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Prince Chaturvedi   05 April 2024 at 16:19

Civil imprisonment in civil contempt

What is civil imprisonment? And what can we do after getting civil sentence by district court?

Sridhar Savekar   05 April 2024 at 13:01

Multiple law suit

Respected lawers,

I have a question regards to a civil case in banaglore disctrict court. I have a plot which i brought from land owner who had won daughters share in supremecourt and then she bifurgated with all goverment procedures and sold it to us. Before she got her share of land her father and brothers had sold the land withouther consent to a Housing society, who had created plots and alloted it to its memebers via registered sale deed. But after suprement court decision the houseing society had taken back all the fees paid to govt and informed thier allotees about this and gave alternative plots to them. After this they did not revoke the old sale deed and the allotees have put a case against the landlord lady who sold to us. The Landlord lady is not responding to the case. Should i get impleded in the case ? the allotee has another case already launched against me which is ongoing for the same issue. is there a necesity to impleaed in the case of the landlord lady. is there a way to merge both the cases? FYI the court has stay order on the landlord lady (she gave written statment but did not contest). If i implead will the stay decision be applied on me? I am scared of stay because i have plan sanctioned by corporation office after careful consideration of all my documents.

Anonymous   05 April 2024 at 07:04

Category change because i have caste issues

My caste is disputed. Around 2013, in response to the Allahabad High Court, our caste was considered SC by the SC Commission, but after 2017 the SC Commission changed its decision.If we lose our caste case now, will we lose our jobs because the government itself is changing its decisions?On the other hand, I was selected on the basis of my own merit candidate and did not take any reservation benefit. But the form was filled in sc category.

Anonymous   05 April 2024 at 06:59

Category change because i have caste issues


ASHIM KR RAY   04 April 2024 at 21:47

Procedure for divorce


I have been married for last 2yrs , now my wife is pregnant with 3month, she is very ill temper and every times she searching for a chance to do ciaos in home .Every time she threaten us to send us in jail. Though we are only 3member in family and her problem is with my mother .She donnot like my mother as i think.
What is your opinion should i go for divorce .
What are the precaution to defend myself ,Please suggest

Brian s Mahan   03 April 2024 at 17:49

How i won the lottery

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ISHAN   03 April 2024 at 10:45

Taken money in tha name of loan

I contacted a person works in Shriram Finance for Loan. He came to My home and told Due to Low cibil Loan from Shriram Fin not Possible but he can make sure that I will get Loan from some Other Company. He Bring a guy with Himself and Told that he is employee of HDFC and taking Gurantee that I will get Loan and for That I have to trasfer 21000INR as login Fee If Not so he will refund all my money. I trasferred amount to Shriram FIn Employee Through Google Pay. They also Told that They will take 5 percent from the loan amount which will go to Seniors.

after Few days they Both called and Told that Seniors asking for 14 percent and they will take it before Disbursment of loan tharough Cheque.
and The company Name is Namdev Fin PVT LTD.

In this process I come to know that The new guy is not from HDFC. and told lies. Now I want my 21000 fee Refund. what should I do? They are agree to refund But they are giving dates to dates.
Where to compalin and what to complain? first Guy is from Shriram Finance. shud I complain to shriram Fin too? Can I complain in Cyber department too on line complain? it was a home loan. in The name of My moner and applicant was my mother in this loan. Kindly Guide.

Thank You

Siddiq123   03 April 2024 at 10:10

Writ against registar to cancel deed

Sir,if a person has been declared as a land grabber and has lost tile to a property in a LGC and further the respondant approached hight court and got stay on the LGC judgement
Now can a sale deed executed by the respondant can be considered fraudulent and be challenged in a writ against the registrar

Samit   03 April 2024 at 09:01

Conflict of interest

I, Samit Thakkar into business of Broking in Real Estate woud like to get an advise regarding what can be done if the manger appointed by a housing society (wherein it is my business place) indulges in doing broking in the same building rather than manage, maintain and administer day to day of affairs of the society.Does any law govern such act of conflict of interest.
Request your lawyer community to guide me in this regard and what action can be taken for the same.

Neeraj   03 April 2024 at 07:49

Extra salary credited

I left my GDS Abpm ( in department of posts) job on January 5th 2024 after serving letter to my sdi on 1st January, still I was receiving full salary till Feb for 2 months.

I left because of harsh working conditions on job without serving one month notice.

I had to travel almost 30 km on unpaved road in hilly areas, without any insurance from department side also they forced me to carry cash far exceeding my salary of 14000 on my own risk.

Now my sdi is asking for refund of salary of 2 months on phone calls. Also he sent his men to my house threatening to file FIR against me , but he hasn't served me any written letter for refund

I want to know what will happen if I don't return the money since GDS is likely a Contractual Govt job.I had done a lot of expenses on my own while serving the job i don't want to return money,