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Satish Madhu   26 November 2021 at 19:09

Help- request.

Hi, Requesting one to help me understand the below statement and I am petitioner.

Respondent Is Absent.service Of Notice To Respondent Is Held Sufficient,Respondent Is Set Exparte.For Plaintiff Evidence Call On

Murugesan   08 November 2021 at 19:31

Sec 12(1)(c) of hindu marriage act

Can husband and husband's parent claim damages after divorce from ex-wife? Divorce was filed by wife under Sec 12(1)(c) of Hindu Marriage Act and it was contested and then the marriage was declared null and void. Can the husband's family claim damages from ex-wife and her family? Kindly give opinion sir...

sourabh   07 November 2021 at 16:14

Crpc 482 for 498 quashing

Dear sir
498a registered on me and my family members in march 2017 and August 2017 we approached jabalpur high court for quash
We got immediate stay orders within 1 week
But the case is still not quashed even after 4 years
I'm regularly approaching my lawyer
Now ad the courts have opened
Case 2 or 3 time got listed but didn't reached to desk
What should I do to get quashed at the earliest

sourabh   05 November 2021 at 23:00

Family law

Dear Sir
Needed an advice on below
marriage date : 24.04.11
child : 8 years old
1) Jan 2015 my wife left , Oct 2015 i filed for section 13 divorce case,she tried for 498a fir but could not happen as case was already in court & i have given written intimation in mahila thana, june 2016 we did a compromise legally in court & in mediation centre on all legal papers that my wife in future will not blame my parents
2) from july 2016 - oct 2016 she stayed with me in gurgaon, nov 16 she left & didnt come back
3) march 2017 by political approach as my father is law is too property lawyer, my wife filed 498a fir in mahila thana & unfortunately fir was registered, simultaneoulsy she file dv & 125 in court
4) case filed on me, my parents, & bhaiya bhabhi
5) we all got bail in 1st day, as said my in laws are bit politically sound & her lawyer is big shot, withing 3 months court has ordered interim too for 15000
6) we applied for high court for fir quash & we got stay orders in same instead of for quash
7) both dv & 125 case has been settled in nov 2017 we did one simple joint agreemnt, & my wife has given affidavit & vyan in court for finishing the case & both the case are finished
8) as per agreement I paid 14000 too monthly considering that she will withdraw 498a
9)she continued staying in her home
10) after 1 year without staying with me she again filed dv and we took stay order in high court
11) july 2019 I stopped paying money and immediately she filed 125(3) for recovery but court dismissed the petition of her saying that it was not court decision
12) in 2019 I finally filed divorce case from Gurgaon this time for which they approached supreme court for transfer petition and same as on date is still pending in supreme court
13) end of 2020 she again filed 125 for maintenance

Please advise accordingly as case is very messy and other party not ready for mutual
In new 125 what steps should I take

rohit chakraborty   04 November 2021 at 05:49


If i marry by following hindu rituals is it mandatory to register my marriage?

Anonymous   02 November 2021 at 15:22

Child custody

Respected Sir,
My wife leaving me and file all cases against me. Myself file divorce case which is now in evidence stage and the judge assure me that he will pass order in my favour.

In the meantime I fall in love with another lady and living as live in relation intimating everything about my earlier marriage.a male child is also born. I have also purchase a home in her name. Soon after the purchase of the house she leaves me taking all money and ornament from my home. Keeping my child in her father's house she went to dating with her boyfriend and didn't take care of my child who is now 4 year 8 month old.
Her family didn't allow me to see and speak my child. Her family blackmail me to take legal action if I didn't transfer all of my property to them.

Now I want
1. to secure my child's future by keeping him ( my child love me too much ) with me and want to visit him as many times as possible.

2. Get the property back from her which was given to her in good faith.

Can I approach Income Tax department to seize the property and seize all ornament ( values at least 5 lakh) ??
I am confused please guide me ...

Advocate Abhijeet singh   30 October 2021 at 22:20

125crpc and hindu adoption and maintenace act

good evening sir,
my query is that :
can a wife ( woman) file maintenance from his husband in under section 125 crpc and also filed case in Hindu adoption and maintenance act same time , simultaneously .

Anonymous   25 October 2021 at 22:03

Appoint and declare guardianship

which court is competent to declare guardian for a minor in a dispute between father and mother? If it is to appoint a guardian which court has jurisdiction?

Anonymous   22 October 2021 at 22:22


Respected Experts,
My mother expired 6months ago, she has written a Will as to transfer of house in favour of me and my sister has no objection for the Will,
Will is written in a Legal paper and it is not registered and notarized as well.
is this Will admissible in the court of law and what is the procedure to execute the Will?

Petitioner   15 October 2021 at 19:34

Family disputr

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Could you please provide guidance if under the senior citizen welfare act,
1. can a parent ( owner of self acquired property)evict adult married child with his/ her family?
2. Does the parent ( owner of self acquired property) evict only the daughter in law( mentally harassing the in laws) .
3. If only one evicted ( meaning daughter in law), what should the husband ( who is the son of the parent) be taking the step? Is he required to also leave along with wife?
4. Is “ disowning “ required to be done if parent send eviction under welfare act??

Please help with providing some guidance.


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