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Mrityunjaya T S   10 October 2021 at 11:41

Cmo-sheristedar refuses certified copies to party.what to do

CMO-Sheristedar refuses certified copies to Party. What to do?

I am a Party in a case and applied for copy of case papers (without lawyer). CMO (Sheristedar) has responded saying that I should only file through lawyer but the CMO/Sheristedar letter seems unofficial since it does not have Court seal or Document ID. What to do?

Anonymous   09 October 2021 at 22:49

Legal heir

My friend's (X) father (Y) and his elder brother (Z) lived together, both were deceased. Z had not married. Y is survived by his wife (A) and X. in the Family card(Ration card) issued by Government, Z is family head and Y, A and X are family members. During their survival, Z and Y deposited Rs.1,00,000/- in Bank Fixed Deposit, jointly in their names, nominating A as a nominee. Since both Z and Y died, In the absence of the WILL (Both by Z & Y) A" claimed the deposit money in the status of Nominee as well as the legal heir of Y. Bank refused to credit the proceeds to A and asked for legal heir certificate through court. Tahsildar returned (not in writing) the Legal heir application of "A" and informed to get the legal heir certificate through court. The query is : Whether "A" the nominee, can get legal heir certificate in her name from Tahsildar or only X or both. whether Tasildar refusal is correct? Can A and X get a legal heir certificate through court? It is also be noted that X & Y were having 2 elder brothers and 2 younger sisters, all are deceased. but the elder brothers wives and children are alive without any communication with A and X. Request the legal experts to give advise to my friend X.

Read more at:

Sachin Kumar   09 October 2021 at 17:41

Medical negligence by dentist

I had done root canal treatment with dentist in December 2020.
Few days before I had pain in that teeth and x ray shows there was no root canal treatment done in that teeth.
I had strong proof of medical negligence against dentist.
What action I can take against that dentist ?
Can I fight case myself in consumer court ?
Please tell procedure to file case against doctor ?

jobstervijay   08 October 2021 at 20:37

Mpsc and upsc need help

mpsc = maharashtra public service commision
upsc- union public service commsion
I am age 38 open category

mpsc have age limit of 38 ,last time they announces exam at 2019 and nothing later 2 years
now they announced exams but I am age bar that also by 3 days

please guide me there way to put STRONG ,ephasise on strong PIL toincrease age limit for candidate who are serious and age bar due to corona

I need steps
I cant file petitions and sign as I stay in different state right now and not touch with other mpsc students

2) divyang shreni

I have dvt ,venus thrambiosis
in usa its considered divyang but in India not

I need to put case for put it in divyang shreni

KCR............   08 October 2021 at 16:24

Request to share gpa agreement

Dear Sir :

I wish to give my land (Hyderabad, Serilingampally Mandal, Gachibowli) for development with a builder (pvt ltd company) , kindly request any one who can share us a strong DGPA agreement favoring the Vendor (owner of the land), if there any delays in the construction after 4 years ( 2024 ), they are saying 15 floors ( A, B C, D, E blocks ) construction company should pay rent if it is getting delayed.

Kindly request for Strong Agreement.

kind regards,
k sai prasad

SHREYAS TEKRA   08 October 2021 at 15:54

Clubbing two periods of deputation

Sir, I have a query about clubbing of two separate deputation periods spent in Central Government Services.
Initially, I was working in a State Government undertaking “A” (a non-pensionable establishment); from there, in response to the advertisement, I applied for deputation to “B” (a Govt. of India Department). After due selection process, I was appointed on deputation starting from 1-12-1999. Period of deputation was extended from time to time, and continued till 15.7.2004. While in service on deputation, i.e. in month of November, 2003, I applied for further deputation to another Central Government department i.e. “C”. Application was forwarded through proper channel. After due process, I was given offer letter on 22.1.2004. At my request, “B” Department (my first deputation) issued, a relieving order dated 15.7.2004 with direction to report “C” Department on deputation. However, “C” department declined to accept relieve order issued by the “B” stating that I should get relieve order from my parent office after having a break in deputation period with “B”. Accordingly, at the instance of “C”, I went back to my parent office, had a two-days’ break, and then with a relieve order issued by my parent office, I joined Ministry “C” on 19.7.2004. After spending three years on further deputation, I was absorbed in the service with “C” department in the year 2007. I now retired from the service in “C” in the year 2021. Please note, service was under NPS because of the reason that my appointment was taken place in the year 2004 and the cut off date for entitlement of old pension is 31.12.2003.
2. Sir, Recent OM of the DoPT dated 17.2.2020 given an option for employees appointed under NPS to switch over to old pension, provided their recruitment and appointment procedure were completed before 1.1.2004, but joined on duty after 1.1.2004, which does not apply to me because offer letter was issued only on 26.2.2004. However, according to me, if periods of two deputations as narrated above, are clubbed, and after waiving two days’ artificial/technical break in deputation period spent in “B”, then my entry in the central service can be counted from 1.12.1999, and perhaps may help me claim benefit of the above OM of the DoPT dated 17.2.2020 for entitlement of old pension. Please also note that there is no ‘cooling off’ period in my case, rather a technical/artificial break which was forced upon me in order to get further full period of three years deputation for the borrowing department “C”. My representation for clubbing of two periods of deputation by waving artificial break in deputation to the Government was rejected. I now think of taking legal course.
Sir, please advise me , whether any merit in my case in approaching appropriate court of law with a prayer to club my two deputation periods so that my entry in central service can be reckoned from the date joining “B” i.e. from 1.12.1999 for claiming benefit of OM dated 17.2.2020 of DoPT ?
Thanks Sir,

Date : 6-10-2021

Narayana sajja   08 October 2021 at 13:56

Whatsapp chat

Respected All,

1) Can whatsapp conversations be used as proof in Negotiable instruments act and money recovery acts. Will they be useful ?

2) If so, how to use them..Can we take screenshot of them and produce before court ?

Please help point by point.

Anonymous   08 October 2021 at 05:42

Will deed

My father wants to write will deed he has 2 daughters and 2 sons .he want give property rights to 1 daughters ..he is asking 2 sons to be as witness in will deed ..we are ready to sign as witness.
Is it valid if his sons witnesses the will

Anonymous   08 October 2021 at 04:12

Special power of attorney

Whether attorney has right to refer the suit to lok adalat by an application if the word compromise mentioned in SPA ....SPA is given for civil court only ..if executor think it is not for lok adalat ...can the executor challenge the award on that base and with out giving any notice to executor.

Anonymous   08 October 2021 at 03:36

Regarding lok adalat

1.Sir in SPA there is a condition compromise what the attorney can do.
Whether attorney can compromise or not in lok adalat with this SPA..
2.If executor of SPA knows that if suit was compromised in civil court ..after compromise if terms and conditions not materialized he can reopen suit or file new case..but he dont know about lok adalat that once the award passed cannot be challenged ..or reopen this stage the word compromise in SPA applicable for civil suit only or both (lok adalat )


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