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Anonymous   27 September 2022 at 22:01

Misuse fund by committee

dear sir / madam

my name is shailesh from mumbai , in our society , committee plan for self development in 2018 , that time society other member ask for status of CRZ but committee member and appointed PMC convince that our society small part come under CRZ and that not effect to our project , so all member given permission for self development but now in 2021 PMC got offer letter from mhada , and mentioned in that total more than 60% of part under buffer zone , for this PMC and committed did expenses of RS 600000 and given offer letter that is no use ,
i have doubt on chairman/secretory for i ask/follow for minutes copy but they not given , when after two reminder committee not help me so file complaint against society to registrar there also submit request letter and explain everything but i think committee manage to sub registrar also and now that mhada sub registrar not ready to listen on my topic and he verbly told me to go consumer court , we dont have authority to take action on society
please suggest me

Sadhna   21 September 2022 at 21:31

Regarding dpc

Who can review the interview marks awarded to a candidate during the DPC. Can the Company Board review the interview given by the DPC. Alternatively, Can the Company Board review the results of DPC.

Krishnaiah Krishnsiah   08 September 2022 at 08:20

Rectification of name on the share certificate

Dear learned experts,
I applied shares in a company in the name as R R Sudhaker but certificate came as R D Sudhaker and how it can be rectified as the same is not accepting for transfer?
I request you that, if it is convenient for you, send the detail procedure ?
Thanq in advance

Narendra   02 September 2022 at 18:10

Cgtmse loan

Sir , after completion of my graduation I started a manufacturing unit by taking cgtmse loan of 12 lac in 2019 . But due to covid 19 and lockdown amount was spent in labour wages , electricity charges, premises rent etc . Now Currently I have no money to pay . My OD account will become NPA after 30 days . What are further processing? I have strong intention to repay bank as soon as possible but currently have no money. Shall I go jail or there is any auction of rental property ? Please advise

Anonymous   31 August 2022 at 10:01

Pre closure of personal loan

There is a personal loan with a private bank of 12 months term. 4 installments have been paid without any break. I need to pre close it so that there is no financial debt and may be avail finance for business from another bank. I am willing to pay all the remaining EMIs with preclosure penalties if any. But the bank is not permitting it. There is a clause in the loan agreement that the loan cannot be prrclosed. But this looks against natural justice as I am willing to pay all the dues and penalty if any. The liability of a borrower must be to repay with all interest even to the extent of full term. Are there any RBI norms governing this. What is the way out to preclose the loan. Thanks for any good advice

Anonymous   20 August 2022 at 20:40

Anyone know??

My client is an Indian company that has entered into a consortium agreement with company B to bid for a Government project in India. The consortium agreement states that my client and company B shall both be jointly and severally liable to the Government for execution of the project. My client will sign this clause with Company B and the Government on the required bid documents but wants to enter into a separate agreement with just Company B, stating that my client will not be responsible for any of the liabilities arising from the project. If anything goes wrong, can the Government still sue my client in spite of the clause exonerating it from liability, that it signed with just Company B?


sonavnayak   12 August 2022 at 14:32

Contempt petition on board time limit

Bombay High Court : I win arbitration interim order in the year 2018 and respondent fail to obey the interim order. Arbitrator after covid grant them again several chances but respondent fail without any valid reason and arbitrator order us to file Contempt petition in Bombay High Court. I file on 01-04-2022, till date case came not on board, how much time it takes to come board. Please help me

Anonymous   23 July 2022 at 12:50

Daily wage staff 6 years for experience certifice

Daily wage staff 6 years for experience certificate

Anonymous   18 July 2022 at 14:07

Need clarification on notice period clause

We have following clause mentioned in offer letter for RSUs or bonus:

"For purposes of this document, Participant's employment or service will be considered terminated as of the date Participant is no longer actively providing services to the Company or its Affiliates Unless otherwise determined by the Company or as set forth in a written agreement between Participant and the Company, Participant's right to vest in the Plan will terminate as of the Termination Date.

The Termination Date will not be extended by any notice period (e.g., Participant's period of service would not include any contractual notice period or any period of "garden leave" or similar period mandated under employment or other laws in the jurisdiction where Participant is employed or otherwise rendering services or the terms of Participant's employment or service agreement or other employment or offer letter (if any)."

Now the confusion is if the employee is getting RSU vested during notice period or about to get bonus during notice period then as per this clause can he get the bonus or will the RSU vest? we are confused with following particular statement:
"Participant's period of service would not include any contractual notice period or any period of "garden leave" or similar period mandated under employment or other laws in the jurisdiction

Now suppose employee is having 2 months notice period and he is supposed to get bonus in 2nd month of notice period what will happen as per the above clause? will he lose the bonus/RUSs? or he will get it as normal?


Anonymous   14 July 2022 at 03:06

Holding company responsibilities.

Our Housing Society in Mumbai negotiated and signed MOU with a Developer (a Pvt Ltd Comoany) for Redevelopment of our Society blogs. At the time of signing the Development Agreement, the Developer wanted the Society to sign the DA with its Wholly owned subsidiary, another Pvt.Ltd. company. Over the years this Wholly owned subsidiary has failed to honor its commitments as per DA like paying Corpus Fund, Compensation for Temporary Alternate Accommodation, Penalty for delayed possession etc. They are also not following certain clauses detrimental to the interests of the Society members. They say they are in financial difficulties. What are the responsibilities of the Holding Company under such circumstances and what action the Society can take against the Holding Company?


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