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shyam lal   26 September 2022 at 08:26

Self acquired property

Share in unmovable property mentioned in a WILL is considered as self acquired.
Query.. Does the same apply to Share holders in unmovable undivided property mentioned in MoU of family settlement.

Supersonics Industries   25 September 2022 at 10:12

Status of garage in pagdi system building

I am a tenant in building in Mumbai suburban under Pagdi system since 1995. I purchased a Garage in this building by transferring 33% amount to owner. I asked for permission to use this place as office but in writing such permission was not given by landlord. However I got the ratable value revised as office trough BMC & paid accordingly. Electricity supply is also commercial. I also have Shop & Establishment registration of above premises. The Garage is not part of the building but independent structure. BMC demolished the building being dilapidated but not my Garage since being structurally stable. Bmc before demolition measured carpet area of all tenements including mine & issued certificates to all tenants. BMC in its certificate issued to me mentioned the tenement as Garage ( Commercial).
Now the owner has moved for Redevelopment & assured 300 sq ft to residential tenements but not specified anything to me.
What are my rights as Commercial property or as a Garage in the redevelopment & what am I entitled to get.
Deepak Vanjare

Anonymous   25 September 2022 at 02:59

Farm land

My grandfather purchased land in my father's name in year 1981 (2nd siblings out of 4), my father died on 2010 and grand father on 2015 and that farm land is transferred to my mother name . Now can our uncle have a claim on this farm land in 2022 ?

Naresh Malhotra   20 September 2022 at 15:52

Seller not signing in witness section

Sir, I bought a plot few years ago. There were some mistakes in the sale deed for which we executed a rectification deed. But the seller has not signed in the Witness section at the end of the rectification deed on stamp papers. He has signed everywhere else on the stamp papers. He also appeared for webcam photographs and electronic finger print capture in front of the witnesses and has signed on the sub registrar's endorsement. The witness section contains only my signature and the signatures of the witnesses. The sub registrar has still registered the rectification deed. What legal issues could this have?

Anonymous   19 September 2022 at 23:30

Counter claim

Suit is for injunction. Defendant filed counter claim. No W.S for 1900 days. Petition filed under O 8, R 10 CPC. Court is continuing with further evidence after completing PW1 evidence. Is it not against procedure without disposing the above said petition filed by Defendant? What is the remedy for this problem? Kindly mention any citation. Thank u.

gorripati vl   19 September 2022 at 18:22

Unregistered sale deed

In 1961 my father has purchased a property for Rs 88/- ( Rupees Eighty Eight only) of an extent of 11 Cents and the sale deed is written on white paper. The property is under my possession and a tatched house is constructed in that site for which no door number is issued and no house tax is levied.
We have applied for a plan to local body and they rejected to sanction a plan stating that there are no register documents.
On enquiry it is known to us that registration is not required for sale deed below Rs 100/-as per stamp act.
So kindly suggest me that is it legally acceptable If I can get a ratification deed (registered)
with the available legal heirs of my father's vendor? or Is there any other solution for getting a registered deed.
Please guide me
GV Rao

Prakash   19 September 2022 at 02:21

Kumki application

Can my mother change the kumki akrama sakrama application in her name which was given 15 years back in the name of grandmonther.

Prakash   19 September 2022 at 02:15

Kumki land ownership

We have application of 15 years back for kumki akrama sakrama and fenced the kumki land in udupi, karnataka. 

Recently again fenced it and planted agricultural trees. 

We have received objection from one of the family member who doesn't have any akrama sakrama application and also not have any fenced land. 

How can we retain the rights of that old kumki land  and covert in our name as per application. 

Does complainent get any rights over it. 

Applicant A

Complianent B ( Aunty) in relation.  

Vinod Gupta   18 September 2022 at 10:35

awning on balcony of a residential flat in pune

I want to know the specific sections and rules of relevant Act and Rules that do not allow installing of an awning on Balcony of flat in Pune. The awning can be retractable and non retractable.

PCM has sent notice under section 53 and 54 of Maharashtra regional and Town planning Act 1966 to remove the sheds whether fixed type or awning.

Vinod Gupta

Pendyala Vasudeva Rao   15 September 2022 at 23:04

Lr petition

Plaintiff filed LR petition for substitue legal heirs of deceased defendent. They failed to file counter even after 1200 days.counter closed .IA aloowed. Is there any right comes to LRs to file written statement? Can plaintiff file O.8, R 5(2) and O 8, R 10 petition to get judgement in favour of plaintiff


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