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Anonymous   17 November 2021 at 16:14

Ownership status on death of poa agent

Sold agri land in 2008. Buyer,a plot promotor paid consideration but opted for registered irrrevocable POA. Later he has surrendered POA to a money lender against loan received from him. Buyer died recently. What is the legal status of the land

Govinda Som Sunder   16 November 2021 at 12:24


We are owners of flats in a new apartment in Kerala. The flats are of different sizes 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms and some people have combined two flats into one. How is the maintenance to be charged according to the law as applicable in Kerala

KAMLESH KUKREJA   16 November 2021 at 04:46

Vacancy of rented premises

I have taken Property on leave and license for 2 years period. Agreement was made on stamp paper but was not notarized. there is no clause in rent agreement of notice period to vacate the premises
said Agreement is Not Registered online

my question is
1. can landlord force us to vacate the flat before expiry of term.
2. Can we move in court for not vacating the property before expiry of term
3. is agreement made valid in eyes of law for filing suit against landlord in court since it is neither notarized nor registered online

original agreement is with Landlord only. we have only xerox copy of agreement

Anonymous   15 November 2021 at 17:00

How to register old property

My mother has signed agreement of resale in 1995 and paid all amounts. She received a share certificate on her name and also she gets maintenance bill on her name along with a payment receipt. We have now been informed that the property is unregistered and also we are unaware about the location of the previous owner. Is there any way we can register the property on my Mother's name?

Anonymous   13 November 2021 at 22:00

Temporary injunction on agriculture land property

court directed ti maintain status quo on nature and title of property in question.

Our lawyer informed us that as per above order, court has directed us to continue farming in the agriculture land, but we cannot construct any permanent structure or change in land use (agriculture to commercial) as well as we cannot sell the property.

is it okay or something else?

Kindly explain

Anonymous   13 November 2021 at 17:19

Gst for resale flat without flat completion certificates


I am trying to buy resale flat in Pune. This building and said flat has not received completion certificate. Partial completion certificate is received for some flats and those flat owners received possession from builder. Society is also formed by those flat owners.
First owner has not received the possession letter from builder.
Individual flat 'Agreement of Sale' is there between builder and first owner in 2016. During that period GST was not there. VAT is paid first owner and entire consideration is paid by first owner to builder.
I do not have to pay any charges to builder.

This building is joint venture between first owner (landowner) and builder.
First owner (Landowner) has got more than 10 flats in this building, and he has individual sale Agreement for all his flats. Now he wants to sale his flats as individual owner.

My question is - As this flat (which I am buying) has not received completion certificate and possession letter is not there with first owner (landowner) do I need to pay GST?
in first sale agreement total flat cost is 65 Lakh and I am buying it for 90 Lakh.
Do I need to pay GST on addition cost of 25 Lakh?
If yes to whom I have pay GST?


Anonymous   12 November 2021 at 12:36

Sales deed issue

Hi, I want to know what actions I can take against seller if he denies to come to sign the sales deed even if all the required payment transactions are done? Their loan have got transferred to me and I have paid 2 EMI till now. Its due to their dispute on money with their and my broker but they are denying to sign the deed till that time. Please guide. Who has the property right in this case? I have an agreement with me and all the transaction details.

Anonymous   11 November 2021 at 18:55

Transfer of property after death of joint owner

My sister and her husband have a flat in a cooperative housing society in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai. Her husband has passed away. What is the procedure for transferring property to her? Do we need to approach CIDCO or the Managing Committee of housing society? Can she ask for her daughter's name to be included in the share certificate of the Society? She and her daughter are the sole surviving heirs of her husband.

Anonymous   09 November 2021 at 14:44

Additional area in redevelopment against existing balcony

In the redevelopment of building of parking + 4 upper floos, 'X' % additional area for existing carpet area for each flat is anticipated. A flat on first floor is having a carpet area of 750 sq.ft. and its attached terrace area is 500 sq.ft. How much additional area will be received against the existing terrace? will it be the same 'X'% / half of 'X'% / something else?

sandesh   08 November 2021 at 14:07

Gift deee

My father and two brothers have equal share in property now one of His brother wan to gift his share to my father but the property is in rajasthan alwar and he is not in position to travel so wat to do ? Some one suggest u write gift deed in mumbai take his power and register it .kindly suggest best possible way


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