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15 October 2019 at 19:37

498a,500,420,506 against me

Dear sir /madam, Kya notary marriage certificate is valid marriage certificate by court or not


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14 October 2019 at 19:49


My sister married her college mate who was an iran citizen...he came to india on a study permit...after getting married via registration here he had moved to the united states...its been 5yrs now and he now claims that he doesnt want the marriage and he wants a divorce...he also claims that he had used me to get his visa to the usa as he wldnt have got it from his hometown in Iran as he was out of his country for more than 5 yrs staying at hes also willing to sign the divorce papers but not willing to come to the indian courts for the process...i want to punish him and bring him to court...hes has surrendered his passport at usa for the process of obtaining a green card but he has not yet recieved his green card identity...can i bring him to the indian courts for cheating me?

shyam lal

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14 October 2019 at 16:37


kindly advice , MoU of family settlement mentions share is to be divided on percentage basis,not on Metes & bound basis , which one of the two options is better when a WILL is to be executed


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Dear Sir/madam, need you guidance on the subject Can Indian Muslim man have second Marriage with Foreigner Girl registered in India provided 1st wife in Indian? It is necessary to do registration in 3rd country first where registration can be legally done or it can be directly registered in India and on behalf of foreign marriage registration can spouse visa be applied For India ?

Akhilesh Srivastava

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I want to punish my ex wife and her family for filing false 498A and Domestic Violence complaint against me and my family. My ex wife and I reside in USA, already divorce as of Dec 2018, but her father filed false 498A and DV complaint with CAW Cell in Delhi. We filed rebuttal and the complaint is closed by investigating office. I have tremendous grudge and want to punish my ex wife and her family. Please advise.


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Hello pls provide me judgements of SC and Mumbai high court if rejecting of maintainence to wife when she is earning and left house herself she is advocate and got 7 k per month pls hlp plsssss


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11 October 2019 at 10:53

Matrimonial dispute

Respected sir, I m married since 21st sep. 2018.From start my wife"s behaviour towards me and my parents is quarrelsome. Now i came to know that she is also having a long time affair which is also continued after marriage. I got her outgoing call records for last six months which shows numerous calls to that person( in odd hrs. of the day also). I also got few screenshots of her whatsapp chat with that person with unacceptable msgs.I also hv some voice recordings of her quarreling with me and my parents. nd in some voice recordings she threatening me of suicide. Can i get complete call details through police or court? Can i apply for divorce on the grounds of mental cruelity and adultery?? There is no child from our marriage.


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07 October 2019 at 12:59

Section 9

hi sir I got a divorce by ex-party in 2016 and after that I marry to another girl. after may second marriage done after 3 months my first wife file DV case in court in jan 2017. that time I submit my Divorce document in court then she file case under section 125 for maintenance now in 125 case I given my witness and right now she file case under section 9 against me then what should i do? please guide me.
thank you

Nirav sharma

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07 October 2019 at 09:41

Regarding section 125(3)

Hello experts
In may 2018 trial court passed an order for paying maintenance of rs. 7000 pm to my wife with effect from march 2016 onwards. In march and april 2016 my wife had transferred more than rs. 5.50 lakhs from my account to her own account in my absence by cheques signed by me. I had submitted the evidence in the court but due to non availability of leave from job i was unable to be present on many court dates. My wife got the evidence de-exhibited. Now through another lawyer i have applied in high court for taking the amount she has already taken into consideration. I want to know whether on submitting application in high court do we get an acknowledgement or receipt of it since my lawyer has not given me any document. Also my wife has filed case for recovery of maintenance amount so i have to pay the outstanding amount too. Please guide me. I had approached lawyer for high court in june 2018 itself but he didnt do anyting and only last month made me sign the Vakilatpatra. He is handling 4 other cases so i cannot spoil matters with him. Will the delay affect my case?


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Regarding filing of a counter to a petition in DV case, what period of time the law allows for the respondent to file counter. Is it indefinite or definite. if Definite means how much time? in case the definite time limit is expired what shall be done to take the trial next stage.
Kindly enlighten me with legal aspects...
Thanking you,
With High Regards,


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