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Nagarajan   28 October 2022 at 08:26

Dv case after being acquitted in 498a/406/506(2)

I was married in 2016. Wife left to her mother's home for delivery in Nov 2017. Thereafter I filed restitution for conjugal rights in April 2018 after child was born in Feb 2018. Wife filed private complaint to Judicial magistrate under CrPC 156(3) and upon orders FIR was registered on me and my parents. Criminal charges under 498a/406/506(2) was framed in Aug 2019. Thereafter she filed Maintenance under CrPC 125 in 2020 and same is pending. Meanwhile, I not pressed the restitution for conjugal rights as the situation was not encouraging to continue married life with her. Now in 2022, the criminal case trial was completed and we were acquitted. After which I have filed a divorce case under section 13 (1) & 13 (2) under HMA. Now after all these my wife filed DV case against in the same court where the criminal trial was conducted. How to handle this situation?

Is section 300 CrPC applicable for the same incidents. One is criminal charges under 498a/406/506(2) and being acquitted. Another new DV case upon same incidents.

Please suggest way out of this repeated litigations

Quadir   26 October 2022 at 16:34

U.p. regulation of urban premises tenancy act 2021

Does the new U.P. tenancy act applies in case of permanent / perpetual leases also (with yearly payable rent) ? or does this new law fulfils the "tenant-landlord" definition in of perpetual leases?

Anonymous   26 October 2022 at 10:13

Natural justice is mis-used to trample social justice.

Hyd HC WP34322/2011&WP16793/2016. WP3754/2012, WVMP2016/2016. Plz access replies by Judges for the petitions in giving STAY orders. Without looking into merits in the case, Refraining from merits in the case, the court has not expressed any opinion on the substantial evidence- STAY orders are issued as Natural Jusstice is was not given from 2011 to 2022. All knew the substantial evidence was again take one (demised mother had SC surname) & Judge ordering fresh enquiry. The family of caught fakeSC had two daughters. Smt Vishali was step daughter, smt Suguna was mother-in-law. Paparaju disbanded them after cheating her family in 2010. Vishali was instigated to commit suicide by fakeSC step mother. SC/ST atrocity Legal noticed of intimidation by hired Advocate was sent to Son in law. This is the standard of Advocate Sri PC Arvind Babu. Second daughter Vineela was sent to Germany in 2012. Advocates never allowed any official to meet daughters for 20years in fakeSC case. Because all knew about fakeSC papers use. The caught fakeSC woman is a 6 times 10th failed, completed with mere pass marks in Degree&P.G in open university. She got appointed as lecturer. Her Name is smt Birudha RajaRatnam in Andhra saraswata Parishad,(now TSP College), Kothi, Hyd in SC reserved woman category with fakeSC papers in Aug2002. Still she is continuing in Job despite caught,, removed by Hyd Dist Collector in 2011 & G.O 13 of 2016 DT 27.4.2016 was issued for removal by Telanagana state Govt. She lives in Mytripuram, Karmanghat Hyderabad..The hegemony was seen at every stage in proceedings. 99% in HC were supporting this FakeSC woman. Natural Justice chanting in Hyd HC is gong ON for decade. Her Advocates were Known for perjury, suborning perjury, concocted stories, fabricated evidence& implausible logics Or cavil logics in HC. The played trick was that Demised mother had SC surname, but rest family&relatives are non-SC. When will this type of atrocities stop in High Court? Just introspect these practices& BAN them so that deprived people can be given their reserved jobs. The hired senior Advocates of caught fakeSC employee are considered as most cruel&criminal minded. Social Justice is trampled as seen under the shoes of judges very says

Anonymous   26 October 2022 at 08:34

How are judges helping caught fakesc employees?

Hyd HC WP34322/2011&WP16793/2016. The hegemony in supreme court was assessed when senior counsel like sri Mukul Rohatgi got STAY orders go client smt Navneet Kaur Rana,MP whose SC status was cancelled by Bombay HC. A well known caught fakeSC woman lecturer from Telanagana Sarawatha Parishad, (Kothi, Hyd) got two STAY orders from venal HC Judges of Hyd by paying bribes through senior counsel sri S Niranjan Reddy( Now MP, RAJYASABHA). In 2010, Hyd Dist Collector conducted three enquiries SW, RDO&CVC for 9 months before giving final report based fakeSC complaint. Still he is blamed for no patient hearing, no natural Justice by chanting in Hyd HC for decade. Her Advocates were Known for perjury, suborning perjury, concocted stories, fabricated evidence& implausible logics Or cavil logics in HC. The played trick was that Demised mother had SC surname, but rest family&relatives are non-SC. HC Judges set all reports& G.O G.O.No 13 of 27.4.2016
aside to give STAY. Social Justice was nicely trampled by HC Judges as they never allowed Telanagana state Govt to replace with genuine SC candidate in the occupied job. More over, the senior counsel ensured CC orders issued to IAS officers smt Sunita & smt Vani Prasad CCE for reinstatement& monthly disbursement of salary to fakeSC employee .How did judges dangle to caught fakeSC? The caught fakeSC lecturer got step daughter,mother-in-law& cousins( who gave her leaked UGC2000 paper's ) killed using her crook mind...IPC120B is a crime. Criminal Advocates were nagged in every stage to ensure Police take wrong direction of investigation. Husband of fakeSC is a 3 times married,scrooge. He ensured 3 police cases No 10/2012 at Nallakunta, P.S ,96/2016 in Sultan Bazar & P.S 780/2021 Saroor Nagar P.S. None can club them because of drooling& couple's soliloquy. Hyd Police never introspect their approach. The Suicide Note of eldest daughter mentioned her father to be happy with her death. Father deceived even eldest daughter family IPC 406. but he spoofs as given livelihood as per Advocates training. Hyd Police were paid bribes to believe that son in law forced her to write such as per Advocate's dictum. 4 pages allegation were made by father of the slain.CCTV,CDR,FSL& Post Mortem failed to prove all allegations. Bereaved Family seeks Justice from Governor of Telanaga as TRS Govt failed to dismiss fakeSC employee& stop death of family members. The caught fakeSC woman is 6times 10th failed lecturer smt Birudha RajaRatnam from Andhra saraswata Parishad, Kothi, Hyd. She lives in Mytripuram, Karmanghat Hyderabad..

Suraj Kumar   20 October 2022 at 00:41

Non registration of property, full amount paid

I have given Rs. _ _ _ to XXX to start a business. The amount was paid by cheque. XXX has purchased a house with that money. I was occasionally used to live in that house. Now XXX want to sale the house & refused to pay my money back. I have forced to file FIR u/s 420 IPC. Thereafter XXX tell me that, since she couldn't refund my money she will transfer house in my name & handover possession of house to me.
All of a sudden XXX came & threatening me to vacate the house. I asked to refund my money or transfer house to me. But she refused both.
I inform the matter to local PS & they advised me to lodge FIR.

1) Can I file a civil suit for injunction & peaceful living in that house ?
2) Can I claim that property since market value of that house is already paid to XXX but XXX refused to transfer the house to me.

Can I file

Anonymous   18 October 2022 at 17:58

Meaning of a statement

Hlo sir,
(This is about HUDA Double allotment & below is the list issued by HSVP who are not taken in final list of allotees who are wrongly involved in double allotment.)

I don't understand the meaning of the heading written below:


Eg. In 1st column- Allotee name (***) In last column- Plot status (ALLOT) is written.
Is allotment letter has been issued or not to this allotee. As in above line where "ALLOTMENT LETTER HAS NOT BEEN ISSUED IS NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT."
This line I don't understood...

Kindly help!

Jeevan Gowda   18 October 2022 at 11:40

Darkas land property share

We had been allocated with darkas jamin by the Karnataka state government around 1970's It was made to my brothers name as he was senior of the family,later unknowingly the property was sold to others without being informed to us.Later the money was used to Buy another land and had registered to my brothers wife.
I have registered a case on my brother for equal share of the present land will the case stand on our favour in the court and will the property be given equal share?

Anonymous   16 October 2022 at 05:35

Transfer of two wheeler

I purchased a two wheeler in 2002. During 2014, I sold the vehicle to two wheeler mechanic without ownership transfer( form 29 and form30) . At that time vehicle condition was not good/not working, I thought he keeps the vehicle in his shop.
Recently I came to know that the mechanic sold to another ( without ownership transfer).
I asked him to handover back my vehicle. He is not accepting to give back. The vehicle is in different city.
Would like to know the amicable solution from legal experts.

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.]   15 October 2022 at 17:27

Co-operative society flats

In our co-operative housing society in Mumbai one flat owner was residing in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. He died in Coimbatore a few months back. His 5 daughters, one son and widow are alive. He had made a will in favor of his son and registered it in Mumbai. His son was admitted as a Provisional member and asked to obtain a probate on the will. He now informs the society that he has applied for probate of the will in Coimbatore and will produce it in due course. Under the law probate is required only for a property situated in Mumbai and some other metropolitan cities and there is stamp duty in Mumbai to obtain a probate. Can the Society accept a probate obtained in Coimbatore for a property in Mumbai?

DR.S.K.PRAKASH   12 October 2022 at 12:39

Interpretation of section 468 crpc

Dear Experts,
Can anyone explain the provision in Section 468 CrPC to reject the discharge petition (under 245) after taking cognizance of the offense for the file of the court even though it deals with the limitation? Does this section have the interpretation to reject the discharge petition under this limitation power apart from accepting the filing of the case within the limitation period?

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