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Anonymous   29 September 2022 at 21:56

Companies fault not updated nomination details

My brother was employee of an company they asked my brother to submit epf, and gratuity nomination form by email.

He was married and he made nomination with 100% to his father and sent the documents by mail.

My bother was died due to heart attack now company is saying his last month salary and pf etc will be given to spouse only.

When we sent copy of my brother's email and about nomination details then they were speechless now they are saying pf amount will be shared to father but last month salary will only be given to spouse and that to pf amount will go in favour of father only when you will give us succession certificate and letter from wife in written that she is not having any issue if of amount will be given to father.

The main thing is company is hiding their fault my brother worked almost 1.5yrs and they have not updated the documents in pf department and nomination was not updated due to companies fault my parents are suffering.

Can I take any action against them for making such fault due to which nominations were not updated we have all valid proofs .

Suraj Kumar   27 September 2022 at 19:56

New pension scheme

I have joined to service on year 2004 against vacation arise on year2003.For similar condition Supreme Court grant Old pension scheme they are getting old pension scheme. CAT ordered our department to consider for grant of Old pension scheme to me.Our department did not consider CAT order and didn't grant OPS to us.
Can we go to supreme court for verdict ?

Anonymous   19 September 2022 at 19:33

Regarding issue of increment after revoked from suspension

I got increment on 01.01.2021. and on 24.07.2021. I got suspended on suspicious ground of fraud, while all the evidences were against the actual fraudster. Then I revoked on 31.03.2022. by the department and working normally since then. I got charge sheet of rule 14 after 3 months of being revoked. I want to know that may I able to get increment for the date 01.01.2022. from the date of being revoked as I worked almost 7 months in 2021 and that is >6 months.

Prasad Konathala   15 September 2022 at 11:50

Cav. what does it mean??


Can you Please explain about the Case Status: Pending (CAV) &
Case Proceedings : CAV in the Court of Hon'ble Justice of High Court.

My Queries:

1. What does the above mean??
2. In how many days, I can expect the Judgment??
3. What happens if the benches of the Hon'ble Judges is rescheduled in the meanwhile?? I mean what happens if ARRANGEMENT FOR THE SITTINGS OF THE HON'BLE JUDGES is rescheduled in the mean time??

Anonymous   06 September 2022 at 23:05

Application from higher post to lower post

I joined a state university of the Delhi Government in 2019 as an associate professor. In the year 2022, I got a promotion to a higher post as a professor. However, I am still not confirmed against my initial appointment as an associate professor in 2019.

Now I want to apply for the post of associate professor at a lower level (in terms of salary and designation) at some other state University outside Delhi. The whole intent is to move close to my hometown. The question is can I apply through the proper channel? If I can't is there any escape route?

Anonymous   05 September 2022 at 17:43

Contract labour leave encashment rules

There is a govt. security press in Nashik which is central, PSU. We have encashment semi-skilled and un-skilled workers from a conservancy service. Now, contractor is saying that since workers are entitled to 15 days CL and they have not claim their leaves so they are entitled to encash their leaves and if you are ready to reimburse the same then we will raise invoice. I need to ask whether contract workers are entitled to encash CL since nothing is written as such in the agreement. Plz guide.

Anonymous   03 September 2022 at 00:12

Pay protection

I have eight year of experience in PSU, IDA pay matrix, i had applied in AIIMS (Autonomous Body) as Direct Recruitment where 5 years of experience is the essential criteria. I had applied through proper channel after selection, i relieved from PSU as technical resignation with lien and i joined the AIIMS. But they consider me as a fresher, i wrote an application to Adminstration and requested to protect my basic pay and give me pay protection as all rules and regulation in AIIMS are same as Central Government employees. However, after three months passed they never respond. AIIMS consider me as a fresh recruitment. Now i started my job from zero level.

Please suggest, what would i do.

SHAHNAWAZ KHAN   01 September 2022 at 23:05

Age limit for group a posts departmental promotion test

1. Please let me know athe maximum age limit for departmental candidates for appearing in Department promotion examination for a Group A posts.

2. There is an assistant, which further post of promotion is Section Officer and further Assistant Director. Can any assistant be promoted directly to the post of Assistant Director by skipping the post of section officer through a Departmental promotion examination.

Rajkumar Sethu   01 September 2022 at 22:14

Regignation policy of central government

After resigning from central government job, whether can I join private organization within a year. Please let me know the rules and clauses regarding this.

Anonymous   31 August 2022 at 17:21

previous employer for denial of my salary

Hi All ,

I am seeking for some advice on my last employment as the employer is denying for the payment of my salary.

I joined a company on a contract basis and it was one year of contract. The employer hired me in Nov2021 for on of their client (US MNC) for one year and said that the project is long enough that it will continue even after one year But suddenly in June the employer said the project is getting over with the client on June 30 th 2022 and they will try to align is with other client . They just sent the communication regarding project closure only and not mentioning other details like what should we assume after June and what if they don't align is with other clients and what about our pays until we get another client.
In my contract it was written that they will give 2 mnth of pays if they want to end the contract without any reason but they are now denying any payment.
My last working day in that company was 7th July and they are even denying my pays for the month of July.

What should I do now in this case as after many communication they are just denying for any fnf pays .

Kindly help me knowing if at all I can do something legally against my employer and get my own pays .

Thank you


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