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shyam lal   09 April 2022 at 10:27

Memorandum of understanding

What is the difference. between a non registered. (a) MoU of Family settlement (b) MoU of family agreement.
Lastly do the above mentioned MoU have any binding on the signatories?

Anonymous   08 April 2022 at 16:03

Divorce without mutual concent

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wanted to know, in case if the husband do not wish to give wife divorce, even if she insists what can wife do?
in this case, husband has deserted wife since 2.5 years, he was/is even drug addict and as he wants child custody/visit rights, he is not giving divorce to wife.
please help how to handle such case.

many thanks.

aarti chaurasiya   05 April 2022 at 21:29

Surrogacy and adoption

I want to know something for my moot court case.

Yash Malik   02 April 2022 at 20:45

498a bail conditions

I am undergoing a false 498a case and I am a software engineer by profession.
High Court has given me anticipatory bail but has asked me to abide by the conditions as specified in section 438(2) crpc.
One of the conditions in 438(2) states that I am not allowed to leave India without previous permission of court.
However, it is the nature of my job and I have to travel outside India for work as and when job demands it.
Can anyone please advice that if I seek for court's permission to travel overseas, will I be given the permission?
And what max can happen if I leave India without prior permission from court?


Piyush Shukla   02 April 2022 at 16:10

Transfer application at allahabad highcourt u/s 24cpc

The petition filed by the Learned council has several factual mistakes w.r.t. sequence of events and that too under oath and the ground made for transfer of Section 9 case is that two more cases are also pending at Varanasi Family Court.

The Respondent has to travel 800Kms up and 800Kms down for all the three dates and almost thrice a month for three different cases and once to his parents place 750Kms once a month. Whereas petitioner has to travel only 260Kms up and down for one case and once a month.

The petitioner is willing to get the section 9 case transferred to her place of living and not to travel whereas respondent has to travel approx 5000Kms in a month for all the three cases.

What can be the tenable ground for not to get the case transferred before the Hon'ble Court.

CpPlus DvR   31 March 2022 at 13:07

Withdrawal of 125 crpc

My wife filed 125 crpc, my lawyer filed vakalath, he is not co operating. Can she withdraw unilaterally without my or my lawyers consent/presence. What will happen if my lawyer objects just to create problems

Anonymous   30 March 2022 at 22:05

Entry of niece in service record

I am a railway servant and soon to be retired, being female whether I can keep my niece (Daughter of younger brother) with me
My brother and his wife has been living with me at present
I just want my niece to be well benefited with my railway service perks without damaging her future claim on property of biological parents as well as parental right on daughter, kindly guide as I am not married and want my niece financially secure whether I would be or not in future and my niece would not have to be compromised with education on financial ground

ks   28 March 2022 at 06:59

Perjury filing procedure

Dear Experts,

My cases of divorce, maintenance and child custdoy running in the family court. I want to file perjury for the false statements made by my wife. ( Not going into the contents of the same as it will distract from my core question.) Normal procedure that I have seen is litigants file an application of perjury in the ongoing case. And then in several other applications and procedures perjury application is left unattended.

But can I file a separate case for perjury ? One of the expert has somewhere mentioned in LCI forum that there is a Bombay High Court judgement which says that separate case number can be there. If some one pls share that judgement or other similar judgement then it will be of great help.

Anonymous   23 March 2022 at 13:44

arrears of maintenance if wife dies during litigation?

Arrears of approximately 2 lakh was pending toward maintenance by husband’s before high court in appeal for petition of divorce. But during the course of litigation wife dies and she was not having any child when she died.
Now who can get the arrears as she was living with her parents during the course of litigation or the petition becomes infructuous ?

Baiju Mehta   22 March 2022 at 12:28

Court order copy

Dear Lawyer

This is not a query.

I want help (of course paid) to get a court order copy at reasonable charges from Surat City.

Looking for a lawyer who can do this job.

Please contact me


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