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Anonymous   02 January 2022 at 15:29

Requirements to appoint guardianship


Due to recent deterioration in health(onset of dementia and chronic liver disease), my father is unable to perform his affairs.
What is the process to appoint my mother as the guardian for the following:
1. Rent out property
2. Manage Bank accounts and make investments
3. Sell old car

VELLIANGIRI THALAI   01 January 2022 at 08:08

Agricultural land with conditional patta - buy & sell

If agricultural land (Near Forest Area in Tamil Nadu) is under conditional patta, could you please clarify the following queries:

1. Can it be possible to remove the condition after 10 or 30 years of using the land?
2. After removing the condition, is it required to use the land for a certain number of years before selling to others?
3. Is it safe to buy the land after removing the condition and sell the same to others with no issues?
4. Is it still possible that Govt can take back the land if needed after removing the condition?

Kavitha Mano   30 December 2021 at 07:54

Partition problem

Hi I'm kavitha from coimbatore.i got love married... So my father and my younger brother who are not giving partition in the grandfather property.The main reason is my husband is dalit.4years of my life is going well .Now they are came and disturbing asking for the signature for (they are asking to write like i don't need property yet not gave a signature) I had a problem with grandfather property 65 cent and my father has sold 55 cent and the remaining 10cent they are changed to my brother name ... And 55cent sold amount 8500000/-...In this amount my brother and father bought a new house(3500000) with my brother name... And also my father having 2 house... He(father) is written the documents like my assets are going to my son only after me.... So i didn't get anything ... 2 years before my father said I'll give you equally for both of you but now they are cheating... So please🙏 give some solution is there any possibility to get property...

Anonymous   27 December 2021 at 11:03

Release deed

I am looking to buy a property details are as below.
1. Person P bought a plot in 1981, died in 1987. he had 4 daughters (A,B,C and D) and a wife.
2. In 1997 3 daughters A,B and C released rights of the property in favor of daughter D and there Mother ( wife of P) by taking 10k each.
3. Mother died in 2007.

Does daughters A, B and C will get rights of the property based on mother share in property now?

Once again in 2007. all daughters have made a partition deed once again with 50% of the land undivided share being in daughter D name and other 50% of undivided share being distributed with daughter A, B an C. Is this valid partition?

can we buy this property?

Anonymous   26 December 2021 at 09:27

Mine permanent address is in maharashtra case is in other

Mine permanent address is in maharashtra case filed in other state

Mine permanent address is in maharashtra and i have property (only land property) and some one filed false case few years ago in uttarpradesh as he lives there and mine land property is there
land property has mine name only (registry is in mine name ) also mine name can be seen even on bhulekh site

can i request to transfer the case from uttar pradesh to maharashtra if yes in which court i should do it
i am senior citizen more than 70 yrs old and case is running from more than 5 years.
the person who files case want only dates from court so he can trouble me like this
is there any law to protect person who is more than 70 years old

Anonymous   25 December 2021 at 00:07

I have proper title of property but some relative gave false

I have proper title of property but some relative gave false statement to buyer of mine property that he also owns property but will need some time to show papers

So the buyer of mine property hold mine payment (given token amount only) ,
now if i have gotten the full amount from buyer i would have deposited all that money in bank or invested to earn interest on that amount. i have lost very much interest till now

i have registry in mine name but because that relative dont know this he is thinking he can get mine share in mine property if he troubles me in court he has filed false case in court to proof buyer he is telling truth and bought some time this way and i am getting 2 months date in court approx . suppose today is hearing in dec i will get approx feb date

ok now after i win in court which type of case i should file aganist him for mine legal fees , for wasting mine time says some months for loosing interest on money . is that defamtion suit and can i file defamation suit if the case is still running in court
or how to claim only damages for loosing interest on money is this called defamation suit.

mabusubhani   22 December 2021 at 14:32


Respected Sir/ Madam My Sister Register a land to her son, showing that land belongs to her Ancestral property which was in her position, and VRO also give deceleration form as that land belongs to her Ancestral property.The same land again son registered to his mother(My sister).Now this registration valid or not .can i ask share in that property. House tax paid since 2000 to till date and also they get loan from SBI. Now how should stop the house which constructed by them in that land

Anonymous   21 December 2021 at 18:17

Succession certificate to avail ppf amount from bank

What should be the Court Fee to avail Succession Certificate from Gujarat Court for Rs.14.75 Lakh Public Provident Fund (PPF) amount plus Interest thereon? For a Jain Religion.

Rohan   20 December 2021 at 14:43

Transfer of flat in mumbai

Hi all,

My father a Goan by origin owned a flat in Naigaon(E), Mumbai. He passed away in August 2021 intestate without making a nominee for the flat in the society. Me and my sister have provided an NOC to transfer the flat to our mothers name.
The society has now asked for a Legal heirship certificate from the civil court (Succession Certificate).

1. Is a Legal heirship certificate from the civil court (Succession Certificate) mandatory for the transfer of share to my mothers name?
2. While the transfer of share is in process. Can the flat be rented out?
3. If an owner of a flat has passed away intestate however has made one of their children as a nominee for a flat. Does the flat belong to the nominee after the owner?


Manjunath   19 December 2021 at 08:43

Buying house which is owner by legal heirs

I am planning to buy a house which has a history as below
1. Property of 1200 sq feet is bought by Prasad in 1976 , he constructed 2 houses - ground floor and first floor.
2. Prasad died in 2001 and his wife died in 2004.
3. Prasad has two Children ( Daughter1 and Daughter2) and Prasad had made no Will.
4. Daughter1 and Daughter2 have made partition deed stating ground floor house belongs to Daughter 1 and second floor belongs to Daughter 2 and both own UDS of 50% of the land. they have separate Katha for each of the houses.
5. Now both Daughter1 and Daughter2 both are willing to sell the property together.

6. Daughter1 has 2 daughters (Grand child1 and Grand child2 for prasad), both are married and both have kids below 10years ( great grand kids of Prasad).
7. Daughter2 has 2 children (Grand child3 and Grand child4 for prasad),both are married and each have kids below 7 years (great grand kids of Prasad)

Do I need signature or Daughter1 and Daughter2 children's, that is from Prasad's Grand children also to buy this property?
Do I need to make single sale deed to buy this property or separate sale deed?

Thanks in advance for response and help.


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