15 October 2018 at 20:38

Dvc cross examination

Hello Sir/Madam

my friend filed dvc case against her husband and in-laws. She filed chief affidavit around 6 months back.
She always present but all the respondents are absent , even her husband also absent and always pray for time saying wrong reasons.once chief affidavit filed , is it trial has started? During trial respondents attendance is required right? how long they can avoid cross examination of petitioner? is there any way petitioner can take any step for this?
Kindly clarify these details it would be helpful to her.

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13 October 2018 at 13:45

Sampling case

I was the distributor of ice cream company. About four year back govt agency come and take the sample of ice cream. I informed about the same to the company with memo issued to me. But no response from company side. After a month a sample report send to me which show the sample is rejected due lack of fats. I I also submit the purchase bill to said agency.

Now the case is pending before the ADC court.

Kindly guide can I stand responsible for the same or how can the matter is solve.

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09 October 2018 at 19:02

Preponed of application

Application u/s 156(3) pending before CJM Court for consideration and date if fixed too long. Can application u/s 151 CPC be filed for preponed of case for early hearing.

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03 October 2018 at 06:04

Regarding tresspass

I am having inherited property from my father.He passed away,in the year 2009.My paternal relatives occupied my inherited property illegally in the year 2016.Previously,in that place a old tiled house is there.In the year 1977 my father mortgaged and deposited the title of the property in S.B.I.But,it remains presently in the bank as Non Performing Asset .Now,the house was tumbled down by the tress passers.Now,it is a vacant land.Recently I lodged a police complaint to the S.I and submitted a copy to S.P. as the land was trespassed by my paternal relatives and they also destructed the boundary wall and they are also threatening us not to come for land,if you come repeatedly for the property,then they will see my end.The same is complained to the police.The police has registered FIR and registered the case U/S 341,427,506 r/w 34 IPC.The accused were arrested and later they released on station-Bail.But,the police has not handover the physical possession of the property to me.Kindly,guide regards the further proceedings.If I file in the court under cr.proceedings to the court as the police is not handover the property to me and not registered the case under section 447.

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29 September 2018 at 21:04

Case u/s 156(3)

Police did not register FIR and caseu/s 156(3) filed and status shows A Versus B and not A Versus State. Does it means the opposite party will be summoned and not police.

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27 September 2018 at 13:08

138 nbw recall

I stay in Mumbai but facing a case in Bengaluru in which I am accused in 138 section.
Previous date of hearing 22-9-2018I was in Bangalore and gave my statement u/s 313. The open court loudly said next date 15-10-2018 but clerk wrongly wrote 25-9-2018 hence case was called on 25-9-2018
I was unaware of change of date hence did not attend and NBW was issued
Now I am scared to go to Bangalore as NBW is issued. Please advise.

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24 September 2018 at 08:39

Launch new cases

I filed petition under section 12-1-A(impotency of wife )of HMA1955,In month of 20/04/2014.
On 13/11/2014 my wife declared unmarried status on general affidavit in public .......this false affidavit i submit
to court.. on 20/5/2015 she submitted W.S to family ,and denied all me allegation of petition...

I filled IPC 420 & 406 in criminal
court (under reason that being married she declared unmarried in public and on otherside she sbumitt w.s against me in court
with all false allegation ) Its totally cheating and breach of trust of me ....

In addition I filled RP act 125A & IPC 181 in her hometown court - becase she declared unmarried,no property in affidavit
form no 26. (though she is being married) ,,,so she has to prove unmarried status in homwtown court.
(even SC court jugment is typograpic error not accpeted on afffidavit form no 26. it will be as a false
declaration which is offence .)

Family court put exibit no on all documents (My Petition and affidavit ,Her W.S, Her public issued false affidavit too)
Family court took lots of time and judge pass no cross order in favour of husband .... she didnt file affidavit
,and accepted guilty,agreed that she is impotent in front of judge without cross examination...

Even she accepted all my allegations ....

now i want to know that:-

NOW Which criminal cases I can launch againt her ???
Please mention the IPC

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This message has been deleted.

Please excuse.

Thank you

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In the year 2015 i took a friendly loan from one of my friend of amount 4 lakh 80 thounsand by cheque,slowly i was repaying him and paid him 1 lakh 90 thousand by bank transfer till december 2016.But his behaviour started changing and he started asking for more amount like 15 lakhs as interest of loan and he started scaring me on phone and wats app and coming to my place.But i was rigid at my words and finally he gave up and we made a notary contract in april 2018 in which he accepted that he gave me 4 lakh 80 thousand and 1 lakh 90 thousand is received by him from me and for the rest amount of 2 lakh 90 thousand i issued him 2 cheques of 2 lakh 10 thousand and 80 thousand dated 03 may 2018 and 15 oct 2018 respectively.he said he need some money early for his some urgent work so i started paying him from 16th april itself even before the cheque date by online bank transfer till 4 jun i paid him 1 lakh 46 thousand and suddenly he again started asking more amount then what was decided in the agreement so i stop paying him and did the stop payment of 2 lakh 10 thousand cheque as i have already paid him almost 70 % of the amount of the cheque to him by bank transfer.
In july mid he deposited my cheque which was returned to him with remark stop payment done by payee.he started telling me tht i will take u to the court and sent me a notice of demand of money in 15 days which was received by me on 14th aug 2018 but in his notice his lawyer didn't mentioned anything that his client has already received 1 lakh 46 thousand by me through bank transfer and only 64 thousand is remaining to pay,they have stated in the notice to pay whole 2 lakh 10 thousand in 15 days or else they will initiate 138 ni act case against me.
i went to my lawyer and explained all the situation to him and he replied to the notice stating tht 1 lakh 46 thousand is already paid by my client and only 64 thousand remaining to pay by my client and my client is willing to pay the rest amount only if your client ready to return the cheque.After he received my notice i did phone to him and asked him what should be done further and he started blackmailing me tht instead of remaining 64 thousand he need 80 thousand and he also want the money of pdc cheque of 15th oct 2018 paid to him immediately or else he will file a police complaint against me of 420 case.

1)i want to know can police file his FIR ithout even knowing my side directly?
2)In 420 case summon is issued from court to be present there or police send the notice to be present in police station?
3)can they arrest me directly if i go to police station?
4)what defence should i present infront of police so tht police dismiss the case or reject they FIR.complaint as this is surely no case of 420 as i have read tht one have to show tht the intention of payer was of fraud and to cheat will issuing the cheque whereas i have even started paying him cheque amount before the cheque date.
5)can police harrass me ? what can be done in such situation?
6)what if any settlement happened in between me and my opponent?can police dismiss the complaint or FIR?
7)Can i also file a police complaint against my opponent of harassment and blackmailing against my cheque?
8) Can 420 case effect my verification process in getting passport?

i know its a very big post but stating the facts was very necessary to talk about my case.i request experts to pls advice on urgent basis....

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18 September 2018 at 19:22

307 case disposed.

Hello all. What is the definition of LPASW? IS THIS RELATED TO CRIMINAL CASE AS MINE 307.

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