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Krunal Champaneria   17 March 2008 at 12:09

To know about Gratuity

pls give full details about gratuity

Krunal Champaneria   17 March 2008 at 11:02

State wise applicability and rate

I want to know about liability state wise
Professional tax rate & applicability
Pf Applicability
ESIC Applicability
Labour welfare fund rate & applicabiliy

Abhimanyu Soni   17 March 2008 at 10:55

Bonus Act.............

My query is:

1. Is bonus is paysble to temporaary as well as permanent employees.

2. How Bonus is calculated

Thanks and regards

Abhimanyu Soni   15 March 2008 at 17:10

Bonus act ...........

Dear Sir/Mam,

I have certain queries regarding Bonus.

1. When Bonus Act gets applicable to any co.

2. What is the remedy if employer doesn't pay Bonus

3. Is bonus is paysble to temporaary as well as permanent employees.

4. How Bonus is calculated

Thanks & regards
Abhimanyu Soni

Rumana Naaz   15 March 2008 at 12:26

Working Hours for Employees of IT Industry

Hi Team,

I am new member to this forum.

I have a query regarding working hours defined as per law for IT Industry
I work as a HR Executive in a small IT company based in Hyderabad and the standard working hours in this company is 9hrs including 45min of lunch break and we work 6days a week and only Sunday is a holiday. I have worked in a company before in Bangalore and we had offs on Saturday as well infact most of the Software Companies in Hyderabad as well do not work on Saturdays. I want to know whats the legal working hours assigned by government (specifically for software companies)?

hemal   14 March 2008 at 20:24

Employer not relieving employee


i put in my papers in a software company that i currently work in on 20/02/2008. The HR policy of the company clearly states that an employee may leave the company after serving a month's notice or by buying the notice period if the supervisor agrees. so 30 day's notice ends on 20/03/2008 which i'm willing to serve.
However, strange as it may sound, my supervisor is unwilling to relieve me before 31/03/2008 thereby demanding a notice period of 41 days. Now, my next employer is not ready to take me in after 28th.
can i take legal action against my company ? if so, how ?
i even consulted the HR (she acknowledged that there exists a 30 day notice period) who said that its better to take supervisor's approval. when queried whether i would get the relieving letter after 30 days, she simply blew away the topic.
pls advise and inform me of my rights. !!

john   14 March 2008 at 19:04

Needs clarification towards my prior experience

Respected Sir,
This is john here. I'm a software engineer. Last year i joined a reputed MNC name as "x".But i was there only for one month.I got a good offer from another leading MNC "y".So i joined the new organization"y".In my previous organization "x" i applied for 1 month of sick leave. It's got approved. After 1 month i called to HR & inform them that i need 2 more months leave. The HR asked me to fax the medical certificate. But i did not send & put down my resignation letter to the company "x". After 2 months i got a call from 3 rd party that they are conducting exit interview on behalf of company "x" for those are not gone through normal exit process.The exit interview was telephonic. After that i did not receive any call.The company did not send any letter . When i joined company "x", i submitted my prior experience letter. Now i joined new organization. My concern is that does the company "x" will inform to my prior company. I did not show any experience of company "x". Concern is only for my previous organization.From my previous organization i got proper releiving letter.does it create problem i reference check . Please clarrify it.

SAM KOSHY   13 March 2008 at 16:57

Compensation, gratuity

One pvt Ltd company with about 3000 workers closed during the year 1984. So many cases are pending in High Courts with the mgmt on the first part & state govt. on the other part. So many other cases are proceeding in the Mumbai high court also. Everybody Know there is no chance to open the company again. Actually the company is closed during financial liablities and employee strike.

Cases are running & pending since 1984 ( Around 25 years).

As a poor employee what can I do under this situation for my gratuity and other benefits.I have 17 years service with the company.

When an employee approach a lower or high court at last the judge's judgement will be like this '' the case is already in the consideration of high court''.

In India If you put around 10 cases againist one case nothing will be going to be happen for the next 25 years. is it true.

If a state govt also included in the case then what the employee will do ?


debashisroy01   13 March 2008 at 14:51

Industrial Employment Act - 1946 - Standing Orders

Dear Experts,

As per the Industrial Employment Act (Standing Orders) 1946, what I have known is that it is applicable to all establishments wherein 100 or more workmen are employed or were employed on any day during the preceeding 12 months.
I have seen this act for the states of Punjab, Delhi.
I would like to know from our experts here, that whether the state of haryana has ammended this act, which makes it applicable to establishments with 50 or more workers employed in the organization.

Your immediate responses would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

Debashis Roy

S. Krishnamoorthy   13 March 2008 at 08:44

ESI contribution - Trainees -

Can any one let me know whether there are any legal verdicts to treat "trainees" as "employees" within the meaning of ESI Act?
The Supreme Court of India has held that under the model standing orders, apprentices are "trainees" and they are not "employees".
S. Krishnamoorthy

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