and my uncle's land got filled with standing water due to rain.
it's been more than a month. We couldn't find any way to resolve this situation. I couldn't find any way out. Land mining is illegal but I just want to know make your land appropriate for cultivation is also illegal.
I am not getting where I should put up my query in the DM office, SDM office, SP office, DSP office, Block Development Office, Nagar Panchayat office, and Tehsildar office.
We are looking to settle this issue and make our land appropriate for cultivation before the rainy season as rainwater will make the land good and after that, we can sow the Rabi crop this season.

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