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Anonymous   09 November 2021 at 13:35

Construction is causing inconvenience in my society

Recently a builder has started construction in my area. Builder has all required permission and approval from MMRDA (not asked for Proof have taken his word for it). But his construction is causing lot of inconvenience to resident. Work start sometime from 8am and ends around 8pm. If we try to talk to him he says he will come next day and doesn't show up as well as stops work for 2-3days. Then again after few days he will start his work.
While I am aware Gram Panchayat does not hold any rights or sanctions on infra project since 2019, still I tried filling complaint of inconvenience hoping to get some assistance but it had no outcome. Need to understand how to get builder co-operate and live our life in peace.
It is causing more inconvenience as most of the resident are retired and almost above age of 60years. This unwanted noise of construction is causing mental stress and frustration. We just want a dialogue with builder to make him understand situation and work accordingly.
Hoping to listen from anyone who has worked on such cases. Want to solve this problem/issue in amicable way if possible.
Any suggestions are appreciated and thanking before hand to everyone who pitch in there thoughts and suggestions to deal with situation.

Pradyot   07 November 2021 at 14:14

Developer not handing over flats even after 12 years

Inherited property given for redevelopment by 4 legal heirs in mumbai in 2009 .One single agreement was signed by 4 and registered in sub registrar Mumbai in 2009 without any registration with MHADA /?RERA.Building 90% completed in 2012 with 2 illgal floors by developer.BMC has given notice to developer and not issued BCC and OC to the building .The developer has stopped giving rent from 2012 for alternate accomodation
Developer wants to sign supplementry agreement predated 2012 stating that old agreement is deemed to have been terminated with the supplimentry agreement dated 2012 with same benifits as old agreement dated 2009.we have declind to sign it.
Due to above Developer has not given any possession till today and no legal notice was issued to developer by 4 legal heirs till date .Can one legal heir terminate her consent now to the redevelopment agreement of 2009 to the developer?.what is the remedy to reskind the agreement as individual agreements were not made and registered in 2009 with MHADAand with sub registrar Mumbai in 2009.What is the remedy against the developer ?Can we still approach MHADA/RERA for recovery?what are the consequences if we all 4 legal heirs terminate the redevelopement agreement of 2009?Can we take the force possession through BMC of incomplete building ?and let builder go to the court against us?

Anonymous   07 November 2021 at 12:52

Transaction of immovable property

I have booked a flat in 2017 paid 85% of cost to builder , about to take possession in Dec 2021. I am a central government employee. Prior intimation not given to my office.
If now I give intimation am I violating the rules ?

Ksreddyacs   05 November 2021 at 16:39

Restaurants are charging more than the mrp on water bottels

Dear Seniors and my esteemed professionals,

The restaurant is charged me Rs.49/- on packaged water bottle.. When i required the same they were informed that the use to collect like that only since one year..

I am planning to file a case in district consumer commission about the Higher charges on the water bottles.

Anonymous   03 November 2021 at 19:00

Judge and opposition lawyer forcing us for compromise

A high court judge and opposition lawyer who was a general secretary of bar association are forcing us to compromise in a case where the factual evidence is in our favour and their illegal and fraudulently obtained documents about to expose in the case.they are harassing us.what to do.?

at your mercy   02 November 2021 at 17:11

Housing society

The housing society consists of 177 members and was registered in 1992 in Madurai Tamilnadu. Unfortunately the renewal wasn't done for many years.There have been issues between groups.Now one of them allegedly bribed and got new registration with his house as office.only 2 words were changed and registered.The registrar without application of mind and field inspection allowed new registration. But the present management is actually running office and the entire business of the society.It is really a mockery to register new society with 7 persons signed.
Please advise soution

shyam lal   31 October 2021 at 08:22

Second marriage

Query...what legal action should the
First married wife take. to file a complaint against second wife for marrying her husband with out he giving her a legal divorce

Deep Chowdhury   29 October 2021 at 23:12

Flipkart is not replacing my product

Flipkart is not allowing a replacement product and continuously wasting times
I have placed replacement request for Hindware water purifier on 9th Oct & they have rejected it & re-initiated on 28th Oct all over again for wasting time
Already raised the issue at central Consumer Forum but they are as usual not taken any action

So, how to headed for consumer court at Kolkata? What is the procedure for it, cost and can it be done online? Pls share thorough details

K PALANIVEL   29 October 2021 at 17:10

Central govt standing counsel opinion

Against the Sub-Court's judgement in Tamilnadu in a Land Acquisition Case, The Central Govt Standing Counsel has opined to a Government Department that it is not a fit case for appeal.

Whether can we overlook the opinion given by Central Govt Standing Counsel.

Kindly clarify.

Xabat   28 October 2021 at 17:24

Error in e-stamp consideration amount

The parties involved in this Conveyance deed is DDA and my mother. My parents had an e-stamp made in Nov 2015, for Art 23/Conveyance, for our DDA property. There is a typo in the Consideration price, where instead of 31 Lakhs a zero was added -> 3.1 Cr. Everything else in the E-Stamp is accurate. The stamp duty paid was 1.24 Lakhs. Will we have to create an e-stamp again with the same amount? sad No one noticed this error until just recently when we went to the DDA office for the conversion of the flat from leasehold to freehold. Now the officer there said that he'll let me know in a week if anything can be done about this. Is it possible to rectify this error? If yes, how to approach it. I have tried to google on how to rectify this, and everything pointed towards a rectification deed, but im not entirely sure. Kindly help guide me in the right direction if rectification is at all possible, considering the stamp was executed 6 years ago. Thanks in advance.


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