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Gururja Rao   09 May 2008 at 09:36

Cast certiicate

Hi all,
I need a Proforma Affidavit to be submitted before MRO in A.P for obtaining cast certificate

Manish Singh   08 May 2008 at 12:38

Need judgment urgently

Dear members,
please provide me this judgment.




2003(2) LLJ 117 [HC-KER-SB]

Gururja Rao   08 May 2008 at 11:49

Oath commissioner

Hi all,
I want to Know what are the duties of the oath commissioner, where is his office located in Hyderabad, who will appoint oaths commissioner, and what documents to be made over for oath before the oath commissioner.

umapathi.s   08 May 2008 at 11:05

defamation case based on the allegation of corruptation

sir, I have made a serious compalint to the Managing Director of the nationalised bank regarding corruption by the Deputy General Manager of the same bank who is prima facie involved in corrution in transferring of officers in violation of transfer policy. I have submitted the same to MD of the bank giving instances of violiation of polices and favour granted to some offcials of the bank to retain them in the same center of posting for more than 5 years. now, the DGM of the bank aggreived by this compalint is proposing to lodge a defamation case against me. whether he can file such case ? they have not concluded the comaplaint as false or baseless ? can a citizen be prevented from filing a complaint about corruption by public servent by filing such defamation case against the complainant? what are the remedies avabaile in case the case is filed aganist me ? I have done it in public interest and supported by logical conclusions. can mere allegation of corruption can be source of filing a defamation case against the citizen ? pl clarfiy.

Vijaya   08 May 2008 at 01:10

Difference between a Recruitment consultancy and RPO

Dear Seniors,
Would like to know about the major set up and functional differences between a Recruitment firm and a Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

I was told that a recruitment firm has a licence to charge its client for every position it fills up? Is this a fact?

where as a Recruitment Process Outsorcing firm need not necessarily hold a licence to charge its client for handling a part of clients recruitment process.

Can the experts help me understand why is this difference between the two though they are providing the same type of services?

Thanks and Regards
Vijaya Merudi

sampoorna   07 May 2008 at 21:01

can famaily court can grant xparty without issuing notice?

respected sir,

since an n.b.w is pending on my husband in the the grounds of dowry harashment case.and he is upscanding till date.can he applay for divorce in some other famaily court of his native place?since i reside in hyderabad and my husband native is warangel can he applay there for divorse.because few wellwishers are telling that my husband got XPARTY in divorse case in the court.but i dint get any notice or sumouns by any court.can court without issuing any notice for me grant XPARTY to my husband.sapouse if he go t it xparty then the criminal case which is pending in the nampally court can be withdrawn and the N.B.W which is pending on my husband can be withdrawn by the court ? if my husband is planing for divorse how can he applay and what is the procedure of it?sir pls help me by clearing my quries
waiting for your kind replay,
thanking you,

R. Brizmohan Singh   07 May 2008 at 20:42

Civil Law-Pronote-Suit filed for recovery of money on the basis of the same

Dear Sir,

Can anyone explain whether in a case of unfilled but executed pronote, the plaintiff is entitled to recover when the rate of interest column was filled up after execution without intimation to the defendant as distinct from filling up of other columns. Can you also cite any Supreme Court Judgement to the effect that rate of interest is a separate contract and would not fall within meaning of inchoate instrument as to get protection under the Negotiable Instruments Act and in particular Section 20 of the said Act.

Gururja Rao   07 May 2008 at 17:50

Suspension of an employee of BHEL(Central Govt) on account of Undergoing Remand During pendency of Crminal Case against him possible.

My friend was cheated by two brothers,One brother is BHEL central Govt employee, and another brother is a business man.both conspired and one bother by signing another brother's cheque issued in favor of my firend,later my friend came to Know that he was induced by both brothers and was cheated, Immediatly he lodged criminal complaint U/sec 420 of I.P.C,against both the brothers, and One brotheri.e central govt employee under went 6 days remand and subsequently obtained bail, now trial is almost over, and posted for defence evidence,till date four years lapsed, however the accused is not ready to compromise since they are habitual litigants, now my friend wants to send remand report to the employer I.e BHEL, now my friend wants to Know what kind of action the BHEL will take against its employee?

Gururja Rao   07 May 2008 at 17:17

Locations of Various Registration offices in Hyderabad, A.P.

I am new to city of Hyderabad, I want to have the guidance regrding addresses and locations of Registrar of firms (Companies), Registration of Trade Marks, Registration of societies,Registration of Recreation clubs,ULC Office,Huda office,Regisrtation of Partner ship firms,Land acquisition office etc. Kindly inform me.

A Shrihari   07 May 2008 at 16:41

Need a Property Lawyer

Can some one refer a reliable Navi Mumbai eminent property lawyer.