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Anonymous   01 May 2024 at 09:59

Doctor certificate for mental fitness

Bedridden person is too old to sign. Thumb impression obtained by holding hand. Difficulty in speech. Mental fitness certificate to be obtained. Can doctors holding DAM degree or BAM Degree issue mental fitness certificate? Is there any rule that minimum qualification to give such certificate is MBBS?

Anonymous   29 April 2024 at 00:43

Associated member in chsl

An old person who is the member of CHSL in Mumbai is bedridden. Society Secretary, Treasurer and one committee member personally visited the place and witnessed that she seems to be not in her senses and not able to move on the bed without support and not even able to speak. However, to the best of our knowledge only doctor should examine her and give the medical report saying she is mentally fit. society needs advise before admitting the family member as associated member. We do not like to be harsh and like to help the member. Just pulling the hand and taking the Thumb Impression does that hold valid when the member does not know the contents of the letter and/or form. What is the solution to this. We feel pity and definitely feel this matter to be handled sympathetically but do not like to go against the law of the land hence this query to you.

Idris Shaikh   22 April 2024 at 09:08

Eligibility for housing societies

I have 3 children's, two of which were born in 1995/1999 respectively, and my third child was born in the year 2007, so i can still contest for housing society election's

surya prakash   21 April 2024 at 19:33

Bike theft in parking premises

hi.. I am a parking contractor with Indian railway, recently a bike was stolen while it was parked in our shed, though we are liable compensate the loss to the customer, but bike turned out to be without valid insurance. even though I am ready to compensate the bike owner is asking for huge amount. (50000rs for 10year old hero Honda splendor), now he has filed a police complaint with GRP, where the GRP police are threatening me of booking a criminal FIR against me. what are my leagl chances,? tomorrow i am going to police station to meet the inspector, kindly suggest me how to handle this situation.

surya prakash   21 April 2024 at 19:24

Railway parking

hi..i am an parking contractor with Indian railway. recently i got a parking tender, where railway has fixed the parking charges of rs.20/day for bikes, but there are many private parking (operating in private residential land) lots right in front of the station gate offering the same at 10/day. due to this i am under huge loss.
1. is there any law that prohibits private parking within the stipulated area of railway station.
2. what legal help can i seek to safeguard my investment atleast, as i have already paid three months amount in advance to the railway.
please help me with this , as i have lost 2laks rupees in last 20days.

Anonymous   19 April 2024 at 19:33

Signature not taken on loan sanction copy.

Dear friends,

I have taken home loan, in karnataka grmain bank in the year 2020. during the process , I asked about terms and conditions but they have not explained properly. only they said, within 2 year of moratorium period, I need to complete the construction of house. Banks personal have used unfair business tricks to make profit. they are as fallow.
1) 3 months before completion of moratorium period Bank have added penal charges to my loan account.
2) later, I asked for the loan sanction copy which was not provided to me after loan was disbursed, after receiving the loan sanction copy i noticed the my signature not there in the sanction copy.
3). Due to CORONA lockdown I could not able to start house construction.

I have approached Ombudsman scheme, District consumer forum and State consumer forum. but they are not at all considering the said point even though I produce the proof for the said fact, instead they focus on non-construction of house. In the order copy court says no deficiency service is found and the explanation given by complainant is not satisfactory.

So, plz help me how to deal with this kind of problem. I am thinking to file case in high court.

Dilip   19 April 2024 at 06:41

Rti first appeal

In RTI first appeal regarding co operative housing society order has been given to the court operative society Registrar to provide the following documents to the appellant but there is no reply till date what further action can be taken in order to get the documents and if the order of the first appellant authority is not followed will it amount to contempt or shall I go for second appeals

visuiyer   18 April 2024 at 18:15

Body donation

I am a senior citizen, true bachelor, self disciplined and self dependant, living alone, I have no blood relative or legal relative.

I am interested in donating my body to the anatomy department after my death. However, the department requires a consent letter from a legal relative not to claim the body after death.

Since I do not have any legal relatives, I am unsure how to proceed.

Are there any provisions in the Transplantation of Human Organs Act or any such Act, that address this situation?

Veterans, please guide me.

visuiyer   18 April 2024 at 09:47

Call from court

Will the court call for no reason?

The question is because of the following..

There is a call, disclosing that it is from Mumbai High court and informing there is an information from cyber crime agency, regarding money laundering case for illegal activity. They disclosed case number and bank account details(which are not related to me)and asked me to report to cyber crime department 😔.

The real fact is..
The location and bank account details are not related to me and irrelevant.

They have not shared the cyber crime department contacts etc. and I am at Tamil Nadu.

I don't have Bank account in the bank they say
My balance will be in few thousands certainly not for laundering 🌝

Veteran please advise what should I do and
How to react

Anonymous   17 April 2024 at 17:22

Private schools

Can Private unaided school teachers working in maharashtra file writ against management regarding pay scales,teachers economical exploitation and corrupt practices of management