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Rajkumar Sethu   29 August 2022 at 20:57

Study leave bond

I had executed a bond for government of India for studying Doctorate for a period of 4 months. The bond amount I executed corresponds to 4 month salary of mine,Whereas due to administrative delay I was provided only 22 days of study leave in place of 120 days(4months). I just want to know in case of me quiting my job how much amount should I pay to government either 22 days of sanctioned study leave or the executed period of 4 months. Please let me know the norms.

Anonymous   18 August 2022 at 17:18

Service count of government servant on probation period

Dear Sir/ma'am,
I worked for 2 years and 2 months in a central government autonomous body. I was not confirmed by that time, however in mean time I was selected in another central government job.

I applied through proper channel and with all due permissions by my parent department. Subsequently I was relieved to join the new department with NOC and photocopies of service book.

My question is will I be allowed to get service count benefit and financial benefits like count of past increment. I was not on lien as I was under probation.

Anonymous   10 August 2022 at 20:08

Need a lawyer - delhi south - pushpa bhawan

Need a simple lawyer, either on Percentage basis Or on Fixed basis fee.

1) Should himself go to court date and not send his colleagues or junior.
2) Disclose what all charges are there upfront and don’t come up with hidden charges ever second month.
3) Have knowledge of Shop act (Delhi) and Wages act.
4) Should be a true professional and disclose the real facts and court dates without expecting money.

If agree please message and we can get in touch thanks!!


Anonymous   10 August 2022 at 18:58

Contempt petition and execution petition simultaniously

Central administrative Tribunal passed an order directing compliance within Two weeks. Respondents did not complied with said order in more than 3 months. I have already initiated contempt petition last month and notice has been issued to the respondents.

Respondent has not complied to the order till now.

My query is,

1. Can i initiate Execution Petition Simultaneously/separately alongside contempt petition?
2. Or Can Tribunal direct compliance to the order in the contempt petition itself?

Anonymous   08 August 2022 at 12:07

Date of relieving and joining date for new post

Respected Sir,

My wife was working as Agriculture Officer (AO) at Karnataka State Department of Agriculture, Bangalore. Upon selection as Assistant Professor (AP) at University, She resigned for the post of AO and was relieved on 14th October 2009. She has reported for the new post AP at University on 16th October 2009. On 15th 2009, she traveled from Bangalore HQ to Raichur, Place of new post, almost 450 km. Is that one day gap is permissible for considering the continuation of service? Please reply. Thank you

Guru   08 August 2022 at 01:07

Material contract went poorly for home construction .

dear sir/madam ,

we have given material contract to construct home in 40 * 30 . it is
new home. just 4 months old.

contactor have collected complete money from us as per slab to slab measurement . we have sold agriculture land to construct this home .

RCC - Reinforced Cement Concrete is leaking at many points , inside home .

Water is storing , means rain water is standing heavily over the RCC
slab. which will causes more leakage and will destroy whole RCC in the
upcoming years.

at one end backside , last part of the RCC complete row all along
water is dripping like water falls .

one more problem is , doors are not selected by us. they have bought
cheap item doors on urgent basis to collect money from us. doors are
started showing tear and wear.

they put acid on granite to clean it in few hours to collect money
from us , thus whole granite floor becomes series of minute pores all
over the floors.

they have not used sand for plastering as per the agreement .

every time when I called contractor , he keep telling that will correct all these issues since 3months whenever I called him but he never corrected any issue till now .

may I know sir, what are the sections available under the law to
appeal in the court ? .

what will be normal compensation available for us in this case from
contractor as per law ? .

what actions , I can take legally ?

All evidences available practically .

please find the link here for the those issues - https://youtu.be/UmTpKGzpRyA . Thank you sir .

aman   06 August 2022 at 23:04

Spouse dependent or not

I want to know is spouse a dependent (in case of a govt employee) if he/she earn more than 10000/month and files itr return ? I have read in some places that spouse is a natural dependent irrespective to his/her earnings …please guide ?

SANJAY NIKAM   06 August 2022 at 22:36

Stepping of pay

I joined in a PSU in Jan 2002 & my junior joined in same firm in Aug 2002, Upto June 2016 my salary & promotion progress history is ahead of my junior. We both promoted in July-2016. i.e after implementation of 7 CPC. Here, I opt 7 CPC from Jan-2016 & my junior opt it from July-2016, because he was getting benefit of 1 more increment & ultimately he was fixed at higher scale then me. Now, he was getting one increment higher than mine(He was 1 increment lower then me upto June-2016) I have given a application of steppig up of pay in my HR, but they denied it by saying that "I have opt 7 CPC from Jan-2016 & my junior has opt 7 CPC from 1st July 2016, hence because of this different dates anamoly not rises & case turned down.
Is the decision of my HR is correct or I have to further raise a new anamoly of stepping of pay again. please suggest me.

Anonymous   04 August 2022 at 11:56

Working beyond contract period

I have been working in university from July 2020 and the contract was renewed last year but not this year. I have been working beyond contract period i.e from 03/07/2022 to 02/08/2022 and renewal letter is not given HR. I have been asked to leave the job with no notice period.
Whether my employment is deemed to be permanent as i worked beyond contract period?
Whether i have right to ask for notice period?
What are the Indian laws pertaining to termination of contract employee beyond contract period?

Anonymous   03 August 2022 at 16:46

Monetary benefit of promotion during study leave

I have been promoted from group B post to Group A post through DPC. While i was in Study leave. Though my seniority is maintained during my study leave. Monetary benefit is not being provided for the promoted post. i am being paid the same salary as old pay grade.
Rules says
11. Counting of study leave for promotion, pension, seniority, leave and
11(1) Study leave shall count as service for promotion, pension, seniority and
increments, provided that in the case of a member of the Service who, at
the time of proceeding on study leave, was officiating in a higher post the
study leave shall count for increments to the extent indicated by
Government from time to time.
Kindly Clarify whether i am entitled to draw the promoted pay or not during my study leave.


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