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William Correia   26 February 2023 at 16:07

Want to change mobile number, from bar council

I want to change my mobile number, which was previously registered in in registration form

Anonymous   13 February 2023 at 22:08

To obtain occupancy certificate

In my society there 4 tower , out of which 2 have got oc & 3 tower has got part oc & 4th tower which is 2 floor structure has no oc which belong to me . 4th tower is attached to 3 rd tower. The society has got the deemed convayance. The builders architect has resigned from the project & i am not the member of the society.I had approached the builder for the oc , but he says ,as the architect has resigned & the society has taken the deemed convayance, he will not do anything.I dont want to go to society as there are conflicts between us. So i need to know how can i get the oc without involving the society & builder architect

Sanjay Parmar   07 January 2023 at 13:17

Did you trade with acst and bsq ?

i traded with ACST and BSQ with D the amount traded is 4.50lakh and profit is 252000USDT but can not withdrawal because they are asking for 20% commission. But also sarah Asst told me that if I pay only 5000USDT then one will help but after paying that too I did not get withdrawal. Life is going in a lot of tension, so I contacted an expert on telgram :Rykabalan who helped me recover my money back and give me safe guard to trade .

Keshav E   01 November 2022 at 13:36

Carrying alcohol from madurai to munnar

Hi experts,
Is it legal for me to carry alcohol from madurai to Kerala via road? If not is there any other alternative way to carry alcohol?

Thanks and regards

Anonymous   31 October 2022 at 22:53

Work visa and case pending

My query is:

I was on J2 visa from feb 2018 to Aug 2020. I came back to India with my spouse who was on J1 on 31 Aug 2020. Both of ours I94 record has the same departure date 30 aug 2020 from washington dc.
My query is after coming from USA as we both were subjected to 212 e rule we have to stay in out home country for 2 years and then only one can go back to US. So i have been again offered J1 visa and i need to show proof that i and my spouse have been India for past 2 years. After coming from US, we got separated and I have filed complaint and cases against him or the tortures also he is not cooperating in giving any documents to me.
So, I have my documents like the last stamp in my passport is artived newdelhi on 31 aug 2020 , I94 record, ITR filed for 2 years

For spouse, I only have his i94 record and he os not giving any docuemnts to me.

Now what should I write in my marital status as I am married and living separtely but not legally or judicary separated but have filed cases on my husband and I am attending hearings but he is not attending hearings too. Also, If I write married then they will ask me to give proofs of him too that he too has completed 2 year residency rule. And if I write separated I need to hive affidavit saying we r living separate and have complaint and cases filed against him.

Will bringing this complaint and case thing in application complicate the case
What should I do?

Anonymous   18 October 2022 at 17:58

Meaning of a statement

Hlo sir,
(This is about HUDA Double allotment & below is the list issued by HSVP who are not taken in final list of allotees who are wrongly involved in double allotment.)

I don't understand the meaning of the heading written below:


Eg. In 1st column- Allotee name (***) In last column- Plot status (ALLOT) is written.
Is allotment letter has been issued or not to this allotee. As in above line where "ALLOTMENT LETTER HAS NOT BEEN ISSUED IS NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT."
This line I don't understood...

Kindly help!

K PALANIVEL   07 October 2022 at 17:40

Max age limit for contract workers in an industry

Recently, Government of Telengana has introduced a rule regarding the maximum age limit for unskilled workers engaging in a contract shall be maximum of 50. Therefore, those who have crossed the age of 50, shall not permitted in a factory or industry.

Sir, what about Government of Tamilnadu rule says. kindly mention the copy of Tamilnadu Government order on the above subject.

Anonymous   02 September 2022 at 14:11

Loan recovery after death of the borrower

If the borrower dies due to some medical/ other reasons, then will the family be responsible to repay the amount? Can anybody with expertise in this field provide contact details for discussion and proper advise.

Anonymous   31 August 2022 at 00:23

Parents joint account & recovery of children's loan?

For the recovery of loan taken by children, after the demise of any one parent, could the creditor bank freeze either or survivor joint account of parents under Hindu Succession Act?

jobstervijay   28 July 2022 at 04:36

Lawyer sending unauthorized notice

there are 2 instances but in both lawyer sent unauthorized notice
I manly need to know cpc for sending notice, do they need authority letter /consent letter and how to report such mal practice

1) recently copyright notice was sent to one publisher on behalf of another, accuser denies sending such notice in call but not giving in writing, when asked lawyer he said he sent notice on behalf of another lawyer ,another lawyer is found to frnd of accuser

2) when one person was selling flat paper notice was published on behalf of his wife ,but wife not accepting/denying such notice ( her being adamant is one of reason divorce case pending )

where to approch to force lawyer to prove authority
plz note,wordis force

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