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Anonymous   28 February 2024 at 08:03

Foreclosure charges

I want to know whether a settlement by an insurance company in case of totalled car to the financing institution comes under prepayment category or not and can the institution levy charges for that or not. Thank you for your responses in advance

Yash Burad   27 February 2024 at 17:58

Preclosure charges on total loss car

I purchased a car on Nov 10 2023, on Dec 5 2023 due to floods it was completely drowned and was declared a total loss. Upon informing the bank I was asked to close the loan and go for a new loan if I want to buy a new car. I asked them to get the new car hypothecated with the same loan but they denied it and asked to close the loan. Now when the insurance company is paying, they are also demanding 5.21% as foreclosure charge. I also mentioned them that I have taken a new loan for the same amount from them (Kotak Prime) but still they are asking me to pay additional charge (5.21% + taxes, around 1.5 lakhs).
I have raised this in Ombudsman but Kotak Prime is replying the same even after that.

If anyone could help me with this I would be very grateful and thanks in advance

Keshav E   01 November 2022 at 13:36

Carrying alcohol from madurai to munnar

Hi experts,
Is it legal for me to carry alcohol from madurai to Kerala via road? If not is there any other alternative way to carry alcohol?

Thanks and regards

jobstervijay   28 July 2022 at 04:36

Lawyer sending unauthorized notice

there are 2 instances but in both lawyer sent unauthorized notice
I manly need to know cpc for sending notice, do they need authority letter /consent letter and how to report such mal practice

1) recently copyright notice was sent to one publisher on behalf of another, accuser denies sending such notice in call but not giving in writing, when asked lawyer he said he sent notice on behalf of another lawyer ,another lawyer is found to frnd of accuser

2) when one person was selling flat paper notice was published on behalf of his wife ,but wife not accepting/denying such notice ( her being adamant is one of reason divorce case pending )

where to approch to force lawyer to prove authority
plz note,wordis force

BALKAR SINGH   23 July 2022 at 18:28

Pay protection to ex-servicemen in cooperative banks

Sir what is the policy on pay fixation of Ex-Servicemen reemployed in Cooperative Bank. Is there any pay protection for Ex-Servicemen or not.

IRSHAD ANSARI 8354   15 July 2022 at 20:59

174 mv act

मोटर एक्सीडेंट क्लेम में वाहन के स्वामी के खिलाफ आर्डर पास हुआ है।रिकवरी सर्टिफिकेट कोर्ट द्वारा जारी हुआ।कलेक्टर के यहां से यह जवाब आया कि वाहन स्वामी की मृत्यु हो गयी है।वाहन स्वामी के नाम से जमीन है।क्या कोर्ट जमीन को कुर्क करने का आदेश दे सकती है।कोई रूलिंग है।

Anonymous   08 July 2022 at 18:02

Leave & licence agreement

Dear Sir, I had given out my flat in lower parel on rent from March 2021. My tenant had insisted for 2 years lock in which is in force till March 2023. The agreement is registered. Suddenly on 6th July i got a call from my tenant that he is vacating the flat and giving the key to an agent. I was shocked. I said you can vacate like that. I will let you go once I get a new tenant. Why should i suffer the losses. Then he started threatening me saying I will not pay rent and I will not give possession of your flat. Do whatever you want. I will put your flat on airbnb, I will make your life hell. So I called my lawyer. He had advised me register a complaint in police. I gave a letter to police. In the meantime my tenant went to police and handed over my flat key to a constable and sent me a SMS stating

Janhavi Sadanand Mantri
This is to let you know that I have legally given up the possession of the rented property at C-203 Neelganga apartment. The Key (same one which you gave me in March 2022) was returned to Hawaldar Shinde from NM Joshi Marg Police Station. He has a paper with your name and mobile number along with the house key. I have also spoken with senior Police officer about the handover of possession of the property. I have paid latest electricity and gas bill this week itself which you could check online. Also I have paid rent in advance until 9th of this month plus you have 2 months rent as deposit. I tried my best to negotiate a middle way for you to have no loss atall since I had signed a lock in period of 2 years however you went to Police Station with a civil matter. Hence forth if you would like to communicate then please coordinate through courts as I do not wish to communicate with you anymore.
-Azim Khatib
7th July 2022

Now I don’t know what to do. Please guide.

Thank you,

Janhavi Mantri

Anonymous   21 April 2022 at 16:13

False cheque notice

we received a false cheque notice , the cheque was bounced and after receiving the intimation of the same, we after 16 days by way of RTGS made them a payment of cheque amount, they received it and accepted it , and still they have sent us 2 notices, one for under section 138 and second for cancellation of sale deed , against which said cheques were issued, as 138 cannot be applicable to us as they received and accepted the payment , now can we file any counter suit on him for sending wrong notice like defamation or any civil or criminal suit.
Kindly guide .

Anonymous   03 April 2022 at 15:08

Red stamp

Mene property purchase ki he meri sell deed paper pe red stam lagi hui he sdm se notice bhi aya he me ye janna chata hu ki ab hum kya kare jis se ye sab solved ho jae

konidena adv subrahmanyam   08 December 2021 at 12:18

Fcra act, rules, notifications

Respected sirs
I have two quieries it mandatory to appoint mva hr under fcra, if so under what section, rule or notification
2. Is it mandatary to appoint purchase committee under fcra to finalise purchase contracts enter the same in minutes books. If so under what section, rule or notification
Kindly advice
Adv K. V. Subramanyam