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Anonymous   19 October 2021 at 14:18

Developer not handing over flats even after 12 years

IV- One single development agreement for all 1to4 was signed and registered on 5/01/2009 without any sanctioned BMC plan ,flat nos, IOD from BMC ,not registered with MHADA/RERA till date saying that 4 flats of 1000 sqr feet carpet area will be allotted to 1to4 heirs in the manner provided in Annexure B as follows
a Smt Rekha A Desai & others 1000 sqr feet
b Mr Sunil Desai 1000 sqr feet
c Mr Amit Desai cheque/Cash Taken
d Mr Aashit Desai 1000 sqr feet
e Mrs Nisha Nawathe nil
f Mr Sunil Desai 250 sqr feet
g Smt Vinodini Desai & others 250 sqr feet
hMrs Nisha Nawathe 250 sqr feet
I Smt Rekha Desai & others 250 sqr feet
V- no 1,3,4 promised to no 2 that after individual agreement are signed with the builder they will provide her a copy of the said agreement .
VI- Even though the construction started in 2009/10 it is not yet completed in all respect till date and builder has not prepared the individual documents /agreement of redevelopement inspite of several mails and personal visits to him.
VII- during 2009 till date no 1,3,4 did not send legal notice to builder nor engaged any Advocate to handle this legal matter
IX-A suplementry agreement was prepared in 2012 stating that previous agreement dated 5/01/2009 is deemed to have been cancelled in lue of this suplementry agreement of 2012which was only signed by developer and not by Desais a land owners.
1 can I withdraw my consent for redevelopement to builder as I do not want to sign suplementry agreement of 2012 which is not beneficial to me.And why it was not signed and register in 2012 itself
2 can I demand equal distribution of benefits as per will with other stakeholders in this suplementry agreement of 2012 which is still unsigned
What is my remedy after 12 years

Anonymous   19 October 2021 at 13:23

Publishing house not publishing my book

Hello Madam/Sir,

I am an aspiring writer and last year December 2020, I signed a contract with a publishing house 'Writersgram Publications' to publish my book of poems for which I paid Rs. 1500. I was promised my book to be published by April, 21. But yet it has not.
The only way to communicate with them is via email and they have been communicating that it's getting delayed for Covid situation and now for the past one month I have not heard from them even after repeated mails from my end.
Is there a way, I can escalate this issue with any one? In case they don't publish, which seems likely, that will be the breach of our contract, hence, can't I sue them legally?

Balaji Bakthavathsal   19 October 2021 at 10:40

Cheque bouncing case relaxation of imprisonment

In a criminal case, (cheque bounce case), the accused has been sentenced to one year simple imprisonment punishment by the lower court. The accused appealed to the next appellate court and the appellate court confirmed the lower court’s order. The lower court order dated 22.08.2014 and the appellate court order dated 18.04.2017. As the person was roaming scot free, the trial court was questioned under RTI Act about the action taken on the accused and the trial court informed me that warrant has been issued to the concerned police station to apprehend the accused on 19.08.2021 after seeing my letter dated 11.08.2021. Under these circumstances, please clarify the doubts
i) Whether the accused can file bail petition and get bail ?
ii) Whether a third person who is not the complainant can file a caveat and object the bail petition ?
I would be very grateful if clarification is provided on this matter since the accused, an unscrupulous person is creating lot of problem to me by filing false & fictitious civil suit disturbing me mentally, financially and physically.

SUBRATA HALDAR   19 October 2021 at 02:15

Money transfer

One of my client has taken RS 5 lakh from me through online money transfer. He refused to pay any amount stating that since there is no agreement, money was given to him as gift.

My mobile number is linked with all bank details & Aadhar and PAN card of my client. Xerox copy of above documents is with me.
With the help of above documents I have taken a personal loan in my friends name in his account.

After that I have transfer RS 5 lakh in my account by online fund transfer since all pasward of my client is known to me.

Can my client take any legal step against me ???

Anonymous   18 October 2021 at 23:31

Chargesheet quashing in high court

In a accident case of grevious hurt u/s 279 and 337 and 338, once the chargesheet is submitted in court.

1. Can the accused take the certified copy of chargesheet from the court before the date of next hearing (pleaded not guilty).
2. Based on the merits of chargesheet, can the accused go to high court for quashing of chargesheet and fir without attending trials from district court as it will take around 3 to 4 years of time?

Hari Konanur   18 October 2021 at 15:30

Power of attorney

Namaste sir

I'm planning to buy one old flat in Bangalore, but owner resides in America. So he is granting POA rights to his father in law at Bangalore. So that his father in law can register the flat to me after full money payment.

Please advice is it legally OK to go head in purchasing flat belonging to NRI


NIRAJ SRIVASTAVA   18 October 2021 at 14:01

Equitable mortgage

Kya title holder ke death ke bad legal heair equitable mortgage kar sakte hai

Anonymous   17 October 2021 at 21:15

Central govt promotions

a set of 323 were promoted in 2018 May for Group A in a Govt Department. Now in October a review DPC is proposed which left out 45 names( with no charges or anyhting of course) and included Reserved candidates in them. What would be the fate of those 45 candidates? will they be reverted back? DOPT on 15/06/2018, after the promotions in may suggested a method for reservation, which is followed retrospectively. is it fair to change guideline between tow DPCs, mean one was non existent at that time of may 2018. Kindly clarify

Anonymous   17 October 2021 at 18:39

Witness changing statement during trial

During investigation in a accident case, witness statements were recorded by IO and the chargesheet is submitted in court. During trials. Can the same witness change the statement and deny what has been recorded in chargesheet?

Does court consider just changed oral statements during trial? what will happen next?

Zeeshan   17 October 2021 at 12:19

Multiple last chance by delhi hc to respondent wife.

I have filed a criminal revision petition at Delhi HC against Saket family court's order of final maintenance in Crpc 125, In December last year. The HC court is unnecessarily giving last chance to respondent wife again and again in spite of no one appears from her side after 2nd date of hearing.

The orders are as follows:
1. Nov 2020 Issue notice
2. Despite notice none appears, Last Chance.
3. Respondent's council appear and take time
4. Judge on leave
5. No reply, none appears, One more last opportunity was given.
6. Present none for the respondents. Renotify on 12. oct .2021.
7. ......... " 1. It is noted that after 23. feb .2021, the respondents remained unrepresented on the last two dates of hearing.
.......... 2. This Court deems it appropriate to issue Court notice to the respondents as well as to the learned counsel for the respondents, returnable on 2nd February 2022.
............3. The Court notice shall also indicate that Reply, if any, be filed before the next date of hearing.

Query:- The HC is giving unlimited free hand and last chances to respondent. I have to pay fees and spend time on every date. The same happened at the family court where the judge gave 7 years to the wife to lead evidence. What do I do?

Crl. Rev.P. 350 of 2020 at Delhi HC


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