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Nikhil Khetani   03 December 2022 at 22:58

Tenant denied to vacant the property

The tenant is a lawyer itself and 2 years ago conducted structure modifications without taking the permission from the landlord. Now at the end of the tenancy agreement the landlord wants to take the posession of the property for its own use l, however the current illegal tenant denies to vacate as he demands INR 3,00,000/- for modifying the structure ( it was intact before as well and didnt need any repair, the lawyer tenant used the property for 2 years without any modifications as well) or needs a new agreement for 2 years
. The agreement has ended in june 22 and since then no rent has been paid along with threats of being a lawyer putting wrong aligations on the landlord please suggest

Anonymous   03 December 2022 at 18:03

Partition of ancestral,property.

We,belong,to Hindu community,we have divided,the ancestral property,which earned,by our grandfather,in the,year 1997,between,my junior paternal uncle and my father.Again,in the year,2005,my father,my elder brother and myself,divided,the ancestral,property.We,have got,one sister,she,got married,in the year,1986.We,had a,unregistered, relenquish,deed,in the year,2002,with our sister.My,father,recently died,4months,back.Now,my sister,has given a legal notice,to my brother and myself,claiming,1/3,share,our ancestral,property.Since,2005,my father,my brother,and myself,enjoying,the property and in our pocession,and as per municipal,records,we are paying,property tax,of our divided,property,from 2005.I,want to know,whether,my sister,can claim,1/3,share in my ancestral,property,already,partioned,and registered,Sub-register office,in the year,2005,between,my father,my elder brother and myself,please guide me.

Anonymous   03 December 2022 at 07:39

Surprise documents during cross examination

Is it proper to surprisingly show and ask questions regarding a document while cross examination of prosecution witnesses.

patel   02 December 2022 at 20:44

Probation confirmation and higher pay

Sir, I was posted as a junior engineer in govt department in 2013 as probationer which will complete in 2016. But in 2015 I was suspended by department and kept on suspension till 2016 mid ,after that reinstated and departmental enquiry continues which ends in 2018 and minor penalty awarded . From that time to till now I was working with outstanding record . But after completing 9 years of service I have applied for higher grade pay department say that I was not regularise till now , so as you are not regularise so higher pay can't be given. Now they say that after 9 years you might be terminated due to suspension at probation time and not completing probation completely. They never intimate me about any extensions or any thing about probation. My department have 2+1 max year rule for probation. Sir pls suggest me what to do now , is this legal . And what remeady I have.

Teena Thankachen Teena   02 December 2022 at 20:36

Want add surname in 10th marksheet

Want to add surname/ father name in 10th and +2 marksheet

Anonymous   02 December 2022 at 14:36

Impounding registration

Good Afternoon Sir
My self Nalla Prashanth from Warangal District Telangana State.
Sir here my request is my grandfather was purchased agriculture land 2.17ac land and he saled some of land 0.30guntas to others.
and remaining land was did a notary to his son's as partition.
Now how can i can proceed to do notary as a registered document as legal authority of our land please help me sir

Anonymous   02 December 2022 at 11:17

Upsc recruitment and selection rules

Dear All,
Can government grant IAS post to individual clearing all three stages test successfully on merit, convicted for life imprisonment by trial court and subsequently acquitted by High Court later.

Kindly give legal advise in this case? any supreme court judgement in favor of this matter.

Anonymous   02 December 2022 at 09:28

Granted land

The land was granted in 1996to a single person with condition of prohibiting him to transfer of title for 15 years, he has devided it with his son in 2001 before it got survey and tippani which was done in 2008. What are the risks to buy that plot?

Wayn Adams   02 December 2022 at 03:25

Dr dominion helped me win the lotto

Hey everyone I bring to you good news.. Have been playing lottery for years now and unable to win I even came to conclusion that I won't play lottery again, last Monday I came online and I saw a post about Dr dominion spell lottery number I doubted but decided to give a last try and I reach out to him, we chatted to my greatest surprise on Thursday he cast a spell and gave me a winning number and i tried the numbers, guess what guys I won the lottery, my retired mom has be playing too and I have asked her to reach Dr dominion and I know soon she is going to win, if you want to win this lottery I will advice u reach on Dr dominion he has all it requires to make u win

ARNAB MANNA   01 December 2022 at 11:45

Purchasing an unit in a divided flat

A flat has been split into two by the owner. The owner stays in one part and she's selling the other part which I am planning to buy.
Is it possible to split and sell like that and what precautions should be taken before purchasing one part of the flat? It's registered everywhere as a single unit. The location of the flat is in Kolkata.
Also what all necessary approvals needs to be taken before doing so?

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