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Anonymous   20 May 2024 at 22:27

Settlement deed cancellation

Hi Experts,
My father gave a settlement deed to myself (minor) and my mother. My father passed away few years back and's we need to cancel the settlement deed now due to personal reasons. I have two sisters. Can myself and my mother alone can cancel the settlement deed or everyone in my family need to sign in the cancellation of settlement deed

Member (Account Deleted)   20 May 2024 at 21:50

Someone harasses you to the limit you commit crime

What if someone harasses you to the limit you commit crime. Like ambuse, bad language etc

Anonymous   20 May 2024 at 16:45

Cc not received

I had booked a flat in Ruparel luminaire on April 22 .I did registration on June 2022 .They took a huge amount from me and then there was no response.After much inquiry I got to know they didn't received any CC on the project and BMC didn't allow further construction.Also the previous partner siddhivinayak construction CC was also denied by BMC and the project was takenover by Ruparel. Possession date is Dec 2025 but there is no progress in the project and builder is telling if you want to back out you have to pay the penalty of 20 percent . Please tell what should I do as I want to backout from the project without giving a penny to this builder as the staff didn't give reason why CC is not being provided

Prem Dhawan Online   20 May 2024 at 15:28

Joint ownership by gift/sale/...

My Bhabhi is the owner of a small (DDA) plot in Delhi, as in the current deed.
The objective is to add my wife as the joint owner.
Can my Bhabhi gift 50% to my wife through gift deed? Will the new name added or a new deed will be made or the current deed and gift deed will go together or ....?
Should my Bhabhi make a sale deed to sell 50% of the property?
Or something else?
There is no issue in the family.

Gautam   20 May 2024 at 14:20

Compromise u/s 354

Hello Respected Lawyers and people. I want help in this false criminal case. 

My uncle was falsely accused of and booked u/s 354 i.e. crime against women. As the FIR was registered in 2001 when it was a compoundable offence and now it is a non compoundable offence after amendment in 2009. 

Can both the parties reach to a compromise between themselves? 

Will the court accept the compromise and close the case as the FIR was filed when it was a compoundable offence? 

Plese help In this matter. Thank you.

Athi Vishal HD   19 May 2024 at 18:50

Widow and family pension after re-marraiage

wifes sister is getting widow pension from govt. and family pension from Employee provident fund after her husband death. 6 months ago she marries a person who employed in private firm. But she still getting both pensions by hiding fact that she is remarried. Is she punishable under criminal act ?

Anonymous   19 May 2024 at 11:26

Redevelopment of society building

We have more than 80% written concent duly signed by the society members for redevelopment. As few members are working abroad or out of the state their physical presence in the SGM is not possible. Therefore 75% attendence in the SGM is not possible. Is it mandatory that they must be present in the SGM? Can we place their written concent in the SGM and add them in the majority in their absence and proceed with SGM? Is the decision taken by the members present in the SGM in this regard will be valid and treated as legal in the court of law? Our building is 35 years old and lot of leakages both externally and internally. Structural Audit Report is awaited.


Gaurang Tripathi   19 May 2024 at 09:09

First class magistrate in madhya pradesh

I need an affidavit attested by first class magistrate for non judicial purpose . Who are the officers as First Class Magistrate in Madhya Pradesh who have the jurisdiction to attest the affidavit? Is the District Magistrate or SDM authorized?

Lauradice   19 May 2024 at 06:07

Hire a hacker

Just At a point in time, I was just so curious about my husband sudden change in attitude and home and to the kids, He was actually trying to sell of the whole house and give out the money to a lady, I wouldn’t have gotten to know this if not for this great Man who came to my rescue, he help me get his hourly messages and also calls and his location right on my phone and he never got to know anything. All thanks to ethical hacker, you can contact him via: hackerone975 @ gm a i l com .

Anonymous   18 May 2024 at 21:48

Sc reserved muslim wife. contesting screserved mp elections

Respects Sir /Madam I am retired scientist, Government of India. submit the following for clarification. A Hindu SC Reserved lady married to a Muslim. She is contesting MP elections from SC reserved constituency, As per my knowledge, caste is applicable after the intercaste / Inter Religion marriage. But, in this case, the very purpose of providing reservations is defeated as it was provided for the upliftment of the society that lady belongs . Since our is Patrilineal society ( except Kerala State), the children of them get father lineage as Muslims and the children not available to very society the lady belongs. Muslims customs and conventions are different from hundus, Muslim children cannot understand and help the society the lady belongs to. If it is inter caste marriage between hundus, the customs and convections of all castes are same, then the children born to such couple can help respective communities / castes. can we challenge it in the supreme court to make it null and void to use the birth caste in assembly and parliament elections. Here both the issues are at stake. 1. very purpose of reservations in laws making institutions defeated and 2. Customs and conventions being changed. Hence the society to which the sc lady belongs will not get any help from her children and it is enriching others out her society