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Anonymous   11 June 2024 at 17:12

The state which i belongs and permanent address

Respected sir,I am selected in a govt job where in attestation form they are asking about
1.) The state which I belongs and
2.) My permanent address

Sir,my question is that place 1 and place 2 can be different?

Anonymous   11 June 2024 at 10:44

The carriage by road act 2007 registration

Dear Senior, I need an reference number
Regarding the CARRIAGE BY ROAD ACT, 2007 Registration as a Transporter and Authority is Haryana State Transport department location Sector CHD 17. You are requested please do as needful

Anonymous   09 June 2024 at 16:13

Permanent address of my father and mine can be different?

Respected sir,I am selected in govt. organisation where attestation form is required.My question is that my permanent address and father's permanent address can be different or not?

Please reply 🙏
Thanks and regards

Anonymous   09 June 2024 at 09:47

My birth place state and state i belong can be different?

Respected sir,I am selected in a govt. Organisation and they want attestation form

a.)It asks Birth place
b.)place to which I belong

My question is
1.)Sir,Can place (a) and place ( b) can be different?

Please 🙏 clear my doubt

Thanks and regards

Anonymous   09 June 2024 at 04:01

My birth place state and state i belong can be different?

Plz reply

Balaraman S   04 June 2024 at 08:31

Expand surname in birth certificate

I live in Tamil Nadu. I want to expand the initial of my kid, who was born in Tamil Nadu, on the birth certificate. Currently, it is Lokesh. B in the birth certificate. My name is Balaraman. Like in Passport, I want it to be in Given Name + Surname format i.e., Lokesh Balaraman instead of just initial (B). Is this considered a change of name? What is the process to do this change?

Anonymous   30 May 2024 at 20:30

Obc certificate clarification

Hello Sir/Madam,

I am in Central Government Group 'B' Service. I have got this service under obc category as i belongs to obc non-creamy layer. I want to apply for other Group 'A' jobs. My parents income is less than income limit for OBC. However, my income is more than that limit. So, my question is, for obc certificate my income is also considered or only my parent's income will be considered. In this case, can i again take obc non creamy layer benefits.

Please reply.

JOSEPH THARAKAN   30 May 2024 at 10:11

Co-op society

Can anyone post a copy of the order issued by the Dy. Reg., K /East ward in 2010 in connection with illegal billing of legal expenses incurred by the Society on futile cases, to a single member for any reason?

Jiya Mahadik   27 May 2024 at 17:54

पिठाची गिरण

आमच्या इथे गहू दळून देयाचं 10 rs घेतो तर दुसरी कडे 7 rs आहे. The mumbai flour अससोसिएशन ने एकच भाव जाहीर केल आहे तर हे पैसे जास्त का आकरतात. आम्ही त्यावर काही कारवाई करू शकतो का?

Anonymous   27 May 2024 at 07:36

Easement law

My neighbour agricultural land owner and adjacent block my way to my Ag land by fancing, this way we are using from past 40-45 years,
Also in 1973
And now in 2024
Collector sir given this way documenty permission
Still he Kay installed fancing to block our way
He is considering only 3 foot path is sufficient to reach ag land , while vehicle for farming need more wide way.
Kindly suggest ur opinion please