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Anonymous   26 November 2022 at 19:05

65b certificate - evidence act






Anonymous   23 November 2022 at 13:04

Evidence in dowry and domestic violence case

My very near relative was married 8 years ago when her husband and her mother in law demanded dowry, money and jewelry in the name of customs/Conventions and gifts. Due to unlawful demands of Dowry, jewelry and money not being fulfilled/met, ,her husband and her mother in Law subjected her to huge mental torture, humiliation, insults, and emotional abuse and tried to prove her mentally sick. and thus were successful in shunting her out of her matrimonial home only after 7 months of marriage and In spite of her umpteen requests, was not been allowed to enter her matrimonial house. She has been a burden on her parents for the last about 7 years. She did FIR against her husband and mother in law and the FIR CASE is pending in metropolitan magistrate’s court,

The metropolitan magistrate’s court, some time back in its order has mentioned that

…there exists prima facie case against the accused persons for the commission of offence
punishable under section 498A/34 IPC for causing cruelty to the complainant as well as
for misappropriation of dowry articles,stridhan and jewellery of the complainant under
section 406/34 IPC..

Now, her evidence is to be done in 3 days but public prosecutor is too busy to guide her about the Evidence and they are too poor to engage a lawyer for the purpose.
She has several recorded Mobiles Calls/E-mail messages/speed posts, as an EVIDENCE to prove her points mentioned in her Complaint to CAW CELL but does not have mobile and Computer in which such calls were recorded and e-mails were received.

Please advise”

1 whether she can submit her evidence IN WRITING on the date of evidence?

2. How she can submit copies of e-mails in her evidence to prove her case of domestic violence .

3, How she can submit details of dowry items in her evidence to prove her case.

4, What else she should do for evidence so that she can prove her case.

Member (Account Deleted)   17 November 2022 at 00:34

Public alcohol consumption.

I was 18 when i get caught drinking alcohol in a public place by delhi Police and they took my phone confiscated it. I was taken to court to pay my fine of 500 ₹. I was very young i didn't know anything at that time but now iam more focused and iam preparing for ssc cgl exams.
Iam very scared i want to know that will i ever get a government job, will my past affect my career? Please someone help.

tej   15 November 2022 at 22:10

Police avoiding to comply directions under section 91

complying.police has filed final report for c sumary by supressing vital evidences against the accused and opinion adverse to opinion of Legal cell
On application of informant
Hon'ble Court has passed order directing investigation officers, to produce supressed documents and report of legal cell,PP to C.P.but they are not producing the same.what steps are available to informant

Chiranjib Mukherjee   15 November 2022 at 08:52

Case and counter case

case and counter case are not tried together and during cross examination prosecution witnesses have admitted that one case has already been registered in police station against them for assaulting one of the accused on the same date at same place prior to the present case and there is no other independent witness. Now what would be result of the present case? please refer judgement in this context.

ANKUSH SAHA   13 November 2022 at 10:47

A gay boy is disturbing me

In my tution batch a junior boy had crush on me. He started to like me. He approached me for a relationship in 2018, which I denied, then after 6 months he started to falsely allege that i have destroyed his life, I have kissed him and all ( but i never went on a date), saying if I suicide who will be responsible ". He also started to convince my friend that please make me understand to be in a relationship with him.

After few years in 2022 he came to my house to convince me but my mother has warned him of police so he got feared and went away. Out of fear he approached the police station and said that " I have roamed with him and also ate egg roll with him, but in reality I just went to a batch picnic where he was also present, and he said he want to give a birthday party and offered 3 friends of mine to eat egg roll so I ate it, police called me and i have described the full matter and police officer said that they have adviced him that it is my choice not to be in a relationship, and i also said the officer that he often uses my pic and post it on wp. Which the officer said he will not do.

Now he is claiming that i have said him that if he become a transgender women and then I will marry but i never said such he is going sex change operation

Do I need to worry at all, about the matter apart from eating only a egg roll I did not have any communication with him. Can he falsely register a case against me?. Like (420 Or not

What should I do legally to be in safe hands?

Anonymous   12 November 2022 at 16:47

Direction given during trial, in force after case disposal?


During the trial of a criminal case, the court had given a direction to jail authorities to ensure proper medical aid, as and when needed, to the applicant (the accused).

This direction was a part of the daily order of the court from that date.

After the completion of the trial, is the aforesaid direction still in force?

Sorry for being anonymous but it is important.

Guru   12 November 2022 at 14:43

Ipc sections to be fill under this cases .

dear sir , I have to fill the complaint against contractor .

contractor threating me about not to fill the case in court for using low quality construction material for home construction and heavy leakage from RCC along with sewapge all along the walls through out the home .

20% of work not completed though he had collected all money from us upon pressure . my mother 62 yeard old went to constrcut home in his old age to be settle but this contactor has been cheated us in all the way .

he has bought the wood himself for the front door without our selction and it is second quality door . I'm asking GST bill for that , but he keeps threating me for all .

he has done bit manhandling to me in my home , 4 days ago

so please let me know sir what are the IPC sections I need to mention in the police complaint f for this sever threating . thank you .

Anonymous   11 November 2022 at 16:24

Witness in mahe

What is the definition of LW1

Anonymous   11 November 2022 at 07:00

Performance appraisal reports

My performance appraisal report were replaced with a new set of documents 15 years back to deny me promotion. I have obtained fresh evidence that my reports were replaced. The evidence contains ratings given to me by reporting, reviewing and countersigning officer, prior to replacing them. The above officers involved in rewriting and replacing my reports have retired from services. Can I file an FIR with fresh evidence against the above officers.

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