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Anonymous   18 January 2022 at 22:27

Not honouring the promise

I have purchased a agricultural property. the seller promised to provide fencing gate, eb connection and getting patta from the Registrar office, despite with long patience over 6 months..
I have paid all the money in full the cost of the property includes service charges for the above expenses

Now the seller fails to honour the promise, after taking the money in full from me, and disconnect the phone and even block my number.

May I know please, how to file the case against the seller..?! How do I get the legal service in drafting notice and getting the damage from the seller. (I lost the time where profit from seasonal crop is dealyed because of deficiency of service by the seller)

vetrans, please advise me.

Anonymous   18 January 2022 at 18:17

Eviction petition pending for bonafide requirement

My landlord had filed eviction petition for Bonafide requirement of tenanted premises (rent agreement in firm name) , for doing business by himself and with the assistance of his son ,who is in service .His daughters are married and they were not included in petition filed for eviction .
.Case is at stage of Respondent examination .
Landlord,his wife have expired without will and legal heirs (1son,2 daughters) have distributed property among themselves through family settlement .
They had placed request to implead them as legal representatives in present case and afterwards ,1 son,1 daughter do not wish to persue the case .Have surrendered their rights in favour of other daughter (she got the tenanted premises as per Family settlement) .Now ,she has placed request for Bonafide requirement of tenanted premises in individual capacity .
Is same allowable at this stage of the case ?
Plz advice

Balaji Shanmugam   18 January 2022 at 16:12

Ancestral property - woman

My father has two brothers and two sisters. Both the sisters were married and are very old now. My father was only son who took care of his parents (Both the parents expired before 2003). He spent thousands of rupees in 1980's for his parents for medical expenses, other expenses etc. Instead of spending those money to his parents if he would have invested in the real estate it would have amounted to crores of money today. The sisters didn't care about the condition of the parents and never spent a single penny from their pocket to their parents.

One of the ancestral property my grand mother divided among three sons and wrote a will. My grandmother died in 2003 and the will becomes active in 2003. Another ancestral property remains undivided and it belongs to my grandfather who died in year 1996. . My father claims the undivided property to be his property because he has spent his energy and money for his parents. However sisters are claiming equal share in both the property based on law.

Is it that male child alone should take care of his parents both physically and financially and daughters who has gone to a different home will never take part in any of the burden of taking care of the parents financially and come for claiming the wealth alone. Isn't it injustice to the male sons and what does Indian law say about that.

Tanveer   18 January 2022 at 10:28

Notice period not mentioned in appointment letter

I have not received any appointment letter on company's letter head they have sent on my email id mentioning it as appointment letter but in that letter there is no clause mentioning notice period or any other terms & conditions which i have to follow.I have to join new job so do i have to give notice period or not.

Anonymous   17 January 2022 at 22:40

Power of attorney

Namaste sir

1) i'm in a process of buying property in Bangalore but the seller is NRI residing at America

2) The sellers brother lives in Delhi

3) The NRI seller if adjudicate POA at Delhi in his brothers name

4) Can we use the Delhi adjudicated POA for Bangalore property registration and transactions

Please advise


Ritesh   17 January 2022 at 16:14

125 crpc - maintanance case - income affidavit

Hello and Namaste to all the Lawyers, My query is simple, and its about maintenance case u/s 125 crpc; I have filed a maintenance case against my husband, I don’t have any source for survival, and he has ample income /funds through business and renting various properties and has 6-7 properties in his name. We have all the certified documents showing his income, like his income tax returns and lease documents and various documents showing his net worth. My query is that we filed the case in 2015 till now-interim maintenance has not been granted. During which the income affidavit guidelines have been changed three times, we have submitted all the three updated as per the higher courts suggested, but my husband submitted the 1st affidavit and the 3rd affidavit (as per supreme court guidelines). In the first affidavit, he has admitted some facts and his income as 50,000 per month but in 3rd affidavit, he is admitting his income as 5000 per month. All affidavits were submitted in the same court. After my 1st affidavit, he has hidden some assets for which I have filed an application in u/s 340 and disclosed the hidden properties. we have all documentary proof showing that his income is more than 2 lacs per month. Can the judge still be considering what my husband says in his 3rd affidavit or what he said in his 1st affidavit? Or as per the documents in front of the judge. My husband is still denying all the things what's the solution for that. Thanks

Read more at:

aman   17 January 2022 at 14:22

Rights of legal heirs against nominee

My father passed away recently..he had 3 fixed deposits in which nominee is my brother and one saving account in which i am nominee..i want to ask that only nominee has the sole right on money or we both brothers have equal right on total money including fixed deposit and saving account..because i have read in few places that nominee is just a trustee on money and all the legal heirs have equal rights ..please guide..

mabusubhani   17 January 2022 at 12:05

About property rights

Respected Sir
Property belongs to my father self acquired property.He died with out any distribution of property according to my knowledge.i asks my mother to stay in the house she refuses, i doubt that she can crate any fake documents. still current bill 2 meters one is on my father name and second one on my name continue still and property tax on my father name.please give good suggestion to avoid that type of fake documents

mabusubhani   17 January 2022 at 11:58

House partition

Respected Sir, According to Muslim family law house can divide by physical way for four shares to live in that house individually.Mother is alive, she is not cooperate with me (Son) then can i approach court to divide the house as for law of muslim

NITIN TREHAN   17 January 2022 at 11:36

Kindly help

I had registered on one well known matrimonial site where I met with one girl who showed interest in me for marriage. We had very decent conversation with each other for 3-4 months but never met. Later on, I realized that she never speaks truth therefore, not a capable and educated girl (only 12th pass) for my family. Since I left her, she has started blackmailing me that she will kill herself if I marry to someone else, make 5-10 calls to me which I already blocked (on 20th December 21, I told her that I am not interested in you at all) . Her brother is contacting my friends on Facebook to collect information about my incoming marriage. I am going to marry next week, I am very depressed what to do, kindly suggest. I do not want any hurdle in my marriage


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