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MOHAMMED AHMED   04 June 2023 at 17:01

Cheque bounce

Mr X has to pay me 4 lakhs rupees for which he was dilly dallying. I made a police complaint and on the day when X was brought to the Police station I was not in town and I send my brother to the station. X issues four cheques in the name of my brother and it got bounced. Please guide me how to file a case or issue notice

Vasanth MS   04 June 2023 at 16:49

Sec 417 420

Had a relationship with a lady. She filed a case saying I have obtained some amount during the relationship time. But I never got any amount. My lawyer said there is no such evidence as she is from poor family, no background to have such huge money to give me and she is well educated and worked as share holder in private company. But judge said how can we expect evidence when both were in relationship, she might given by trust anyhow and no need proof and evidence on such cases.
I don't know how can I prove that i never got money from her (actually never got) and would like to know really no need proof for petitioner for such cases to win her side? Is there any section to save me? please help me mention the section numbers if any.


Anonymous   03 June 2023 at 13:18

Petition number search

Please advise me petition number

mani vel   02 June 2023 at 19:16

Cheque bounce criminal case complainant expired

Dear Experts,

My father passed away on April 2023 where he is a complainant in a Criminal Case for cheque bounce. As a legal heir, If I want to proceed the case further with my lawyer (say Mr.X), Should I get NOC from my Father's lawyer (Say Mr.Y) ? or If I want to continue the case with the existing lawyer Mr.Y, Am I need to sign POA / Vakkalat once again ?

Anonymous   30 May 2023 at 00:51

Criminal case against advocate.

Sir I engaged an advocate for legal advice for land which I want to purchased. Lawyer gave me non encumbrance certificate telling that the land I want to purchase is free from all encumbrance and of clear title.
On believing on his report I entered into registered agreement to sell with that party.
Here it is important to mention that agreement of sell was drafted and executed by this advocate only.
Before due date of agreement I gave balance money to party and he executed sale deed.
Again here it is important to mention here that saledeed was also drafted by my same advocate to whom I engaged and paid fees.
Now when I move my application for mutation it was rejected because the person from whom I first entered agreement to sell and after saledeed that person already sold land to someone else even before my agreement.
When I contacted lawyer who made report and agreement to sell and than sale deed he told that he didn't inspected the books of revenue office.
Being aggrieved I filed police complaint against person from whom I purchased land and also against lawyer who continously first on legal report than on agreement and than on saledeed deceived me.
But police filed chargesheet against seller and fr in favor of advocate.
I filled protest application against lawyer in court but lower court reject it.
Than I filed revision in district court the same Also rejected on ground that no criminal case against lawyer.
In my case there is full involvement of lawyer. May be not at beginning but when he knew that he didn't inspected paper why did he induced me in agreement and after that also he can save my money stopping me to not to give balance money and he drafted and executed in saledeed.
All citation are telling no criminal case against lawyer.
My all hard earned money finished.
Shall I proceed high court or not.
Pls advice

Lokesh D   24 May 2023 at 23:50

Interim order-stay of proceedings, quash

Hight Court of Karnataka Daily Order:

Heard the learned counsel for petitioner.
Issue emergent notice to respondent No.2, returnable by 20.06.2023.
The petition calls in question the proceedings in C.C.No.XXXX/XXXX, pending before the XXIX Additional Metropolitan Magistrate, Bengaluru.
A perusal at the complaint or the summary of the charge sheet would clearly indicate that there is no allegation against the father in-law and the mother in-law, who are admittedly living separate are made, while sprinkling allegations are made against other accused.
Therefore, there shall be an interim order of stay of the proceedings in C.C.No.XXXX/XXXX, qua petitioner Nos.1 and 2 – father in-law and mother in-law.
Insofar as petitioner No.3 - brother in-law is considered, the same would be considered on the appearance of the respondent No.2.
Accordingly, I.A.No.1/2022 is allowed in-part.
List the matter on 20.06.2023.

In the above order, Emergent Notice will be issued by whom?

Manoj Gupta   22 May 2023 at 19:36

Complaint to vigilance department

I am an employee of a Govt Institution. I suspected couple of my colleagues of indulging in malpractices like bribery.
I intimated the same to my Vigilance department. Now these two people have come to know about me and threatening of criminal defamation.
Does my act amounts to defamation without much proof?

Sachin Kumar   21 May 2023 at 20:27

Fake complaint of eve teasing

Three days before , Youth (major in age) caught on camera had beaten security guard when guard told him to do entry in register, the mother of youth had given fake complaint of eve teasing against RWA President.
The medical of security guard is done.
Now Youth mother is saying to RWA president: when you will take complaint back against my son then I will also withdraw complaint of eve teasing.
Police is also favouring youth and his mother.
What legal remedies are available for RWA president ?

Anonymous   21 May 2023 at 14:03

False implication

What if someone is falsely implicated under the Atrocities Act. Its a case of personal enemosity & revenge. FIR is done...no proper investigation done, chargesheet about to be filed.

BHARTI KOTHARI   19 May 2023 at 16:38

Negotiable instrument act

That accused No.1 has taken loan from bank and accused No.2 &3 were gurantoor. the bank has obtained blank cheque from accused no.1. the accused No.1 expired and therefore emi were defaulted and the bank deposited the cheque which were bounced and therefore 138 complaint was filled against all 3 person i.e. signatory to cheque as well against gurantoor. in my opinion the complaint is not maintainable against accused No.2 & 3. please advice how to proceed

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