16 February 2016 at 11:06

Querry about letter petition

I want to seek advise advise about letter petition. Is affidavit necessary in it, what should a laymen do when his affidavit is refused to be attested by oath stating absence of lawyer. Do such petition can be submitted by hand or are required to be send through post only.

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18 November 2015 at 12:30

Oc and cc

1. One of the builders which we have visited is confirming that apartment building which does not have any floors above G+ 5 Floors and are small buildings do not need OC and CC.

This will be cleared once akrama sakrama is passed.

Is this TRUE.

2. Also If the property has A-Karta and do not have oc CC and have small deviations.Can we buy those apartments? Will there be any legal issues in future?

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Hello Everyone

I want to know about the law under which Charity Commissioner gives permission to collect "CHANDA" for festival celebrations on roads such as Ganesh festival or Dahihandi (in maharashtra).

Such "CHANDA" is shown as donation but mostly it is collected forcefully for their enthusiasm.

Thank You in Advance

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I am looking for rummy & poker license in West Bengal . Plz guide me or tell me in details how can I take rummy & poker license in West Bengal

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24 June 2015 at 12:38

Domicile mumbai

Hi respected Sir/Madam,

My doubt is related to domicile certificate My daughter is born in Dubai 2000 but completed her education from Sr. KG to SSC in Mumbai (2004 - 2015) Now for her further education in Mumbai/India I need to apply for Domicile. As a mother I already have Mumbai Domicile.

Kindly suggest me whether she (daughter ) is eligible to get Domicile certificate from Mumbai and what documents required.

Thanks !!!

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Under RTI Act 2005 I had submitted a query on LOBIS becoming defunct, issue and accountability of cheats sorry chits sorry court slips on demand etc.
First it was returned un actioned asking to apy Rs 25 instead of Rs 10 as the RTI Fee. Anyway I paid Rs 25 and resubmitted. But there was no response from the office of Registrar(Judicial)AP HC. After a month I submitted my appeal to CJ supposedly being the First Appellate Auth. No response as on date. Where do I file my second appeal..to State Info Commissioner or CIC?

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11 December 2013 at 16:16

Adivasi land kul kaida

agricultural land purchase by co for industrial use . 6A submitted
pls advice what papers to submit now alongwith 6 B ? telsidars office made us subit full land records with old 7/12 .
were they right in doing so? on the basis of papers submited ,report generated . pls see point 15 & 19
right now our file is at colletor office . would they raise any objection abt point 15 & 19 ? pls advice
also pls inform in which year adivasi was prohibited from selling his land to general public? pls give GR for the same/ book name.

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20 November 2013 at 03:53

Prep of daily cause list..in high courts

List of Business Information System (LOBIS) :
It is about scheduling of cases to be heard by the courts on the following day. It enabled the Registries of Supreme Court and High Courts in eliminating manual process of Cause List generation thus any manipulation by vested interests.....

Impact :
As Cause Lists are generated automatically by the computer manual intervention has been eliminated resulting in generation of Cause List in time with out any hassle
Cases are listed strictly in chronological order of date of filing; eliminated irregularities
All cases having the same law point(s) to be decided by the courts are bunched/grouped and posted before one bench.

NOBLE OBJECTIVES...HC of AP supposedly cent percent computerised..But Advocates gets the CHITS anyway and CAUSE LISTS are then tampered..
Can somebody tell me how the cases are clubbed ? What is meant by same LAW POINT? How my Writ get listed at 263 or 191 after 100 days with three Judges changed and somebody gets a chit..

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