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Anonymous   17 October 2021 at 18:39

Witness changing statement during trial

During investigation in a accident case, witness statements were recorded by IO and the chargesheet is submitted in court. During trials. Can the same witness change the statement and deny what has been recorded in chargesheet?

Does court consider just changed oral statements during trial? what will happen next?

Zeeshan   17 October 2021 at 12:19

Multiple last chance by delhi hc to respondent wife.

I have filed a criminal revision petition at Delhi HC against Saket family court's order of final maintenance in Crpc 125, In December last year. The HC court is unnecessarily giving last chance to respondent wife again and again in spite of no one appears from her side after 2nd date of hearing.

The orders are as follows:
1. Nov 2020 Issue notice
2. Despite notice none appears, Last Chance.
3. Respondent's council appear and take time
4. Judge on leave
5. No reply, none appears, One more last opportunity was given.
6. Present none for the respondents. Renotify on 12. oct .2021.
7. ......... " 1. It is noted that after 23. feb .2021, the respondents remained unrepresented on the last two dates of hearing.
.......... 2. This Court deems it appropriate to issue Court notice to the respondents as well as to the learned counsel for the respondents, returnable on 2nd February 2022.
............3. The Court notice shall also indicate that Reply, if any, be filed before the next date of hearing.

Query:- The HC is giving unlimited free hand and last chances to respondent. I have to pay fees and spend time on every date. The same happened at the family court where the judge gave 7 years to the wife to lead evidence. What do I do?

Crl. Rev.P. 350 of 2020 at Delhi HC

basavaraj shiromani   17 October 2021 at 09:38

Rejection of plaint

Whether Rejection of plaint U/o 7 Rule 11 (a) and (d) can be filed even at appellate stage ?

Anonymous   16 October 2021 at 20:08

Court fee

What will the rate of court fee for obtaining a succession certificate from the court, for a immovable property of Rs, 20,00,000/- in Hyderabad, T.S.

vaibhav jain   16 October 2021 at 17:54

Addendum to an agreement

What is an addendum to an agreement? are there any serious consequences of not executing an addendum to a settlement agreement?

Anonymous   16 October 2021 at 17:46

Bank's notice to acquire property - lessee's affliction

Hello, I request the legal opinion of the experts here on the following matter:
I have taken a house on Lease basis . The Owner of the property has leased out all the three floors of the building and taken a bank loan (bank being a co-operative society) too against that property. The owner has not paid the principal nor the interest to the bank which has resulted in NPA. The owner has gone bankrupt and talks of his helplessness. The owner is a state government employee. Now the bank has issued us a notice to vacate the house within a week to acquire the same. Please suggest us the action plan as to how can we get back our deposit amount. Our woes are surmounting, pls help us with the legal opinion. awaiting for the response. Best regards

suneetha Jain   16 October 2021 at 15:04

Land documents

Sir, I have purchased 2 acres of an agricultural land in Andhra Pradesh along with my relative with 50:50 partnership (1 acre in my name and 1 acre in my relative's name). The registered documents of mine are also kept with my relative because of our plan to convert the agricultural land into residential land and sell them. Recently, I and my relative had disputes on other issues and I asked him to give my land documents for which he refused to give. My Queries are:

1. What should I do now??
2. Can my relative sell away my land without my notice??
3. How can I get back my land documents??

Anonymous   16 October 2021 at 12:13

Regarding gratuity law.

I completed my 5 years in a company, resigned and company is liable to pay gratuity but they didn't pay it. I didn't file complaint for more than a year. Can I file complaint after 1 year.

SUBRATA HALDAR   16 October 2021 at 06:58

Hindu marriage

During pendency of divorce, my brother contracted second marriage with 17year old girl. During second marriage the girl was intimate about pendency of divorce.

His second wife forcing him to transfer all properties to her otherwise she will file all possible case.

My brother's divorce case is in final stage.

What my brother resist his second wife ???

Anonymous   16 October 2021 at 00:32

Need clarification on lease agreeemnt

I selected a property to take lease for 1 Year, Currently the house is managed/administrated by third party builders. I made call and discussed with builders they said house owner given the property to builders for 5 years agreement.

The builder said that 11 months lease agreement will be happen between me and builders names, house owner involvement will not be there. My question if the builder suddenly closed his office/projects who will be responsible for lease amount. Do we have any registration process for it


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