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Queries Participated

jeevan deshpande   04 March 2021 at 16:16

Where i get info on diff in 100 call and fir

first 100 call is made and FIR registered after 10 days
what is exact technical procedure

lawyer can argue on that point that police had not taken action under 100 call but case lodged under FIR

what is difference, where i get those details

jeevan deshpande   04 March 2021 at 15:42

Case is at hearing stage

under 325/323

a single women is beaten by hand at her home, by her own nephew. at that time her own child 9 years is eye witness, but police not taken her name as witness. The case is at hearing stage, for other 3 witness summons is issued.

my question is

is one of three witness (say A) given statement that he is EYE witness and the child was also known his presence at the time of crime then..
can court call that child to verify the truth ? though the child name is not in witness list ?

otherwise how the witness 'A' himself prove his presence, bcoz at the time of crime (other than a child) no one noticed that 'A' was present

if court called the child though he is not in witness list, can that child assumed or allow to become a witness in main case

plz guide

jeevan deshpande   05 February 2020 at 19:16

Ipc 352 325 323 504

hon sir,
my case is at trail court, where PP is not performing, and police also not helping me. what is remedy ?
how to get WS and police investigation report copy from court, PP is providing me a copy can i get it from cort.
pl guide me

jeevan deshpande   04 January 2019 at 16:01

Validity of notary will

my deceased mother made will before notary in my favour( i have three more sisters).
is the said will is treated as 100% illegal as it is only notary.?
the property is self acquired property by my mother.
can i myself go to the court for validating such will ( getting certified myself as only legal heirs as it is stated in the will )
as my sisters is not aware from the said will, and unfortunately the said will is not registered will, i have dought that the notary made will may get challanged by my sisters, so before they take any action shall i go to court myself to get clear title for my notary will ?

jeevan deshpande   25 December 2018 at 15:45

Is will registration possible online

i am from pune, want to make will, is it possible to get online registered at my home without going into sub registrar office.

jeevan deshpande   21 April 2018 at 13:17

Can mother put her name instead of father

my friend has baby girl and she is staying separate from husband since last 10 years, after baby girl birth husband is not staying along with her, she accepted that her husband will not come back, till date divorce not applied for, in this case if she want her child should carry her name instead of husband what will be the procedure. is it possible to give mother name for her child. currently she only want to put mother name for education of child. the whole custody and care of girl child is with mother.

jeevan deshpande   21 April 2018 at 11:11

Can co op housing society stop son from entering into flat

a son of decease member is alcoholic and daily fighting with other members, that family has property dispute regarding said flat, son is daily beating his mother and stop her from entering into house. Is co opertative society law provide any authority to society for puting ban on said son, because no nomination and succession is made by decease member, after several police complaints nothing serious or corrective relief we received from authority.

jeevan deshpande   29 September 2015 at 17:50

Notary agreement with tanent want to cancel or denie

hon expert

i am land owner (say A)and my land had tenant(say B) under maharahstra kul kayada. we both came under mutual understanding to leave his tenant right by agreement to to provide him ownership right of half land if surrender of tenant rights. We made Notary and submitted before competant authority to accept our agreement. but authority rejected our application for following reason....

one of 'B' tenant family. the family which is undivded at the time of tenancy claimed on our land. inserted one family person name of 7/12 property card as part of tenant, competant authority accepted his claim and inserted his name by his appeal, as tenant. obiviously our agreement is prior to this new person, and now this new person not ready to accept our agreement.

can we as a owner has right to cancel our agreement or understanding bcoz that new person is DON or criminal background person. where we not feel profitable to go with.

jeevan deshpande   10 September 2014 at 18:41

Owner noc for shop act

hon sir,
with due respect i want to get draft copy for NOC of owner. sir i am tanent but not having leave and licence copy, i want to take shop act licence on my rented place, authority demand NOC of owner. pl help me for draft copy

jeevan deshpande   19 June 2014 at 15:56

Things must happen for sec 354

hon sir/madam,
now a days we may found misuse of sec 354 in our country, bcoz as usual when any law came into force someone will always try to use that power according to her use. pl guide me for sec 354 which things are important. without those things sec 354 can not get applied. or otherwise when 354 is defenced when she is equaly involved in that act. bcoz now a days ladies are equaly participating in day to day business activities, works etc. and keep ambition to achive target or success. Second thing is that how to prove the sex with concent or without concent under sec 354. and what is time limit for register complaint u/s 354. is sec 354 gives equal benefit to male if he want to make complaint against women.


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