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Aliasgar Kuwawala   17 January 2022 at 10:36

Co-op hsg society maintenance receipt

Please guide me - If there is no soceity STAMP or Signature of authorised person on the society maintenance receipt can it be a valid document where the society Maintenance receipt is required.

Adv. Nitin Prabhakar   16 January 2022 at 21:14

Fir after 25 years

Can we do FIR in medico legal cases after 25 years of criminal nature related to heinous crime due to which plaintiff was about to become insane and mad?

Anonymous   16 January 2022 at 20:11

Name change of wife after marriage


My mother(widow) already has my fathers surname on all her legal documents. However, she doesn't have any affidavit/document stating how she got this name after getting married.

Can she now make an affidavit of "Name change after getting married" and give the publications in 2 local daily newspapers.

Will this be considered valid?


Anonymous   16 January 2022 at 18:00

Renting a flat belonging to a deceased

Hi all,

Can my mother rent a flat that is in the name of my father(deceased) located in naigaon(e).

Is a succession certificate or any other document mandatorily required to be provided to the society?


Vasudevan   16 January 2022 at 11:15

Eligibility of passport and visa - reg.

Sir, I had been convicted by the trial court under Prevention of Corruption Act. The verdict of the trial court has been stayed by the High court and the Criminal Appeal is pending before the High Court. In the above situation, My daughter and grand daughter is in foreign country. In the above situation,
i) Am I eligible for temporary Passport, in case of any medical emergency for my daughter and grand daughter to bring them back to India,
ii) Am I eligible for temporary visa to visit the foreign country for the above said reason.

In case if the reply is yes, what are the general conditions may be imposed by the High court? If any deposit to be made, the probable amount also please be informed.
Thanks in anticipation.

Venkat   16 January 2022 at 06:02

Appealing in high court

Dear experts,

My child custody matter in family court at Telangana is coming to an end in 2-4 weeks (final arguments are pending). The mother has moved to Karnataka along with the child last year.

If family court's decision is to be appealed, I would like to appeal it in Karnataka HC because I also moved to Karnataka.

Should I first file the appeal in Telangana HC and then get it transferred to Karnataka HC by approaching SC or is there a way to directly appeal in Karnataka HC?

I would appreciate if you can answer.


Roland Noronha   15 January 2022 at 11:13

Nominee and will matter

1) A friend of mine and his wife have SCSS and NSC FDs in the post office. They have no children. They have named one of their friends who is not their relative as nominee for the FDs. The name is correct and the adress mentioned is correct but PINCODE of the area is wrongly mentioned by the post office. Does this requires correction. Will there be any impact for the claim by nominee. .. please clarify.

2) Please note the WILL is done by above couple with two witnesses. One of the witnesses died couple of months back. Does this WILL have any impact in the event of claim. Does the WILL need to be redone?

Thanks and regards
Roland Noronha

Suresh Chekkala   14 January 2022 at 16:12

Housing society related issue

Hello Sir/Madam,

This is regarding our housing society. We have 4 shops in our society and recently one shop (builders) was sold to the customer. We were not aware of it as a Chairperson. Later we got to know that the buyer is going to open a chicken shop in our society which we have an objection in our society. As a buyer or a new owner he didn't consult for anything to the society's chairperson/secretary. We have issued a notice to the shop owner that we have an objection of chicken shop. Irrespective of it he is continuing his interior work in shop and illegally he took water and drainage connections which are supposed to be domestic purpose.

In this case how can we stop this to not open a chicken shop in our society.

Please provide a suggestion for next steps.

Anonymous   14 January 2022 at 13:15

Cancellation of registered sale deed

Owner of commercial mortgage (with bank since 2014) property .
I had taken written permission from bank (after part bank loan clearance) to undertake part sale of property and undertaken 3 registered sale deed for part sale of property .
Cases filed against me :
1. Notary agreement for execution for sale of 1/2 share of property .
2. Ownership for full property (family dispute - filed by sister) .
I have undertaken 4 registered sale deed to clear bank loan .
3 chqs received for full consideration against registered sale deed .
1 chq received for part consideration against registered sale deed ( part consideration received through NEFT).
All the chqs have dishonoured .
Could not pay balance bank loan interest and a/c is NPA at present .
Plz advice legal course of action for cancellation of registered sale deed .

Anonymous   13 January 2022 at 22:44

Cancellation of registered sale deed

I had undertaken (8) registered sale deeds for part of mortgage property (NPA)
7 chqs for full consideration amounts and
1 chq for part consideration amount
(Part consideration through NEFT)
have dishonoured .
Plz advice legal remedy


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