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Anonymous   14 April 2024 at 01:47

Cheque bounce case

I need a clarification on a cheque bounce case.

I have sent around 15 lakh to my friend for his business purpose by taking a loan on my name . He started paying the emi regularly by sending the emi amount to me for an year. The emi was sent to me by his wife, mother and from his business and personal account. After an year he stopped paying the EMI. He stopped to respond my phone calls and his parents were also refused to pay the emi back.

I have raised a police complaint in our local police station. After the complaint my opponent gave me two cheques of 5 lakhs.

Then he stopped the payment and my both of the cheque got bounced. Now he raised a complaint to the police superiors that the local police inspector and DSP have threatened him to get the cheque from him.
But that is not the truth. As I have done the transaction through netbanking, he was not able to prove he didn’t receive any money from me. So that he gave us the cheque.

Now I have sent the legal notice twice as per the process. I received a reply that he was threatened by police to lend me the cheque. So this will not be under 138 NIA.

Now we have the
1. Bank statement which points the transferred amount of 15 lakhs,
2. Cheque and the return memo
3. Acknowledgment for the notice sent to the opponent.

Now pls let me know if there are any chances that the opponent can prove him as innocent.

And let me know the chances of winning the case.

AMIT KUMAR   06 April 2024 at 19:21

Kindy help

ALREADY POSTED................................

AMIT KUMAR   06 April 2024 at 19:14

Kindy help

My wife does not want to give birth to the child at the age of 38 just because I am into business, not job. Not only that, she does not want to come along with me to chandigarh (me and my parents are planning to settle down in chandigarh. instead, she wants to live alone in 1bhk flat in Delhi only to carry on her job. Furthermore, she does not give respect to my parents and me. She is too much egoistic and never ever contribute financially. I want baby in my life and want her to give respect to me and my parents. What should I do now. Whenever I try to request her to move with us to chandigarh she gets frustrated and call her parents who give threats to me that she is epileptic so do not do this and that with her as she would take tension which could trigger problem. I am in depression what should I do now I do not want to leave my parents and my hometown chandigarh.

ISHAN   03 April 2024 at 10:45

Taken money in tha name of loan

I contacted a person works in Shriram Finance for Loan. He came to My home and told Due to Low cibil Loan from Shriram Fin not Possible but he can make sure that I will get Loan from some Other Company. He Bring a guy with Himself and Told that he is employee of HDFC and taking Gurantee that I will get Loan and for That I have to trasfer 21000INR as login Fee If Not so he will refund all my money. I trasferred amount to Shriram FIn Employee Through Google Pay. They also Told that They will take 5 percent from the loan amount which will go to Seniors.

after Few days they Both called and Told that Seniors asking for 14 percent and they will take it before Disbursment of loan tharough Cheque.
and The company Name is Namdev Fin PVT LTD.

In this process I come to know that The new guy is not from HDFC. and told lies. Now I want my 21000 fee Refund. what should I do? They are agree to refund But they are giving dates to dates.
Where to compalin and what to complain? first Guy is from Shriram Finance. shud I complain to shriram Fin too? Can I complain in Cyber department too on line complain? it was a home loan. in The name of My moner and applicant was my mother in this loan. Kindly Guide.

Thank You

ISHAN   31 March 2024 at 11:45

Bank cheque and law

Respected Lawyers,I have applied for Home loan and NBFC employess asking me for their commision of 6 percent of the loan amountg. They are asking me for Bank Cheque and promising me that they will not use my Cheque and after loan disbursment amount  they will take  Cash from me and will return my cheque. 

 I want to know what i have to do to secure my Cheque if they will willfull try to misuse it? what steps I have to take before giving cheque to them.

Thanks and Regards. 

Chris Hunt   27 March 2024 at 01:58

Police to visit police station

If I raise a complaint to commissioner of police and complaint transferred to local thana. police ask me to visit the police station for statement or details for the compliment. For any reason I am not comfortable to visit police station. Is there any other solution?

Anonymous   24 March 2024 at 22:34

Criminal and civil defamation cases

Issues existed on admin of Apartments Association. High level enemity between 2 persons. The defacto complainant lodged a false complaint on the other person and myself. A FIR was registered on Dec/2018 under ipc 294(b),323 and 506(1). I was arrayed as A2. But Police dropped me in the Chargesheet filed in 2023. Case was under process in judicial court . During the enquiry level the A1 died in Jan 2024.The defacto Complainant had filed a protest petition but did not appear for a hearing and finally it was not pressed by the defacto complainant, The court disposed both the case on A1 and protest petition of the defacto complainat (as he did not press) in March 2024.
Now may I file both criminal and civil suit for defamation?
If so, may I have to serve legal notice first and then in court?. May I file defamation cases in High Court directly? please guide me

4WhatIsRight   24 March 2024 at 08:10

Illegal occupation of building's common motor room

A standalone 3 storeyed building with 2 flats on each floor.
There is a big motor pump room as common facility area, all owners have the key.
The motor pump room has been recently illegally taken over by one of the flat owner and he is using it as his personal servant quarter.
He has changed the locks.
What legal recourse do we have as flat owners, with right over common area facility?

Anonymous   23 March 2024 at 14:50

Crpc 107/116

I am a resident of a Co- op hsg soc in west bengal, the society had taken resolution to expel me from the housing society, my relations with the governing body is strained especially with secretary. In 2019 he managed to file CrPc 107 which was dropped, again on 23.02.2024, I received summons u/s 107 / 116 (3). Is the Secretary, not on individual basis, have liberty to process CrCp 107.

Guru   22 March 2024 at 19:51

Consumer court - agreement

dear sir , I gave yields of my coconut trees plantation of 2 hector with agreement ( stamp paper ) to one person for the year 2022 to 2023 . That person should pay us 160000 rupees . And in agreement we have mentioned that payment must be to my bank account and we have mentioned bank account number also . But he paid only 60000rs . Does this case can be filled to consumed court ? notice also sent for the same in July month 2023 , he has recieved it . please suggest sir . thank you