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Queries Participated

sandeep pilania   01 October 2021 at 06:51

Sale of hypothecated vehicle

Sir I want to sale my hypothecated vehicle very urgently due to financial problem. My 36 emi are pending and I want that buyer pay the all emi, so which type of agreement or sale deed should I make for legal purpose in haryana state rules
Please advice in detail

sandeep pilania   29 July 2021 at 13:33

ग्राम पंचायत गैर मलकान हरिजनान

मेरा गांव में एक 60 गज भूमि पर 25 साल से कब्जा है मैं वहां पर पशु बांधता हु , जिसका जमाबंदी में मालिक का नाम कॉलम में ग्राम पंचायत गैर मलकान हरिजनान लिखा है, अब गांव के हरिजन उस जमीन को हरिजनों की सामूहिक सम्पति बता कर खाली करने की कह रहे है , कुछ गांव के लोग उसे ग्राम पंचायत की भूमि बताते है कृपया बताएं उस जमीन का असली मालिक पंचायत है या हरिजन ओर कोंन मुझे कब्जा छोड़ने को बाद्य कर सकता है

sandeep pilania   20 July 2019 at 10:47

False molestation fir

Mere uncle humari 1 acre agricultural land per 35 saal se kabza kiye huve hai, jiska swamitav puri tarah se hmare paas hai. Jab humne unko kabza chodne ko kha to unhone hum per meri aunty ke dwara police mein chedchad ki jhoothi fir krwa di, police hme thane le gyi. Aaj kal ladies ki sach maani jati h to ghabra kr hmne uncle k sath samjhota kr liya or aunty ne fir vapis le li.
Mere uncle ne kha ki agar age bhi kabza chodne ko khoge to fir se isi case mein fsa denge.
Please tell me
1. Hum apni jamin per kabzaa kaise lein
2. Ched chad ki jhuthi fir se kaise bache
3. Kya jhuthi fir hone se pahle bachne ka koi kanooni upay hai.
4. Kya hum police ya court mein jhoothi fir hone ki sambhavna ka notice de ker kuch rahat le skte hai

Please help us

sandeep pilania   03 October 2018 at 09:14

Degree cancel

My friend has 6 acre dadalahi agri land in haryana on his father name . Two months ago his father transfered ownership of land by making registered a degree in favour of his 5 years old (nabalig)grandson without informing him. Now my friend's son is legal owner.
Now days my friend is making noise & asking his father to transfer land on his name by any way. Now father is also agree fir this.
So can his father break the degree or what will be the procedure for making my friend owner of land instead of his 5 years old (nabalig) son.

Please describe in detail

sandeep pilania   04 September 2018 at 10:40

Taksim cancellation

My grandfather were 3 brothers and have 57 acre agri land in haryana as joint land. In 1972 they prepare a taksim deed.
In this deed one dada ji land was on road or rasta and 2 other dada ji land was without any rasta.
1 dada was clever and 2 dada were simple and signed on his believe on taksim deed.

2 dada ji are going in their land by request .
Ist dada ji not giving rasta in record
Can 2 dada ji file a case for cancellations of taskim because not having rasta.

sandeep pilania   09 February 2017 at 11:04

Tree ownership

3 years ago My neighbour farmer planted 125 eucalyptus trees on just near common boundaries of field. Tree are now 50 feet long and harming my crob by stop sun light, shaddow , tillering and water consumption. On 3 acre boundries i have loss of 3 bigha crop production. I objected to neighbiur but he refuse to cut the tree before 8 years and saying that he planted tree in his own land.

When i took nishandehi by rev. Patwari the neighbour farmer found kabza on my land with 5 feet on all 3 boundaries. So tree was planted on my land and i have to take kabza on tree with 5 feet land along with all 3 acre boundaries. The neighbour is giving kabza to me but saying that he will cut the tree because he planted them. I am not willing that he cut the tree. Tree are planted on my ownwership land so i m owner of trees.

1. Who will be legally owner of tree
2. Who will cut the tree.
2. As i know i hear that if plantation done between 10 feet from boundaries then neighbour have half share in tree. If yes then please notify me with judgement copy or act/ rule

Please discribe in detail

sandeep pilania   10 January 2017 at 12:39

Pwd road and nala on my agri land.

Dear sir,
In my village waiser pwd road is passing along with my 2 acre agri land. The road was 16 feet broad and now pwd is constructing 24 feet broad. Pwd has 66 feet road broad space in revenue along with my agri land pwd dep. constructing road in my malkiyat (ownership) 2 to 10 feet. The road is not on its own position. They are measuring the road from centre of road instead of burji pathar.
How i can stop them to use my agri land to make road legally.
They have to measure the road sides from burji pathar or not.
Please help me

sandeep pilania   11 August 2016 at 09:12


I am working as a clerk in a unaided private school in haryana since 2009. Our management was not providing Esi facility to us so I complaint against school in Esi dep. Then Esi filed 3 case against school under 85a,85e,85g of Esi act. Now in Aug 2016 school started Esi for us from sep. 2015 contributions for avoiding court fine and punishment. From sep to July they showed less working days of staff and pay less contributions and played 420 game. What should we do for deduct Esi contributions from joining date or Esi notification date of educational institutions.
Can we file 420 case against school.

sandeep pilania   04 July 2016 at 11:55

partition of agricultural land

What is procedure for partition of agricultural land in haryana by court case. How to file a case legally. If a owner has taken loan (kcc) on his part of land then is it possible to partition will complete.
Pls tell me in detailed procedure.

sandeep pilania   03 February 2016 at 12:57

is writ petition maintainable against private unaided school

Is writ petition is maintainable against private unaided school in high belongs to termination of a employee.
Describe with judgement copy.

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