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Anonymous   03 June 2024 at 20:25

Chitfund surity problem

We have placed a chit in the registered company and we picked it in 1st month of which 50 lakhs we are getting 30 lakhs
We have provided àll the required documents as they asked for and 3 surities and then have verified them all and took the guarantee signatures as well then said ok to released the payment.
We have asked for payment on time they have just taking time and we had arguments on between with them
Now they are saying that the surities which we have provided don't match our requirements and asking for additional surities that too govt employes of over 1.2 lakh salary
They have send us legal notice stating the same of require govt employee surities

Can u help us How can we counter the legal notice

Anonymous   03 June 2024 at 19:53

Property rights

can i ask for equal share in maternal grandfather property if my both parents are expired

Arumugam Vaiyapuri   03 June 2024 at 15:24

Accident of our car by a unknown tnstc bus .

I was returning from Kallakurichi to Ponneri via Chennai by Baleno car along with my wife and son.My son was driving the car.On 29.05.24 - between 8.06 to 8.07 pm, A TNSTC bus with unknown Registered number hit our car on the backside(bumper) near Mamandur vadapathi( 35km from Chennai vanadalur).The car hit by the bus lost its balance, turned towards right side of the road and fell in to 10 to 12 feet deeper place on roadside with trees and bushes.There was severe damage to our car on backside,front left side,back left side and front. By God grace Nothing has happened to three of us.We are having recording of dash cam.In the recording only bus is visible.Bus Registration number and bus division name is blurred and not visible. Local police disposed the case by issuing damage certificate for insurance purpose. The bus driver didn’t stop the bus after accident and run away without helping us and helping in rescuing the car on humanitary basis. Kindly advise that how to legally proceed against the bus driver.

raju   02 June 2024 at 22:23

Industrial dispute

In private care centre employee appointed as adm manager but his nature of duties were of clerical like typing entering data in computer work and filing of papers. My query is can he be defined as workman under the industrial despute act. His salary was less than 20000/- per month

Anonymous   02 June 2024 at 17:56

My mother signed off property papers to my uncle

Hello all,

5-6 years ago my mother had signed off her property papers claiming that my uncle can possess all the wealth to him in exchange of words that they had told that they will take care of us whenever we get in trouble.

But now few years later when we ask for help they are not helping for any of problems to my mother and is there any legal way to get what my mother deserved in the first place.

My mother didn’t have much knowledge earlier which has caused this issue

Please help me to give me some advice here and I cannot afford much legal fees and a good lawyer


Amelia Brown   02 June 2024 at 06:17

Where can i hire a hacker online? grayhathacks contract

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Their first course of action was to conduct a thorough investigation of my ex-boyfriend's social media accounts and the origin of the pictures. They then informed me that they required some time to gather the necessary information and devise a plan of action. Throughout this period, they kept me informed of their progress through both email and WhatsApp.

Once they had gathered all the necessary information, they presented their proposed method to me. It involved a strategic blend of social engineering, phishing, and, as a last resort, a potential DoS attack. Initially, I was hesitant, but Grayhathacks reassured me of their expertise and resources to handle the situation delicately, ensuring no harm would come to my ex-boyfriend's accounts. My sole desire was to erase all traces of my photos from his accounts and backups, freeing myself from any potential blackmail.

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NAGARAJ   01 June 2024 at 20:18

Beneficiary can be appointed as executor in a will

"A" executed a will in favour of "B" .
"B" is a beneficiary under a will
After the death of A
"B" can seek a probate under 276 of Indian succession act....?

AMIT KUMAR   01 June 2024 at 18:53

Please kindly help

My wife, who has epilepsy, is egoistic, narcissistic, and often rude, leading to frequent arguments. She doesn't want children and acts as if she's unmarried, no contribution, disrespect me and my dad very badly causing tension. When we try to reason with her, she threatens to involve her parents, who always support her and use rough words. The pressure from her parents makes it difficult to communicate. Today, after 15 days, my wife came with her parents and told us that it takes their daughter too much time to commute by metro from our home to her office. Therefore, she will move to Noida and live there, and they expect me to live with her there as well. However, I had clearly informed my wife before marriage, via WhatsApp chat, that after marriage, I would settle in Punjab with my father. Now, my wife and her parents are indirectly forcing me to shift to Noida, but my father and I have already decided to live in Punjab, not Delhi. My wife has now left home after 2.5 years and will stay in a room alone. How can we protect ourselves legally? Can she legally force me to leave my home, leave my father, and live with her in Noida? if I file case she could file fake cases

Sam@502381   01 June 2024 at 12:52

Grama kantam registration

Dear sir Register Document for Gramakantam Land is valid Registration year in 2014, actually in that place have old house but in register document mentioned Oprn land, is there any GOs related to registering Grama Kantam lands In telanagana

Lauradice   01 June 2024 at 11:01

Hire a hacker

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