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bharat khatwani   25 June 2024 at 19:08

Tenant has stopped paying rent

Tenant has stopped paying rent after sending legal notice with baseless claims. He has reciprocated to my responses. So I intend to give final notice...Pl. read and suggest improvements. ,,,Subject: Final Notice Seeking Documentary Evidence for Resolution of Your Claims
Ref: My Letters dated *******, ********, and ***********sent through advocate
Dear Mr. [Tenant's Name],
This letter serves as a final request for documentation to substantiate the claims outlined in your legal notice dated 25/09/2023. So far your lack of response has hindered my efforts to address this matter in light of applicable laws and regulations.
In the interest of fairness and adherence to rental laws, I am making one final request for you to submit the following within the next 15 days:
Itemized list of renovation expenses incurred 24 years ago, with expense breakup and relevant legal provisions supporting your claim.
Itemized list of cavity repair expenses, with original invoices, bills, receipts,before and after photographs and relevant legal provisions supporting your claim.
Itemized list of all recent repair expenses, with original invoices, bills, receipts,before and after photographs and relevant legal provisions supporting your claim.
Official receipts and approvals from authorities for any construction, alterations, or new water/sewer connections made to the premises.
Please provide tangible proof of rent deposited directly in the bank to resolve discrepancies regarding the issuance of rent receipts..
Please provide full details with relevant documentation/evidence supporting your claim of further repairs to be carried out, along with the expected costs.
Your lack of response to my previous letters has created a trust deficit. This final notice is your opportunity to address the issues raised and restore that trust. Failure to provide the requested information within the 15-day period will be viewed as a refusal to substantiate your claims, causing irreparable damage to our landlord-tenant relationship.
I strongly urge you to take this final notice seriously. Your prompt and thorough response will demonstrate your commitment to transparency and good faith. If you require any assistance, please contact me immediately. However, be advised that failure to adequately respond to this notice will result in the termination of your tenancy effective 30/07/2024.

Lahu Raorane   24 June 2024 at 17:56

Family disputes for worli bdd chawl room

Hi Sir, How we can get a share of my father's property in Worli BDD Chawl? My Father already passed away. The elder son’s family are staying in that room and now they are not allowing us to sell the room or give any shares of the room to the other 4 brothers including me. The elder son’s families always speak the language of bullying and they threaten to harm their own lives if we pressure them to for sale the room. Please advise how we will manage this legally to not harm their lives.

nitin sharma   23 June 2024 at 16:12

Illegal use of staircase

There are four floors in the building with common staircase. One floor owner keep their shoeracks and other items in the common staircase. How to restrict them using the common staircase illegally

Anonymous   22 June 2024 at 17:55

Society water lines

Dear Sir,

We have 5 wings wherein 2 wings has 24 hrs water due to limited commercial hotels. where as 3 wing has hotel. Builder has connected all 3 wings water to supply water to 2 wings hotel due to which our wing tank along with other get empty within 1 hrs.

Builder not provided water line layout even project registration under RERA.

Request you to advise whether such water line suitable to hotel line allowed under RERA.

Thank you

Anonymous   22 June 2024 at 15:15

Filling case

Grand father have two sons and a daughter he does a will in favour of two sons..after his death intakaal done property comes according to will after tht one son died intestate.. intakal done and his share divided to wife son and her mother ..according to revenue deptt now her mother can do realease deed or will to give back share and but if she dies intestate property will goes in 3 share her daughter and her both sons or their legal her mother is in not in mood for any will or release deed to what's the legal remedy to get back the property after her death..or some remedy before her death..

bharat khatwani   21 June 2024 at 07:25

Termination of tenancy

have been told that if rent agreement do not mention tenure of tenancy is decided by termination of tenancy at will. Is it true? If yes .
please provide citation/precedence to support termination of tenancy at will. This matter is pertaining to house located in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Shaik Manzoor   20 June 2024 at 04:17

Property dispute double registration

Hi, My Open Plot is double registered by unknown persons recently.
Can we file a case directly in Honorable HighCourt of Telangana for speedy Judgements/Orders.
Property located in Alampur, Gadwal district Telangana.
Please suggest.

Anonymous   19 June 2024 at 16:02

Mutation of property under litigation

I had purchased a duplex from a builder, registry completed. But before project completion and possesion in 2015, the builder defaulted and the matter went in court and still pending. Now 2024, I had taken possession with the terms to complete the remaining construction and I have sold this property to the other party, after providing complete details on the court case against the company.

Since the builder’s all property (including this one) is attached in the court, will I be able to apply for mutation process on this the said property.

raju   19 June 2024 at 13:34

Requirements of documents

In joint property out of three one person at his small age went away and did not return back even after 50 years but his name is reflected in fard property documents. My query whether this person is alive or dead how to proceed so that property can be sold off.

Anonymous   17 June 2024 at 20:08

Under construction property

Hello Experts
My husband had booked one property in his name in the year 2013 in Mumbai.The property booked was part of the slum rehabilitation project SRA project.The project had taken off but was halted due to financial crunch.
My husband has signed Agreement for Sale document and has also paid stamp duty and registration.
Now my husband wants to gift this property to me (wife)
Can this be done
If yes what is the procedure

Kindly guide
Thanks in advance