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Alfesaani.   22 April 2023 at 19:14

Limitation period for juvenile offences


My question: Is there any limitation period for offences under the Juvenile Justice Act in India( akin to section 468 CrPC)? For example, if a person committed an offence when he was 13 years old: can he be tried for that if the offence comes to light when he is 50 years old?

Thanks in advance.

Benjamin   22 April 2023 at 15:06

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Anonymous   21 April 2023 at 13:07

Maternity leave

Dear sir ,
I am recently on 17th April joining Odisha police and I am doubt to i can be pregnant. If the result is become positive can i maternity leave for misarrange. Or they have rights to terminate me.

Anonymous   20 April 2023 at 22:05

Whatsapp chat


what is the evidentiary value of WhatsApp in courts are they admissible in court?

Anonymous   19 April 2023 at 21:51

Inquiry officer

I am conducting a departmental inquiry and I am the Inquiry Officer
I have finished the preliminary inquiry and gave 15 days time for the charged Officer to appoint a DA as per his request. As he couldn't find a DA another 15 days were given in which he gave a written statement of appointing his DA.
The date for the hearing was fixed but his didn't turn out stating he didn't recive the intimation, another intimation was sent for hearing DA said his controlling Officer wasn't allowing him to come for the hearing.
My question is
What is the number of occasion a DA can refuse to attended the hearing?
What is the no of occasion the charged Officer make a accuse that my DA is not available?
Is there any rule under CCS rule 14?

Anonymous   19 April 2023 at 13:35

Eligibility to attend the agm.

Dear Sir /Madam,

The undersigned seek your expert guidance on the following issue.

In our residential complex there is FEDERATION consisting of 50 governing council members deployed from 25 member societies (each society represents by two members). The Federation secretary has circulated notice for AGM inviting above 50 members alongwith Chairman & Secretaries of above referred 25 societies to attend the meeting.

I think only 50 governing council members are eligible to attend the AGM. Additionally the Chairman & Secretaries are not members of Federation hence they are not eligible to attend the AGM. This is my understanding is. Please advise on this matter.

Thanking you,

Cordially Yours.


Hilal Ahmad Malik   15 April 2023 at 23:59

Ews criteria and elegibility

Sir/ Madam
I am a govt employee and married person having seprate family not living with my parents but living in same house as seprate household.
My income is below 8 lack
But my father's residential area (the only residential plot basically an agricultural land in which our house is constructed) is more than 200 sq yards.
Now my question is Am I elegible of EWS catagory as I don't posses any property.
I need it as I m preparing for a competitive exam.
Please clear my doubt.

Member (Account Deleted)   15 April 2023 at 15:57

About compensation job in bsnl

My father has expired due to accidental death in 2016. And it has been 7years now ,Still my mother didn't get compensation job in bsnl .And my mother has no pension. I don't know why this bsnl not understanding their employees family problems. When will my mother get the job?

Anonymous   15 April 2023 at 13:06

Spouse ground mutual transfer

I got job in a PSU and posted in july 2018 in Maharashtra .I got married on February 2019. My husband is currently posted in a teaching job, which is a non-transferable central government job at tripura. He has joined Government institute just to make sure we can come together as per government policy for spouse.

Earlier In 2019, I applied for transfer through deputation for telangana state (where my husband was previously working) but I did not get any positive response. I requested but since at that time my husband’s job was private, the application was never replied.

In january-2021, I applied for transfer again on deputation basis to UP East so as I could reach nearby to my father’s house in Uttar Pradesh. At that time my father was facing some health issues and my husband was in a private job so he was ready to switch job to nearby place. In feb'21, I got mutual transfer request. So, I initiated mutual transfer request. I am still waiting for the response and despite of sending many email, no communication was shared to me till date. In 2022, other employee with whom I was taking mutual transfer, got promoted and got one side transfer to same office I am working.

In october'21, I ask my father to come to Mumbai for his treatment (3rd stage gallbladder cancer). Unfortunately, my father passed away fighting with cancer. It is becoming very difficult for me to bear such mental trauma in absence of my family. I am also facing Gynaecological issues since 2021 due to stress and my health is not supporting.
In November 22, I again applied for mutual transfer on spouse ground to agartala for Northeast with a person working at shillong office(as tripura and meghalaya is handled by same higher authority) . I didn't get any response from Northeast office since. I got to know that his one way transfer request is approved and forwarded by Northeast office on March'23. There is no information for my mutual transfer request as it is pending at the HR section higher officer.
In this case, what can I do ?

Anonymous   14 April 2023 at 08:35

Gratuity case may be filed, either in labour/high court?

I was joined an Unaided Engineering College in Maharashtra on 16-6-1986 as Lecturer. I retired as a Associate Professor in May 2021. My Last salary was Rs. 116600/- [as per 6th pay scale]. College had paid me gratuity amount Rs. 8 Lakh in March 2023, which is not as per 6th or 7th Pay Scales. [Max limit- 6th pay scale =7 Lakh & 7th pay scale = 14 Lakh, as per Govt. of Maharashtra.]
I want to challenge the management against lower payment of gratuity. As per my expectations, gratuity should be paid as per 7 th pay scales, even though 7th pay scales are not implemented.
1] Can I file a court case in this matter?
2] If yes, where the case may be filed, either in Labour/Industrial/High court?

Please give me a right advice.

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