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Anonymous   22 February 2024 at 08:15

Women arrest and detention in ep section in injection

I awarded perpetual injection xparty degrees and filed EP JDR objected and filed set a side, respondents filed claim pition both cases are rejected by PO I am seeking arrest and dettition on woman please explain in CPC section sir

usharavikumar   22 February 2024 at 05:20

Gift deed made by father

GM. My father is 84 years old and has age-related memory issues. He has two properties which he had mentioned would have equal rights to me and my elder sister (we are only 2 siblings). As of recent, during one of the talks, he inadvertently mentioned a statement that the property would be passed on to us without any hassle. As far to our knowledge, to date he had only made a will (which is not registered) but his statement put me to think that he had put together some other valid document which he is not able to recollect. He generally speaks typically as age-related people do with memory loss, as in repeating statements, forgetting what had been told to him earlier etc, but once in a while he does come up with statements which are totally valid (and of course he clearly remembers incidents that happened in life during his young days and mentions them without any inaccuracy). During his conversations, he does sometimes out of the blue tend to mention (and has quite an assertive tone at that time, reminds me of my strong-minded father) some statements. Earlier too, he had mentioned that he had many fixed deposits in some banks and asked my sister to check on it (we did have a doubt that he did but never had questioned him earlier regarding it). Well, what I needed to know was if by chance he had made a gift deed in our name during his prime time, is there any way that we can get to know about it or will it be only after his passing away.

Anonymous   21 February 2024 at 22:15

Wrong spelling in sale deed.

English name is correctly mentioned in sale deed everywhere as per Aadhaar and aadhar name also mentioned. However in kannada, instead of typing ಮಧು ಸೂದನ್ ಆರ್, it is mentioned ಮದು ಸೂದನ್ ಆರ್.
Is there a necessity of rectification deed

Anonymous   21 February 2024 at 19:18

Family settlement

Kya Uttar Pradesh me family settlement ki koi judgement hai

Saju Michael   21 February 2024 at 12:06

Partition deed

We have some land in the name of my father and mother, as our father died we are planning to partition. We are 2 sons and one daughter. cloud you please tell that what will the part of land for each sons and daughter. We are christains.

If 1/3 is for my mother, From total of 18 cents will partitioned like

1. Mother get half part as the property as she was one of the owner ie. 9/18
2. From father's 9 cents, she will get 1/3 of 9 = 3 cents
3. And 2 cents for one son, 2 cents for another son and 2 cents for one daughter

Mother 9/18 + mother 1/3 of father 9/18, which is 3/9+2/18 son+2/18 son+2/18 daugher

Which one will be the distribution below metioned

ie Mother 9/18+ Mother 3/9+son2/18+son2/18+ daughter2/18

Mother 9/18 +Mother 1/3 of total part ie 6/18+ son 1/18+son1/18+daughter 1/18

Anonymous   20 February 2024 at 22:21

Deceased father's name in sra records.

Hi all,
So we have recently got an SRA notice, and in the records my deceased father's name was mentioned.
My father expired in the year 1997., and all the electricity bills are under my name from year 2000.
The BMC person that came to give notice said Death certificate will suffice.
What do you think?

Anonymous   20 February 2024 at 21:38

Dead father's name in sra record? how to change?

In SRA record, father's name is given and he has passed away in the year 1997. Now when we got the notice it was given father's name in SRA record... What should be done? we have been asked to submit documents within a several days.

Anonymous   20 February 2024 at 18:37

Challanging partition deed after 12 years

Hi Everyone,
My Question is
There is partition deed executed between one Brother and six Sisters in the year 2012, In year from 2012 to 2024 span 12 years, Brother and sisters had executed sale deed and alienated the property to third person, In year 2024 one of sister files suit for Partition stating that fraud had been taken place, in which the sister who filed the suit had mortgage her part of her share and obtain loan of RS 20lakhs and constructed housein share property, now after 12years she had filed suit against the subsequent purchasers and her own brother and sister, wheather this suit is maintainable or not.

Anonymous   20 February 2024 at 07:45

Gift deed of mortgaged property

Gift deed of mortgaged property registered without consent of Bank. On first page of deed along with property valuation loan amount Rs 32,00,000 mentioned for calculating stamp duty and donee will pay loan writen in deed. also stamp duty on loan amount paid by donee. Is gift deed valid ?

Anonymous   18 February 2024 at 22:27

Transfer of property

A property with a house in it was involved in a treaty as guarantee towards a business partnership between A & B outside India; after the business went wrong the property was registered in B’s name. But the building in it is not yet transferred, still occupied and enjoyed by A. What is the ideal remedy in this issue ?