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Anonymous   29 February 2024 at 20:52

Varisu certificate for muslim second wife children

Dear Sir

We are muslims.

My mother is second wife for my father, my father married my mother with the consent of his first wife. We are 5 children for our father born from his second wife.

Tahsildhar says beign children of second wife, show me any examples of prior any certificate issued for second wife children so that it will be easy for me to issue a certificate.

what is the procedure for getting heirship certificate. can anyone guide us.

can anyone help.

Anonymous   29 February 2024 at 18:59

Amnesty scheme

My father had purchased flat during 1987 however stamp duty was not paid, I want to apply through Maharashtra amnesty scheme.
Documents required.
Do we have to submit original documents or only xerox is enough. If we have to submit originals then by when will we receive it back by the govt

Shankar   29 February 2024 at 09:12

Regarding lien on post

I have applied for technical resignation but I have not mentioned lien in my application.
Am I eligible for lein or not?
Is it compulsory to mention technical resignation with lien?
I have completed my probation period and completed 6 years of regular service in an central govt autonomous institute

Anonymous   29 February 2024 at 08:27

Hindu to islam conversion

Legal Procedures for Conversion of Hindu religion to Islam

Rakesh Kashinath Kamble   29 February 2024 at 07:36

Rights of flat owner in sra developed project

Planning to take flat in project build on SRA land in Maharashtra. This land parcel is builder developed land. Would like to understand my rights in this land?

Anonymous   29 February 2024 at 05:59

Hire a hacker

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Anonymous   29 February 2024 at 01:18

Can sho send notice under crpc 91 to the accused?

In August 28, 2023 my neighbours attacked my house and physically assaulted me and abused me with obscene language under instigation from local politician.
But, Police have filed FIR (IPC 448, 506, 509) against me and on my husband, based on the complaint by the same neighbours on Dec 4, 2023 without any preliminary enquiry and without our knowledge. served the 41 A notice on 21-01-2024. This SI who is very corrupt and filed this false case on me, now, on 21-02-2023, send me a new notice under crpc 91 to produce video recordings related to the incident which is is very essential to us to prove our innocence. we dont like to submit the evidence to this SI as he may send its copies to the said politician (who is the main creator) and may use them against me (and even destroyed them - is it possible). This SI is not honest person and dangerous. shall have to submit to this crpc 91 notice without any other option? can i reject to submit the evidence? can i submit the evidence to the judicial magistrate instead of this corrupt SI? Now case is under investigation stage, charge sheet not filed. Kadiyala Simhachalam Vijaya Kumar vs Govt of AP, W.P No.28470 of 2021, (APHC) has any relevance to my condition?

Anonymous   28 February 2024 at 23:45

Reservation in promotion

I am SC category candidate and in direct recruitment another OBC candidate secured less mark to me and placed below me in the Gradation list. But when only promotional vacancies in the Unreserved category arises in the Cadre the less mark secured OBC candidate was given promotion and I was denied on the plea that no promotional SC vacancy is available and the State is following POST BASED roster. Does UR is reserved for general and non-ST/SC reserved candidates? Does natural seniority has no role in post based reservation system? Does ST/SC employee have no natural seniority in service jurisprudence?

HARISH PARMAR   28 February 2024 at 23:22

Fir in advance

on that BASIS CBI arrested me , i approached HIGH COURT for quashing of FIR under section 482 ,
Experts kindly guide me

Dilip   28 February 2024 at 16:58

Film industry sop is not been followed

Is there any procedure to enforce the SOP which is made by government and labour department for the worker but the Trade union of worker is not helping hand and still this sop is not working for the workers.
How.we can comple the company to follow the SOP of the government.