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assisecretariat assi   07 December 2022 at 19:14

Need to know woman rights and action for adultery

I need help and advice with regard to my recent case....
We have done intercaste love marriage in 2006 and gave birth to a girl child in 2006 itself.

Now we have completed almost more than 16 years and also have 16 years daughter.

In April 2021, I caught my husband that he has extramarital affairs with his female staff who is also married. They are going out of station for vacation as well as in hotels in delhi.

When I talked with him he is making excuses and giving so many reasons. Due to this problems started in my life. His family is supporting him and they all aware. Even all staff in his office and nearby offices staff aware about their relationship.

Since then he is not feeling guilty and he and his family start insulting me and using very bad words on my character. They are trying to polite my image by saying I have relationship with many men. In nov 2021, my husband left me and my daughter and start staying with his parents and family. Till now he is not giving any money for us and nor looking after in our bad health. Since then he has his family asking for the mutual divorce but i denied as I want to live with him and do not want to break my marriage.

I told many times if u are asking for the divorce then go to court and apply but ge didn't. After so much mental and physical harassment I put my application in CAW cell in June 2022 but i am not happy with the way of work they are doing in d first and second counseling caw cell officer trying to convince me for the mutual divorce.

Due to this I was surprised, then I consult with the lawyer and filed the below petitions in d court.

DV petition / Section 9 / 125 crp petition

And also want to inform that after 10 years of marriage my husband started his business in which we both are directors in capacity of 60:40 % share. After 2 years of starting if business my husband running short of business so he approached his friend and appointed him as a director. Without informing ne he gas given my 30% share to him.

Now in our company there are 3 directors with a percentage ration as under

My husband with 60% share
Myself with 10% share
His friend with 30% share

Now he and his family not allowing me to enter in our office and my husband is also saying he is not giving anything from business as well and ge also told that he will terminate me from our business as well. All these started when I came to know his relationship with another woman.

Now recently again I received call from CAW cell for counseling and i again go there and met with the officer but my husband again do not want to cooperate or also nit interested in our relationship he is asking for the divorce.

Then CAW cell officer told me it is better to forward my application for FIR and also told that you have to cancel your section A petition.

Here in this platform I wanted to know that i would want to live with my husband and do not want to break our marriage and most importantly we have 16 years daughter and for her future.

Since our marriage I m working and whatever I or my husband earned to utilised in our home business and raised 02 flats. And also from the last one year I am taking care my daughter and myself expenses with my salary (50000) and husband is not doing anything. Before knowing his relationship with that lady he is giving us money and fulfilling all our needs and we are living a good standard life.

But now ge has his family keep saying that now they gave nothing for me.

Here I wanted to know my rights both as a wife and one of the director of our company

Also he us saying you are earning then he will not give me any penny to survive in future

Also he is keep saying that ge will take away my daughter from me

Also he warned me if I will come to his office or home to talk about your rights then he will send ne to jail

I m working in d hospital and my husband and his family knows that due to fall from stairs my left hand is not working properly due to medications and physiotherapy it is working but during winter seasons I have gone through souch problems in my left hand

And now my left part of the body is not working and I am on very high dose due to this I hardly go for work. I am afraid if my left part is not working then in future how I survive

Kindly suggest your best advised. And how to save my relationship and my rights as a wife and director. And also as I m doing part time job of 4 hrs will I get any maintenance

Refards 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

John   05 December 2022 at 12:47

Adultry - case

I & my wife are christian with 2 kids born out of marriage. Things did not go well with our marriage & I found an affair out of my marriage with one of my known friends.
My wife is separated from me for past 2 months knowing my extra marital affair. And since my wife was not ready for divorce, I went ahead for a live-in with my girl friend. And my girl friend is pregnant now.
Now that I have been hearing that she will file case on me for making my girl friend pregnant. (Not married my girl friend, though we live in together at times).
Hope the adultry is not an offence anymore. Kindly advice if she can file any case on me on this pregnancy reuslts. (I am aware of DV, 498a which she has options to sue me.) Wondering if this extra marital pregnancy can be adding any other case. Please through lights in this.

Anonymous   04 December 2022 at 22:45

Query regarding pension split

My father is a Assam State Govt employee and has given my mother a lum sum share of his monthly salary to my mother but now as his retirement is approaching, My father said that he won't give a single penny of his retirement money to my mother nor his pension?

Can my mother do something for which she can be eligible to get a share of my father's retirement money and pension ?

Please do reply

RKP   30 November 2022 at 17:04

Divorce case ia maintainence related query

I am located in Bangalore
I was married 5 years back with no children till date as no physical relation till date due to wife's disinterest.
Based on various cruelty I have filed for divorce from my wife 2 years back.
My gross salary is 1.5L and net salary is 1.15L and expenses is 1.05L for me and my mother and saving of some 10k per month.
My wife stays in my flat and I stay in a rented house along with my mother.
I voluntarily pay 6k maintaince to my wife through money order apart from paying apartment maintenance and other utility bills of my flat where my wife stays.
Still my wife who is BA qualified but purposely non working had asked for maintainence of 50k plus 50k litigation fees in her ia advance request.
In her asset liabilities request she mentioned her expense of 25k without giving any proof.

Recently family court judge has awarded her 25k maintianence plus 30k one time litigation fees to be paid by me.
Judge did not consider the money order receipts I submited in court as proof of my voluntary payment.
Judge did not consider that she is staying in my flat.
Judge did not consider that I am only saving around 10k per month and mentioned in the order that I am saving 10k which entirely can be given to the wife as she is not earning, so awarding her 25k maintenance.
Judge mentions that if I have shown 10k as saving then my saving will be much more based on my gross salary so he is awarding 25k to my wife.
Judge also mentioned that since I dragged my wife to the court and since she is not earning so I as husband and petitioner should pay her the litigation charges.

I am in dillema as how will I pay this amount of 25k when I am not saving that much amount.
Planning to approach high court.
What shall I do now?

Anonymous   30 November 2022 at 14:19

Divorced couple wanting to get daughter married

We are a divorced couple and my ex wife is remarried now.
Our daughter is to be married next year. Daughters husband and In laws are well aware of our status.
Just wanted correct opinion on whether we can jointly sit for the wedding ceremony of our daughter, for Kanyadaan and other ceremonies.

Anonymous   26 November 2022 at 18:04

Can a wife two dvcs in two different states

My sister-in-law filed dvc at one place. Further she filed 498 A at some other place in A.P. now she wants to file Dvc in another state. Is it possible.

Samaritan1987   20 November 2022 at 14:23

Conversation recordings b/w my wife and her family members

I have recorded a conversation between my wife and her father and other family members, while they are arguing about forceful marriage done by them, during their conversation, i am also present in the room, but my voice is not present, so, is it allowed to submit in the court as a proof ?, does it constitutes any privacy violation ? , because I am in the room but i was silent and recording their conversation, so is it good idea to use as a evidence in the court, that my wife was forced to marry.

Anonymous   15 November 2022 at 13:03

False accusations for divorce decree

I have regarding a dear friend who is a MBBS. He wants to get divorce as has been staying separately from his wife since more than 6 years. Wife party has been trying to put false allegations as mental torture (not physical) due to which she could not finish Master course. She doesn't react to his messages so mutual divorce appears difficult. Her family says, she is jobless with her bachelor dental degree .

Our queries are

1) Shall he reply to family court divorce decree summon ? Is it really worth ?
2) Since she is dentist and father is rich person. Still can she demand alimony? How to handle it best.
3) It will be difficult to travel to family court city as it's thousands of kms far away.
4) How to keep the expense to the minimum?

Bahoot bahoot dhanyawad 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

shyam lal   12 November 2022 at 07:02

Monetary claim

The fact of the matter is a Hindu educated unmarried women marries a Christian married man whos lives with his first wife.
The marriage was solemnised by a Muslim clergy seems the man converted to Islam.
Query.. What are the legal finianacial benefits that the second wife (Hindu) can demand/claim for her self and if she bears a child /children under this married arrangement.

Anonymous   04 November 2022 at 21:16

Dna test of child born in a live-in relationship

My friend's divorce case is pending in court for many years due to his wife's non-cooperation. Recently he has started a Live-in relationship with a divorced lady. Now, the confusion is that if a child is born out of this Live-in relationship, can his legal wife approach the court for the DNA test of the child to prove bigamy or adultery? In such a situation, can the court order a DNA test without the consent of the mother?

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