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Garima Wadhwa   14 May 2022 at 10:53

Hold on releiving letter and salary


I was working in some pvt sector bank and got releived on 18.04.2022 after serving notice period of 90 days. There was some vigilance case going on since 21.03.2022 against two employees in which I am the witness. But now bank has put my releiving and salary on hold stating case is still going on and also they are trying to put blame on me and threatening to me that we will change your releiving to termination.

Please suggest what should I do?

Santosh Karogal   13 May 2022 at 21:46

Credit card fraud.

On 12-5-2022 at 2.30 Pm, someone called me and said that she was from SBI
and told me that I have redeemed point and asked for my credit cards information
like credit card number and OTP and I had given it to her. and she said that I
would get amazon voucher after 24 hours but when I saw my credit card
account details then I found that total Rs. 133350.84 has been debited from
my credit card. then I realize that that was a fraud call. so after within 3 hours I
immediately went to a cyber cell and went to my local police station. they filed
my complaint. what I will do now.

Anonymous   12 May 2022 at 08:47

Profit sharing and no liability of loss

An investor has invested in the business and I am supposed to run/manage the show. I will not be paid any salary but will have a fixed percent of share in the profits.I will have no liability of the losses. Is this kind of partnership valid?

Vadivel Murugan K   11 May 2022 at 18:20

Faulty supply of lithium battery for resale by an assembler

We started a small set up for resale of EV (Electric Vehicles) 2 wheeler in Trichy, Tamilnadu by purchasing from an assembler of EV based at Noida.

When we bought vehicles, the assembler assured mileage of 60 kms with a single charge of 48 V 30 Ah lithium ion battery (with a sticker on top of the battery). On reselling the same we found that vehicles are giving only 40 kms mileage and subsequently we requested the assembler to exchange with new ones.
He is not agreeing for the same. we were cheated by the assembler. we are at huge loss.

kindly suggest in this regard to get the compensation.

Anonymous   11 May 2022 at 00:55

Pay enhancement

I have been appointed in contractual service for three years but scheme relinked within a year now rendering the same for 8 years! Is there any provision for Enhencement of salary!

Tarun Sheth   08 May 2022 at 11:08

Non payment of rent by consulate.

Dear Sir

I had rented my commercial property to Egyptian consulate in the year 2002, and everything was going well. But last few year they stoped paying nor they gave notice of vacating.

After lots of persuasion they called me for a meeting and informed me that they are vacating the premise from March 2021 and will pay up dues until than including the interest as per my last statement but requested me to give some concessions.

I agreed and we both agreed the amount of final payment which was given to me in writing where we both signed that letter too.

I informed them to transfer the payment in 1st week of April 2021 as they are officially in vacating in the March 2021.

But when they paid the amount in my bank directly, they paid far less than what was agreed upon.

I objected and told them that since u have violated the term in our understanding, you are now liable to pay the full amount as per my statement.

Now they are not responding nor paying. I would like to know what can I do to recover dues to me?

One may write me on my email and oblige. Can meet if required too.

Tarun Sheth

ASHOK KUMAR   04 May 2022 at 14:00

Solution for protecting our property by miscreants

We gave an ancestral property in our home town. Since we are not staying there, some miscreants has been causing us unending trouble by filling false cases of ownership with an intention of extorting money.
These people has lost cases at the Dist courts and HC and also at the RDO levels. Even a complaint by them to the land grab cell has failed as the they have declared the property owners are my ancestors.
Because of the constant threat to grab or to extort money we have filed a suit for permanant injunction and after hearing both sides have obtained a permanant injunction.
In spite of loosing all the cases they are creating nuisance by writing to the sub registrar not to register our partition deed among the Heirs, using cooked up documents.
Can we file a criminal case against these miscreants. Can experts from this forum suggest any other solution to the problems faced by us.
Thanking all in advance for any help or advise in this matter.
Ashok Kumar

VENUGOPAL   28 April 2022 at 10:00

Car parking shed infront of my home

Sir / Madam,

I would like to construct car parking shed in front of my house compound wall. My colony comes under municipality and having 30 feet road. We have started work, but suddenly municipality person came and told that we should not construct car parking shed. We told him that so many car parking sheds are in our colony, then why are you restricting us. But he is not accepting.

Please advise, is it legally offence or not and also suggest for further action on this.

Anonymous   22 April 2022 at 23:40

No power at my home eb related issue

We have 1,16 acres of forefathers land me and my brother partition the land equally by laying 30 feet road between both of our land and we layed eb lamps in that 30 feet road, where my brother rented his vacant land to lorry parking yard where one traffic police person running lorry business on his wife name and he taken land for rent for his lorry parking now the issue is he damage the lamp pole within the 30 feet road around 5 pm in 22 April 2022 because of that the eb person disconnected the entire line now I am alone with out power when I requested the wireman he simply spoke rudly " For single house we can't install the eb pole" We will do it by tomorrow this make me more irritation and i called to AE (tneb) he blabbered something. Now my issue issue to whom should I have to take action either against EB person of not doing their work or against the person who did the accident for EB pole damage.

Please throw a light on the same.

Note: 30 feet road is a private road if ours

Nidhin M   22 April 2022 at 01:26

Medical examination

My mother's sister has been staying with us for the past 50 years. She is unmarried and 75 years old. Recently she left our house and started staying with a lady(40 years old) who is completely unrelated to our family. My mother's sister was showing some signs of mental issues before leaving our house. We had many times tried to get her examined by a psychiatrist before she left our house but she was not ready to co-operate with us. She was taking some anti-depressant medicine before leaving our house.

We believe that she is suffering from some mental illness that is the reason she left our house. The lady with whom she is living is now interested in grabbing land in her name and she will definitely leave my mother's sister to the streets after grabbing her properties. This lady is not allowing us to see our aunty.

Could you please help us to understand whom should we approach to get her examined by a psychiatrist and give her the proper required treatment.


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