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ashok   12 July 2024 at 22:45

Ni 138 cheque bounce case against lawyer

I have initiated a cheque bounce case against a person who incidentally happens to be a practising lawyer in the same Court, where case is being filed.
In such event,can he(advocate}as an accused ,be objected by Complainant to not appear in Hon'ble court in this specific case proceedings in Advocate's dress?

Anonymous   12 July 2024 at 17:50

Queries about d form patta housesite in urban area

Do we have any GO's to sale the Dform patta land given for housing in Andhrapradesh Govt. and do we have any time limit to sell that land.

raju   11 July 2024 at 23:14

Reply to notice

Private employee was removed terminated without any query or advance notice. When employee sends demand notice under section 2A to emplyer to reinstate with full back wages and also pay his salary. Now employer sends legal notice levelling false allegations that he shall file criminal complaint. My query is that is is necessary to reply to legal notice.

sreenath p   11 July 2024 at 19:04

Retrospective effect to loan agreement

Dear Experts,

I have a query regarding the execution of a supplementary agreement. One of my clients executed a loan agreement dated 10.05.2024. Subsequently, during the due diligence process, an error was identified in the original agreement. Is it possible to correct the mistake by executing a supplementary agreement, giving it retrospective effect from the original date of the agreement?

Anonymous   11 July 2024 at 16:25

Ejectment of my younger brother from my property

Sir, in the year 2023 we ( 3 bothers, myself eldest and youngest lives in other city due to job, my younger brother and his family lives on the property however we go to home time to time and have their room for staying let us say joint enjoyment of property and is still in the same way) got declared our shares in the property of our late father who died without a will in 2013 through lokadalat vide a compromise deed in the form of family settelment where it was mentioned that parties are agree for their respective share and are in possession of their shares. But as my younger brother was occupying some part of my share from the beginning he told me that after 6 months he will vacate my portion as during this time he will make a house for him and his family so i as a guster and goodwill allow him to continue for 6 months now it is going to over 1 year, he always make this and that excuse when I ask to vacate my portion his intention seems to be not good. Please suggest what legal option is available for me to eject him and his family from the portion of my share and get exclusive possession on my whole share as awarded by lokadalt to me.

Shaheen Khathun   11 July 2024 at 08:05

Tha pathway how many feets

My mother have some land in this land there is pathway in naksha ua this pathway how many feets

Anonymous   10 July 2024 at 12:03

Partition bw family

Hi sir good morning my name is Santhosh u need a legal help
My grand father had 5 children’s 1 men 4 woman. My grandfather passed away in the year 1997.I am son of deceased daughters
My grandfather son has transferred all the property around 5 acres after my grandfathers death without informing no one with the signature of my grandmother through registered gift deed in the year 2020 any daughter s have filed a suit in the year 2022 and now suit is at evidence stage now he has given registered sale deed to court that property has been sold by my grand father and his brother jointly in the year 1964 to my grand mothers father there is no mutation entry but till now possession held by my grandfather and his brother and now he also submitted a will which is unregistered please suggest me is this sale deed valid and titles can be passed through unregistered will sir

Anonymous   10 July 2024 at 11:59

Pot kharabo

Aamari jamin ma pot kharabo A batave se.
Je ne kadhva mate su karvu joae..

Anonymous   10 July 2024 at 00:53

Ews to me being married to unreserved category man

I'm from reserved category before marriage and I'm married to unreserved category man so Do I also become eligible to get benefit of EWS certificate or not?

Wayne Murray   10 July 2024 at 00:52

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