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Anonymous   26 November 2022 at 19:41

Rights of nominee

My grandfather expired with out writing WILL recently having 2sons and 4daughters .He put nominee as younger daughter for Bank account and shares (purchased on his name).My question did other 5 legal hiers are eligible to get share in the above mentioned bank account and shares?.

Anonymous   25 November 2022 at 20:50

Same plot no different owner

I am hindu. My father got a plot years back from ancestors who bought it on 1943. We planned to construct a building in it, but one person is now claiming that this land belongs to him. His buying plot ni is same as ours . Both lands have same survey number not maintaining the exact place north or south , so that person is now constructing building, though 144 was sanction in this place .
police did not take any action, What to do sir? please guide me.

Sachin Kumar   25 November 2022 at 15:49

Sale of property

We are family consisting of mother and three brothers.
My father expired in 2017.
We had flat in society.
Three brothers have made relinquishment deed in 2017 and transferred portion to mother.
The flat is in my mother name.

Now , We are selling the flat and purchaser is taking loan from SBI.
SBI is demanding legal heir certificate.

We donot have legal heir certificate.

Why SBI is demanding legal heir certificate despite flat is in my mother name ?

Anonymous   25 November 2022 at 09:03

Consent deed


I have a scenario where I am buying a property from seller who got it from his ancestor through approaching court verdict as he moved to court to get his share. Now while buying this property from seller, do I need to execute "Consent Deed" from sellers children's who all are major ? Please note seller has 3 childrens, one is boy(not married) and other two are girls (both married)

1. If sellers children's need to execute consent deed then share me the format of consent deed .
2. can sellers childrens give GPA to one of the children or outside family member and then that GPA holder can execute consent deed ?

Thanks & Regards,

ravi punjabi   23 November 2022 at 18:35

Leakage in external lobby

We have critical leakage problem in lobby , parking staircase at various parts of building.
Society Committee is saying Flat owners has to pay for same as leakage source is rom Flat ( which is not proven ) . Please guide whose responsibility is to repair leakage whether society or flat owner.

Senthilnathan   23 November 2022 at 10:06

Minor(guardian appointed by court) became 18+ on sale deed

Dear Experts,
Looking for your advise on foll. scenario. A large land parcel was bought in the names of 3 children (C1, C2, C3) by guardian Mother (M) in 1980. Few yrs later in 1989, both father (F) and mother (M) approached court to sell that land parcel into housing plots. Court appointed both father (F) and mother (M) as guardian for children(C1 to C3) property and advised to sell them into plots within 2 yrs and deposit money in court on behalf of C1 to C3. All three children were minor at this time of guardian appointment. But when few house sites were sold in 1991 (within 2 yrs timeframe), C1 has become 18+, but still only F and M had signed the sale deed while selling it to X. C1 didn't sign that sale deed.

1) Is the 1991 sale deed valid? Shouldn't C1 have signed the 1991 sale deed as he was 18+ then
2) Now can i buy that property from X ?

Thanks in Advance

Anonymous   22 November 2022 at 16:14

Buying property of deceased from widow with minor kids

I'm looking to purchase a residential plot whose owner passed away 18 months ago. As per the legal heir certificate, the deceased person left behind a 41-year-old wife and three small children (two boys and one girl, aged 16 yrs, 8 yrs. and 10 yrs. respectively). What precautions should I take right away while registering the property under my name in order to defend myself from any claims made against me in the future?

Vinayak Samant   20 November 2022 at 20:44

Eligibility under sra

My father bought a flat in Dadar in 1992. It's self acquired not ancestral and in his name only. My adhar card is on this dadar address. In 2014 , I bought a slum in Borivali in my name. I have electricity bill and chain of agreement from 1994 so the structure is from before 1994 . After buying I changed the electricity bill in my name in 2014. Me my wife or children do not own any other property in Mumbai. My room has gone under PAP as a DP road passes over it. The BMC officer says I am not eligible for PAP housing as my Adhar card shows my father's house address and hence he says I have two houses in Mumbai. It's not true as the dadar house is in my father's name but he does not agree. Please advise

ASGAR FANSOFKAR   20 November 2022 at 16:19

Sanitation area around your house in gaothan

I made a bore well within 3 feet of my house in Village Site area ( Gaothan) in Ratnagiri Maharashtra which is on road side and inside the boundaries of my house, all the house boundaries are not taken into consideration for tax collection. Can the grampanchayat remove my water supply of bore well.

Please reply.

Thanks and regards,

Dr. Asgar Fansofkar

Anonymous   18 November 2022 at 22:28

additional owner in a landed property

One land is in the name of three brothers. The three brothers decide to admit one more person WITHOUT ANY CONSIDERATION as additional owner of the land so the share becomes 25% of each person. since there was no money transaction involved the agreement can be made on Rs. 500/- stamp paper and registered with the appropriate authorities. Any comments from learned persons.

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