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Queries Participated

Anonymous   01 September 2021 at 22:10

Gift deed

I live in Tamilnadu, India. My mother is purchasing farming land and gifting me. Can She execute sale deed from a seller to her and deed of gift to me on same day? (First sale deed to her and gift deed to me - SAME DAY). Please let. me know

Sadanand bhisaji Panchal   25 August 2021 at 04:28

Why the bci mandates the llb student jobless

Respected Experts,
My son doing a temporary job in industry. His salary is only bread for life of my family. He passed llb exam and purchase form for applying provisional Sanad. But it is mandatory for llb passed person must not engaged in any job while filing Application for Sanad. How he can resign his job just to file said Application and then wait for provisional Sanad in order to learn practice of Advocate. Kindly inform me the solution so that my son can file Application for Sanad without resigning his job till he get provisional Sanad.
Thanking You,
Sadanand Panchal.

Member (Account Deleted)   16 August 2021 at 22:16

Divorce matter

Hi Sir,

My husband had filed for divorce within three months of our wedlock and now through Portal I see the status of the case as "To comply office objection" I haven't received any notice yet but want to know what means?

Kalyani   29 April 2021 at 04:50

Court of protection or poa

My mother has some self acquired properties in India. Unfortunately she had a stroke ,which has left her paralysed both physically and mentally.
She will never be able to travel to India again. I am her only daughter and I do not have a power of attorney registered in India. She is not in state to issue a power of attorney. I need to dispose of the properties in India quickly or I will lose them.
How can I act on my mother's behalf in India to take control of the properties.?

Anonymous   19 February 2021 at 22:34

Mental torture and harassment with student daughtee

Hi I am posting this on behalf of my younger sister who is perusing graduation. My parents have stopped interacting with me as my so called elder brother has started living nearby on the sake of parents property. Since my brother has started living there, my parents along with him have started abusing my sister. They torture her mentally, abuse her, stops her expenses whenever they feel like. They all harass her and my parents instead of protecting their daughter, give full support to my brother. They ask her to leave home untimely. Their favouritsm has made my younger sister’s life miserable. They do as per their son. My brother is a 35 year old man well earning , his wife has a government job. But my sister is not earning, she is just a student. To all the lawyers out here, please provide suitable suggestion which I can pass on to my sister which can help her to get out of this hell life

Anonymous   12 February 2021 at 11:32

Property dispute

'A' sold property to ' B' in 1996 thru unregistered Agreement to Sell and unregistered GPA. The entire consideration amount was paid by 'B' to 'A'. At the time of purchase of property 'B' got executed the Agreement to sell from 'A' in his favour but got executed the GPA from 'A' in favour of C on good faith.
In the meanwhile 'A' has expired in 2005 .
In the meanwhile differences have cropped up between 'B' & 'C' .
Now 'C' is trying to sell the property of 'B' against the wish of 'B' to some third party on the basis of the unregistered GPA executed by 'A' in the year 1996 in favour of 'C' . My Query :
1. Is unregisteted GPA executed by ' A' 1996 in favour of 'C' valid , as on today , even after the death of 'A' .
2. The consideration amount was paid by ' B ' and as such 'B' is the legal Owner of the property , then how can he stop 'C' from selling his ( B's) property to third party.
3. What civil and Criminal actions can be taken by 'B' against 'C' if he sells the property to third party without the consent of 'B' and under which sections of IPC.
4. What criminal and civil action can be taken by 'B' against the intending purchasers.

Anonymous   10 February 2021 at 07:59

Soliciting adsvice

I am aged 69, a retired Tax Officer.

I have two brothers aged 67 and 61 who have also retired and a widowed sister aged around 64 respectively residing separately.

My father aged around 92 + a retired teacher, and now immobilized and totally bed ridden. My mother has died in 2019, and since then he has been under the care of all the three brothers. My sister comes and goes like a guest and she never bothers the situations.

Immediately after my mother's demise in Feb 2019 my father was under the care of all of the three brothers.

The problem is my two brothers have been pulling off the pension amount of my father and are more interested in sharing a dwelling house, gold (of my deceased mother) and some deposits of money. when they drain the bank account they use to call me asking to take care of my father and pressing me for distribution of the immovable properties.

Since I am already 69 and have been suffering from varicose veins I am neither capable of taking care of my bed ridden father nor able to monitor these things properly.

I am confused as to how I can solve the problem. sincerely request to please advise me.

Anonymous   07 February 2021 at 00:16

Fake conveyance deed in cooperative society

I recently took over as President of a cooperative society that was mismanaged for many years now. The state of affairs is that none of the earlier committees in 30 years bothered to check the credentials of people who claimed ownership of flats. The result is that many people in society are nothing but squatters. Many of the conveyance deeds of freehold status that were submitted to society office are fake. One of such deeds have led to a big bank loan fraud. I have my proof, the fake GPAs and trail of frauds. I have all the details. I am yet to share it with anyone. I'm not sure if it'd be safe as the number of squatters is 10% of all flats . What should be the right course of action? Please guide.

Anonymous   24 January 2021 at 13:58

Gratuity on resignation after 5 yrs of service central govt

i have served in central govt dept for more than 5 i am contemplating resignation from my service.. will i be eligible for gratuity.. i had also taken extra ordinary leaves for exams which were sanctioned by head of deptt..plz let me know

Anonymous   16 December 2020 at 15:45

Exchange of flat in same floor by cousin brothers

We are Cousin Brothers living in same Wing 2nd floor. We both are residing in 2BHK flats. B201/B/202. When we both went for Stamp duty and Registration of our flats we found error done by builder. My cousin brother living in B/201 has been issued B/202 receipt and I am living in B/202 have been issued B/201 receipts. We both mutually agree to exchange our Flats. What application should we give to Society management. Kindly advise.


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