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Anonymous   31 May 2024 at 16:10

Gift deed of property

If a property has a bank loan on it and a gift deed is created without informing the bank, will this deed stand valid?
Also, if this same property is sold with loan still pending, then will the sale proceeds go to the new owner in whose name the gift deed has been made (donee)?
Please explain legal implications of property having a pending loan, on which a gift deed is created without informing bank under these scenarios
1. Property is sold without clearing loan
2. If property is sold, the new buyer will make sale agreement with old owner or new owner (donee)
3. Will gift deed on which stamp duty registration has been paid stand valid if Property is sold with loan pending?

Kiran Nagaraj   30 May 2024 at 22:48

Assistance needed to proof read the sale deed draft

Assistance needed to proof read the sale deed draft

how do I get an expert advise

Anonymous   29 May 2024 at 19:36

Builder is not providing permanent parking & parking letter

Respected SIR & MADAM,
Please guide & help us what should we do for below concerns against builder.
As per our agreement, Builder must give permeant cover parking to all C18 flat owners.
We got soft possession for flats and out of 124 flats, builder allocated temporary parking to 36 flats owners but not permeant parking stating that we will get permeant parking after 1 year.
As per info, it is only because, current availed parking is sold by builder to another upcoming building & that new building C16 is purchased by the one marketing company for sales purpose whereas they demanded the parking in front of the building hence builder is decided to give our same parking as temporary now and later they will give permanent parking far aways some ever else as this is 25 acer projects.
Yet builder is not given us building completion certificate nor parking allotment letter & layout. Hence, we are requesting to builder to provide us permanent parking & parking allotment letter, layout but they are not even giving us temporary parking mail nor permanent parking.
We already paid them 95% amount after 95% construction completion. Builder showed some flats parking area completion and took OC completion certificate for government and from last 2 months builder is asking for the reaming 5% payment and blackmailing for heavily charges if not pay.
But we are requesting builder to give use same parking as permanent and take reaming 5% amount immediately.
1. In actual case, if we are not getting permanent parking because unavailability of parking then it is means 100% construction is not completed still how they got Completion certificate / OC from the Government?
2. In the agreement don’t have any word about temporary parking. Is it legal to provide temporary parking? What should we do?
3. Shall we raise RERA, Consumer case for the same concern as builder is forcing & blackmailing for the remaining 5% payment without giving permanent parking.
4. Shall we pay remaining amount now if we will get permanent parking after 1 year?
5. Would builder really charge penalty if pay remaining 5% amount after getting permanent parking?
6. Yet our committee / society is not formed so shall we raise individual complaint or together for all 36 flats?

Ankit surana   29 May 2024 at 18:44

Advise to register sale deed or confirmation deed

We Given a ancestral property to builder via development agreement to develop. at that time he register 3 documents GPA, Development agreement details having owners consideration, sale deed based on GPA and Development agreement. (Every-time he paid stamp duty). developer wants to handover flats mention in development agreement & Sale deed now he only register confirmation deed instead of sale deed to land owners. is it fair practise? becuase he wants to avoid stamp duty

so now for which document we can go to register confirmation deed or sale deed ?
developer wants to avoid stamp duty as he saying we already paid while development agreement and sale deed of property before so during handover is it ok to register only confirmation deed ?

Er.SUNIL VASUDEVAN. M.Tech, LL   28 May 2024 at 11:30

Lease of property to son out of love and affection

I have commercial building in my sole name. Can I lease it to my son free out of love & affection so that he can sublet it and make income in his name and file his IT returns accordingly

Harsh   26 May 2024 at 12:48

seling joint proprty of 4 brothr in name of 1 deceased bro

There is one joint property of 3200 sq feet of four brother but on paper it is owned by only Elder brother. Now elder brother expired left with his only 1 son who is me. Now me & my 3 uncles want to sell property so what is best legal way i approach so in future i will not be in trouble and everything will be captured legally.

Shailesh Chhajed   24 May 2024 at 15:30

Sra flat transfer

Hi Experts,
I had purchaed a SRA flat in the year 1997, as the rule says it cannot be transferred before 10 years, i couldnt get it transferred. In the year 2010, the person to whom the flat was alloted expired from whom i had purchased. As his wife was the nominee in soceity records, the soceity transferred it in her name. How do i get it transferred in my name as his wife doesnt have Allotment Letter , Annexure II with her as the same is compulsory document to transfer the flat.

Harvinder Singh   24 May 2024 at 14:23

Advance file wrong case

I filed Property case in 2022 from free legal services but my advocate filed it incorrectly.
Firstly, they filed possession case instead of partition case.
Second, They mention a point in the case of possession that my mother orally gave the said house to me with love and effection.

Now due to point number 2, I cannot file a partition case as we already said in possession case that my mothe gave the hole Property to me with love and affection.
In partition case we demand for one third share as we are 2 brother's.

What can we do?

I don't want loss the possession of the house. As I am living in it. My source of income is from the rent I generate from the Property.

CS/1462/2022 registration no. Court. Civil court Jalandhar punjab

Heena Soni   23 May 2024 at 18:58

Registration of patpedhi

I want to know Does a Patpedhi have to be registered to give mortgage loan?

If yes, with whom do they register?

How to check their redistration?

Anonymous   23 May 2024 at 15:59

Builder changed from 4bhk penthouse to 2 units of 3 bhk

We have booked (through booking form) a 4 BHK Penthouse in 2016. For which 20% amount is paid in 24 EMI by us.

Builder did not shared any AFS details till today for the Penthouse. When we did inquiry with multiple follow ups over email with builder, it has come to know that builder has constructed two 3 BHK apartments instead of 4 BHK penthouse. As far as we understand that builder has sold out these 3 BHK apartments to some other party after taking plan approval from authorities.

Now builder tells to select other properties from the project and do the AFS for other properties.

What are the lawful actions could be initiated against builder as per RERA as we do not wish to go for other units or we do not wish to withdraw from our original booking form for 4 BHK penthouse.