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B.V.S.Durga Prasad   27 March 2023 at 14:15

Regarding sale of a property

My mother owns a land 9.14 acres which was bought by my father. My mother was illiterate, as I was residing far away from my mother, my younger brother and elder brother convinced my mother that the land will be mortagaged and again they will release the land. So my mother signed the documents. But actually they sold the land for 75 lakhs. And not even single rupee was given to my mother. The entire amount was credited to my both of the brothers account. After 1 year I came to know that the land was sold without my signature. And not even single rupee was credited to my mother account. Now my mother wants to file a case against my brothers as they told her the land will be mortagaged but actually they sold it... Is there any solution for this

Kishor   27 March 2023 at 12:49

Joint family property, ancestral property

My grandfather and his brother partitioned the property  in the year 1963
My grandfather had 3 sons , partitioned in
the  year 1967,  after the death of my father in the year 1967, my grandfather property transferred to my name instead of my father's name till today from 1967  the property on my name , my grand father were kept  1/4th property for his lovlihood till 1981,  after death of my grand father again 1/4 th  property divided in the year 1983 among 3 sons . now my sister claiming share in my  property,  whether it is ancestral property? I have studied the ancestral property should be un divided since 4 generations old , but partitioned twice means my self ,my father, grandfather, great grandfather? Whether limitation act can apply?

Anonymous   27 March 2023 at 06:52

Intentional damage of my motorcycle

My motorcycle is 3rd party insured. Today some people attack me & heavily damage my motorcycle.
I went to local PS but they didn't help & just lodge a GDE in spite of medical report from nearest government hospital.
Please help.
How can I recover compensation & punish them ??

Anonymous   27 March 2023 at 01:51

Most challenging scenario : visitation & child custody

Dear Family law experts: The facts of the divorce case as follows

1. Petitioner (Wife) married Respondent (husband) in 2012 after 3 years of love phase in distance relationship since both were working at different city. during love phase petitioner stated her "ex" story. the "ex" abandoned her and resurfaced before the day of marriage. during marriage petitioner was started developing another relationship in her office.

2. Respondent later found all these and questioned, to counter this, petitioner was continuously humiliating and pointing out on respondent's inability to earn more since respondent is poor than petitioner. unable to tolerate the continuous humiliation, respondent searched job and moved abroad, and started earning and settling debts and sending money to respondent.

3. Now petitioner twisted the story and to hide her "ex" and illicit relationship findings and damages, was playing victim card as respondent abandoned and left abroad in the name of earning. petitioner got conceived started living in her parental house at the same time respondent moved abroad for the job. in spite of requests from respondent, petitioner denied baby shower and other formalities and twisted the story to parents and neighbors as respondent is not having enough money to conduct all these ceremonies. after child born, petitioner was not allowing to share the pictures or video call to see the child. also denied to quit job and move aboard with respondent. respondent was traveling to india once in a 3 months and meeting the child.

4. one fine day, petitioner told respondent to not to enter her house and not to meet kid for any reason. when asked about this decision to her parents, they were not bothered about this and advised respondent to listen what petitioner says. petitioner was proposing for a mutual divorce, where it was stated the respondent should not meet kid. respondent was not agreeing to this particular point, if visitation provided, was ready to give mutual consent. while respondent was on abroad, petitioner filed divorce on the ground of "cruelty" in Dec 2019!! stating not spending time with her / child, not visiting her / child and not providing financial support and moral support. however the respondent was proving huge money to her through NEFT account to account transaction, bought valuable jewellery, gifts, sedan car, took to vacation trips etc. while questioned about the contested divorce decision, petitioner said that she want to keep respondent away from her and kid. Respondent filed RCR as counter and case still going on.

5. on the main case, respondent made IA for child visitation. the judge took conducted full trial on IA and finally convinced and awarded decree in favor of respondent in Oct-2021. 1 hour per day video call with child and when coming to india, half of the vacation days can be spent with kid. the kid (son) is now 8 years

6. Petitioner went on high court appeal CRP & CMP on this decree and not attached document set. hence from the day of filing high court, the case was not listed ever for the past 2 years.

7. Meanwhile the divorce case is still ongoing in the family court. respondent nowhere made any kind of cruelty or harm. petitioner seems to be narcissistic mother.

Expert suggestion needed in the following scenario:

1. how to execute the visitation rights as per decree passed? (filing EP petition will work?)

2. Or Mention the CRP/CMP at high court and bring the case alive, contest, argue on the case? (whether respondent has chance to win?)

3. Whether respondent has ground to go for child custody?

4. If yes for point #3, Filing as IA under HMA section 26 family court on the same divorce case will be suitable?

5. Or filing fresh custody petition at high court ? (is there is a suitable section based on the facts?)

6. what are the chances that respondent to get infructuous order in all the above scenario?

7. What is the chances of respondent getting child custody considering "narcissistic" behavior of petitioner and wealthier than petitioner and can able to give best education and facility for the kid

8. Any relevant case laws to support this respondent's scenario or anyone has petition format?

Anonymous   27 March 2023 at 00:56

Disobedience of injunction order

An injunction order is passed in my favour by court upon a property where I reside.
My opposite part forcefully vacate me by antisocial agents.
Injunction order still in order.

Please advise .

RamDass   27 March 2023 at 00:26

Transfer of property to son

I am owner of house constracted on plot alloted by HUDA. I want to transfer the same to my son .conveance deed is registered in my favor during year permission is required in this case.Please advise.

Anonymous   26 March 2023 at 23:06

Lien of psu job

Dear Sir/Ma'am,
I am a regular employee in a Central PSU. I have taken NOC from my PSU for applying for a post of Executive Engineer(EE) in one of the IITs. I have got selected and I want to tender my technical resignation. The new job i.e. of EE in IIT has a probation of 2 years. It is also mentioned in the advertisement that the IIT has the power to terminate my job during the probation period by giving a 1 month notice. To make sure I keep my job, I want to apply of a two year lien in my PSU. The establishment manual of PSU is silent on the topic of Lien.
Are there any DOPT guidelines or any rules or court orders whereby I am assured of the Lien in PSU if I move to an autonomous institution such as IIT.

Anonymous   26 March 2023 at 22:42

Ancestral land sold by brother without my information

My brother has sold a land in Bihar without my information at a very low rate as compared to the existing circle rate as he was in need of money. I do not approve of this deal. Can I challenge the registration of this deal? I have an elder sister too who had partial information regarding this but not directly involved.

Kishor   26 March 2023 at 15:31

Ancestral property

My grandfather had 3 sons , one son died in the year 1967 I.e my father , my grandfather divided his property after the death of my father in the year 1967, my grandfather some property mutated to my name instead of my father's name till today from 1967  the property on my name , now my sister claiming share in my  property,  whether it is ancestral property? I have studied the ancestral property should be un divided since 4 generations old , means my self ,my father, grandfather, great grandfather? Whether limitation act can apply?

Anonymous   26 March 2023 at 12:24

Transfer property issue

Sir we are from scheduled tribe category.. My father wants to give his property as gift deed to me.. But in this case is it required permission of collector under 73 AA??

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