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Queries Participated

Bharat   16 January 2016 at 22:54

Bank avoiding to release security papers even clearing loan amount.

Swaraj Urban Bank acknowledge in writing of receipt full loan amount on 4/6/2007 but bank avoiding to hand over my original papers of my home which I mortgaged with bank for loan. Bank officials are insisting me for some cash amount from me to release security papers.

Kindly advice me how I can get my security papers release from bank.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Bharat G

J. P. Shah   24 December 2015 at 19:57

Admission of writ of farmers in supreme court

Hon'ble Supreme Court in SLP filed by farmers challenging judgement of High Court, against acquisition of land by just mentioning "DISMISSED", without assigning any reasons. There are at least half a dozen judgments of Courts which make it mandatory for reasons to be recorded for arriving at a particular decision. It was in April 2015. What is the way out for aggrieved farmers whose land is being snatched for benefiting few politicians.

Premkumar.R   03 September 2015 at 17:30

Cooperation societies come under information act

A cooperative society registered under cooperative act. and we asked information about the society through the information act. but society committee didn't give the information and they said this society not come under the information act. society brought stay from the high court what we asked the information.
what we do now?
We asked the society funds distribution given by the Govt.

J. P. Shah   02 August 2015 at 18:07

Dues recoverable from state govt- limitation

My friend is trying to recover nearly Rs.3.00 lakhs from a state govt for goods supplied to its departments in 2005. Since all administrative remedies have failed, he intends to file a recovery suit for bill amount. In last 6 months part of bill is paid but balance is not being paid. Please inform me limitation period for unpaid amount of bills for which goods were supplied in 2005.Govt can recover its dues in 30 years. Whether this rule is applicable for dues recoverable from govt by a citizen or only 3 year is the limitation period.

ad   24 March 2015 at 09:48

Rti in court

I filed an RTI for mediation report and roznama for the same in court of maharashtra. but officer told that the case is pending and therefor for certified copies asked as per rule i.e. high court guidelines. hence denied. what should i do as my advocate told that they denied certified copies of mediation report and roznama of mediation court as it is confidential.
2) can i file a RTI for a case which is decided earlier. or any other person asked for this case.
Pl. guide.


YP Singh   19 January 2015 at 17:41

Public documents under rti act

Public documents obtained under the RTI Act 2005 & submitted in the court related to the defence of a case, may be treated as an evidence or these documents will be required to be proved by the CPIO (Central public information officer of that Govt office) calling him as a witness. Please advice the law position in this regard.

With regards
YP Singh

J. P. Shah   13 December 2014 at 11:24

saledeed of flat signed by one partner

Partnership firm builder insists that sale deed of flat wil be signed by one managing partner on behalf of firm. There is no power of attorny by all partners nor authority in partnership deed for such signing of sale deeds by single partner. Bank insisting power of attorney by all partners in favour of sigle signing partner or else that all 15 partners to execute sale deed. Please guide.

Naeem   28 June 2014 at 19:06


Respected Sir/madame
I had put a query with RTI act 2005 in Gujarat to executive magistrate,at same time i had put the same query to Deputy Collector,Collector and commisioner of the related department,as i had received the reply from executive magistrate,which is not satisfactory reply.As i had not received any reply from Deputy collector,collector and commissioner of the related department.As the grace period of 30 days has been passed away,my query is that is it now i can directly appeal to Gujarat Information commission or i have to make first appeal to the superior officer??

Riten   10 January 2013 at 23:31

Railway law


I am from Mumbai. I would like to know railway laws.

An incident happened with me a few weeks ago. I was walking on Churchgate station platform no. 1-2 with the cup of coffee in my hand. I was walking carefully to ensure that I did not bang into anybody. But unfortunately I banged with a man. Some coffee got spilt on his shirt and some my clothes & shoes. There was a slight argument between us. Unfortunately that man happened to be a Ticket Collector. When I was arguing with him I was not aware
that he was the TC. He started yelling and shouting on me & said that he is on duty.
I got scared, I tried to politely explain to him that I was not completely my fault and that he was also not looking ahead while walking. But he would have none of it. He started threating me that he would charge me with "loitering". I asked him how can he charge me with "loitering" since I was having a valid pass with me. At one point he also caught me by my hand and was trying to take me to the Tc office. I again asked him how can he charge me with
"loitering". He said that walking on the platform with the cup of coffee amounts to loitering. Of course all this while
he continued to yell and shout at me, while all the time I was politely talking to him. I realised that there is no point in talking any further and just went in the waiting train on plaform no. 1

But he was not on duty at that time. He followed me and entered in the same compartment which I had gotten into.
In the train he was continuously threatening me. He was telling me that he will teach me a lesson. He will teach me a lesson for arguing with him. He was bullying me. He even said that he has taken my photograph. In the train he was not checking anybody's ticket (inspite of being in the first class compartment). Hence I feel he was not on duty at that time.
But he was continuously staring at me with
threatening looks. All the while in that train I did not bother to argue or even talk to him. But he did not stop staring
at me. He kept on bullying me. This went on till Vile Parle. I got down at Vile Parle. But nothing happened at Vile Parle. He did not take me to the TC office nor did he catch me. Infact I do not know whether he got down at Vile Parle or not because I did not bother to look back after I got down.

But I would like to know a few things:
1) As per railway rules and regulations, is one allowed to take coffee on the platform or not? I tried to search on the
internet but could not find any such rule.
2) As per railway laws, please explain "loitering". When and how can any railway authority charge anybody with
3) Under such circumstances what should one do?
Though I also did argue with him, but that was in response to his yelling and shouting, which I felt greatly offended by. He was bullying me & I was helpless. From Churchgate to Vile Parle I was being bullied by this TC.
4) Also as a citizen am I within my rights to argue with a TC when i feel that it is not completely my fault?

Please let me know what legal recourse can one take in such situations.

Thank You,


RAJAN   10 January 2013 at 13:43

Documents / matters from court that cannot be given to public / third party under rti 2005

Dear sir/s, What are the documents that the Court cannot share to the public / Third party under Right to information act 2005.

Rajan T V


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