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Anantharaman Iyer   15 September 2023 at 11:53

Sale of old house property

I am having a Tenament in a co-op housing society. I am intending to sell the property. The purchaser has availed a housing loan from a financial institution. I have provided all the documents to the intending purchaser except Allotment letter of society. He says bank is insisting for Allotment letter and certificate showing my bona fide from the Society for disbursement of the loan. I have submitted possession letter of 1988 and share certificate to the bank. Kindly inform me the legal solution.

Rupen-Doshi   15 September 2023 at 10:22

Cooperative society

I have received the flat through nomination from my father. Can I nominate someone?

Anonymous   14 September 2023 at 22:08

Housing society wrong charges

I am a member of a housing society in mumbai, The society has included tenancy charges, water1 & water2 charges, and Non occupancy charges which are 10% of maintenance bill.(it should be 10% of the service charge component of the maintenance charges). I pointed this out to the society managing committee, and have written to them number of times, but they refuse to correct the bills. Instead, they are charging delayed payment interest on the bill.
They even refuse to provide a copy of the byelaws or resolutions passed.
what is the remedy

Rupen-Doshi   14 September 2023 at 15:54

Cooperative society

Is it legal for the cooperative society to put the nominees name on the society name board, once the flat is transferred to the nominee?

Anonymous   13 September 2023 at 15:46

Transfer of land&building to society

I have filed WRIT petition for perjury in bombay high court in person against a builder on 30/7/2023
Builder Mr Kishor chheda has submitted a Indenture of assignment signed by him in the year 2005 to Bombay municipality requesting to transfer land & building to society but till date L&B has not been transfered to society
to the indenture of assignment a builder has put THIRD SCHEDULE in indenture which reads as


1- Entrance with lobby on stilt/ground floor
2- staircases with landings from stilt to ground floor up to the 11th floor
3-lobbies of stilt/ground floors onwards up to 6th floors
4-compound open to sky but excluding open parking place
1-Staircases from stilt/ground floor towards basement would be exclusively used by owners /occupants of basement floors premises
2-Lobbies of 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th floors would be exclusively used by owners /occupants of respective premises
3-Staircase with landings from from 9th floor owners up to top terrace floors level would be exclusively used by owners /occupants of 10th 11th and terrace floor premises
4-Exclusive rights in respect of the terrace on 11th floor level and 12th floor level have been allotted /given to the purchaser/allottee of flat no 1101 and 1005 in the same building respectively
5-Exclusive rights in respect of entire basement floor have been allotted /given to Mr kishor Chheda purchaser /allotee of flat no 1004
6- out of the three lifts one lift shown on the floor plan annexed hereto with blue color wash thereon is exclusively reserved and used by Mr Kishor chheda and his family member’s the owners and occupants of 10th and 11th floor and their successor associates and all expenses of lift will be born by 10th and 11th floors ie Mr Kishor Chheda
The Bombay municipality has not taken on record this indenture as per the letter received under RTI Act but the builder has made a false statement in the lower court that he has transfered L&B to society
I have stated in the court that as per the THIRD VSCHEDULE builder has sold illigalli land /staircase lobbies etc to the members of the 7th to 12 th floors who are his relatives and business friends so BMC kas not taken this indenture on their record and hence my contention is that builder has commited a perjury in laower court
Please advise me the exact meaning of the THIRD SCHEDULE AS ABOVE

Anonymous   13 September 2023 at 12:57

Regarding issuing life certificate

Can a central government gazetted officer issue life certificate for husband?

AADESH NIKAM   11 September 2023 at 22:52

Regarding the parallel reservation.

Hello sir
I'm a orphan candidate and we have 1 percent parallel reservation in Maharashtra.

I was selected in 'waiting list' in Pune municipal corporation job. The guy which was selected in main list from orphan category got selected in an other higher rank job so he didn't even joined in the Pune municipal corporation job where I'm selected in waiting list.

When waiting list was declared, they filled all the other 20 seats but left the 1 orphan seat vacant.

when we enquire the dy. Commissioner about it he told us that, You have parallel reservation and hence you got selected in your category viz open,sc ,st etc hence the guy which was selected from main list of orphans was of nomadic tribes i.e nt. category and you are from open category (though we both are orphan but we got selected in our category) hence we can't select a open guy in place of nt. hence it your seat has kept vacant.

Can you suggest me anything regarding this?

Anonymous   08 September 2023 at 16:16

Non practising advocate scope

Due to employed in accounting job, by informing bar council enrolled as non practising advocate in 2014. As per rules i am not participating in bar election & not represent in any court or legal authority. Now i working with a builder firm as a employee. My query is that can i use "Advocate" word adding before my name and can i sign on a document as a advocate identifier for various document executants before sub-registrar or notary. Can i sign any property title report or public notice for newspaper. Thanks.

vinay singh   06 September 2023 at 21:15

Writ prayer amendment

Eight petitioners filed writs in the high court; now, four petitioners want to change the modification to the prayer; what are their options?

Anonymous   05 September 2023 at 15:52

Baseball bat in car

is it ok to carry a baseball bat for self defense in car or is it a crime?