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Prakash   25 January 2023 at 10:59

Title on ancestral property

Grand mother converted to islam from hinduism left behind immovable property. Grand mother is no more and the property is lying unclaimed. Whether the grand children (who are muslims after the conversion of this grand mother) are entitled to get the property under specific relief act or any other relevant act ?

If at all it is possible, which succession act will be applicable for the transfer of such property ?

Ziaur Rahman   25 January 2023 at 10:24

498a ipc by wife

The wife filed a case under section 498A IPC against her police constable husband. The husband filed a divorce case which is pending. The wife again filled a complaint against her husband to the police superintendent alleging that the husband was not paying maintenance. A departmental proceeding was started against the husband wherein merely based on the statement of wife and the police FIR, husband's 3 increments were forfeited as a penal measure. The police superintendent also ordered to pay maintenance to the wife. I want to know the legal authority ship of the police superintendent whether he was justified in passing the order based on the allegations of the wife and taking the FIR as a proof and by interfering in the matter of maintenance when the suit was pending in the court. Kindly opine with the case laws, if any.

Anonymous   23 January 2023 at 18:39

Wrong marital status in affidavit for family tree

If a person has wrong material status in affidavit
If a person has put as married instead of unmarried for family tree affidavit how to correct it

surajit samanta roy   23 January 2023 at 13:40

Micro, small and medium enterprises development act 2006.

Award passed by the Director of Industries under MSEFC . Whether the award will be challenged in appeal before the High Court or willed challenged U/S 34 of Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996. Please advise.

Anonymous   23 January 2023 at 10:48

Invoice wilfully not uploading

One supplier after supply of goods issued GST invoice and submitted both his returns but wilfully not uploading to ZGST portal. We doubt whether he has accounted it or not.What can we do. Can department take action on supplier on our complaint.

Anonymous   22 January 2023 at 19:27

Settlement deed

Brother A released his share of his bother B.Now B wants to execute settlement deed in favour of sons of A.

Swaty Gupta   22 January 2023 at 16:57

Transfer of share and interest in cooperative society

Dear Experts,
Can a member of a cooperative group housing society transfer his share and interest to a person who is not a relative or family member. If yes, then how? Kindly guide.

Anonymous   21 January 2023 at 21:43

Online fraud

I received Rs.10,000 on my account from an unknown person then I reverted it back to that person on another account at his request on call, later my account was freezed by the bank through a letter by the cyber cell under sections 91 and 102 of CrPC.
how can I unfreeze my bank account and what else can I do now please do help me.

Anonymous   21 January 2023 at 11:27

Can a son ask maintenance from his mother under 125 crpc

I (father) have filed a maintenance case for my son from his mother under 125 crpc. My wife and me both are in government service.The interim order of maintenance was passed against my wife by district court in 2019. My wife has now gone to High court in 2022 for stay against this interim order stating that a son can not ask maintenance under section 125. She got the stay this interim order in May 2022. Now I want to go supreme court against this stay for vacating this stay. Kindly guide us, whether this case is maintainable in court or not ?

Anonymous   20 January 2023 at 14:28

Judges abdicate from sacking caught fake sc employee

Why do Judges abdicate from sacking any caught fake SC employees within 3 months? STAY orders gets issued that speaker volumes of corrupt minds of Judges. The basic truth is that only the caught employee possess fake SC papers while her& in-law's family are non-SC(same category). All inference laws get failed in judiciary if bribes are paid periodically. The senior counsel shouts at PP to disclose the name of complainer with boisterous voice with soliloquy in court hall. All laugh& watch drama in HC. Judge too insists PP to disclose name of complainer. There is to say- no secrecy anywhere. If name is disclosed, he/she will be killed by senior Advocate. If name is not disclosed, Senior Counsel makes mockery at IAS officers by default. This art was enjoyed by Judges in judiciary. Here, Hyd Dist collector caught & removed a fakeSC woman lecturer smt Birudha Raja Ratnam of Telangana saraswata Parishad, Hyd in 2011. She stays in mytripuram, karmanghat, Hyd. She was appointed in 2002. Still she is continuing in same job in 2023 also. The family members like siblings, spouse, children & in-laws knew basic truth of use of fake SC papers& other IPC 406 crimes . The hired Advocate started spying on family members. PP was in handy. Removal order was challenged by hired senior counsel in High court after formal hearing in metropolitan courts. STAY orders were immediately issued by blaming Dist collector as inhuman & not paid attention to stories. All knew the back ground of STAY order, how it was prepared prior to hearing day. Principles of Natural Justice clause was used to trample social justice,as if social justice didn't have any principles. After obtaining STAY, a routine concocted story was narrated that 1st or 2nd demised mother of caught fakeSC employee had SC surname in place of regular story that brought up in some SC family. These are common frivolous, infructuous ..simply to say useless stories. IPC425-440, Perjury and suborning perjury were used by Advocates. It resulted in Reinstatement of removed fake SC employee& disbursement of salary. Local Police filed F.I.R as SC/ST Atrocity Act and station bail was managed Advocate filed writ petitions to dismiss F.I.R with CrPC 482. Police didnt do anything beyond F.I.R. Family member names were squeezed to mere minimum by Police & Advocates to deceive nation even after suicide of elder daughter smt Sarikonda Vishali. Ofcourse her name was remover in affidavits also by Advocate. Some educated family members are intimidated & instigated continuously by hired Advocates with Legal Notices..etc. Family split occured due to IPC 406 and with the entry of Advocates. Tress passing was carried by Advocate. But, Mother in law was sent out who succumbed to corona. Vishali too succumbed to death by suicide in 2021. Suicide Note blamed parents but Police were managed to believe that it was forcefully got written by her husband or hand writing doesn't match. All identify her hand writing but bribes tilt the side. These detractor ideas are common by hired Advocates. Own daughter was sent abroad on pretext of MS. Even Telangana Govt issued G.O 13 of 2016 dt 27.04.2016 for her removal. Again 2nd STAY was given. STAY order says.. Not looking into merits, refraining from merits, court not expressed any opinion in substantial evidence. This is talent of Judge in helping a caught fakeSC. LLB knowledge beyond CrPC 482 not there. How can an Advocate send Legal Notice of SC/ST atrocity case to daughter in same family, if step mother was caught ? This was informed to Police. But no action. This resulted in suicide of sensitive step daughter. When these atrocities inside judiciary will end? Ref Hyd HC WP34322/2011& WVMP 2102/2016.

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